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The Moon 502 by Ali Noel Vyain The Moon 502 by Sep. 19, 2018 $0.99 6,960 words Sample 20%
Features work from Gary Every, Lyn Lifshin, B.Z. Niditch, T. Kilgore Splake, Geoff Stevens, Edward Lee, Mather Schneider, Michael Estabrook, Barbara Ingle, Alan Catlin, Dr. Joe e. Kirk, George Held, Paul Truttman, Jonathan S. Burnworth, and Ali Noel Vyain.
جَبَهَات دَاخِليِّة by Sant Ygo جَبَهَات دَاخِليِّة by Sep. 19, 2018 $1.00 5,990 words
The Moon 503 by Ali Noel Vyain The Moon 503 by Sep. 18, 2018 $0.99 9,060 words Sample 20%
Features work from Gary Every, Lyn Lifshin, Ali Noel Vyain, B.Z. Niditch, T. Kilgore Splake, Miriam Sagan, Geoff Stevens, Nicholas Campanella, Edward Lee, Mather Schneider, George Held, Alan Catlin, Dwayne Sapling, Charles P. Ries, and Jonathan S. Burnworth.
The Moon 504 by Ali Noel Vyain The Moon 504 by Sep. 18, 2018 $0.99 3,880 words Sample 20%
Features work from T. Kilgore Splake, Mather Schneider, Gary Every, B.Z. Niditch, Lyn Lifshin, Paul Truttman, Jonathan S. Burnworth, Dwayne Sapling, Geoff Stevens, and Miriam Sagan.
Maqephe buleha by Thabiso Tsietsi Lakajoe Maqephe buleha by Sep. 18, 2018 $3.99 7,650 words Sample 20%
Maqephe Buleha which is title of the book, when loosely translated means pages open up so that I can write. This a 66 page (A5 book) Sesotho poetry collection that presents 47 poems covering different themes like hope, land, motivation, love, current affairs, hope for a better Africa and for an African child, friendships, disappointments etc.
In Love With Jatinga by Dr.Tapati Baruah Kashyap In Love With Jatinga by Sep. 18, 2018 $3.99 8,600 words Sample 20%
It is a collection of 50 poems written by Dr Tapati Baruah Kashyap in the backdrop of Jatinga, Haflong and other places of natural beauty in Dima Hasao district of Assam, India.
The Moon 505 by Ali Noel Vyain The Moon 505 by Sep. 17, 2018 $0.99 7,000 words Sample 20%
Features work from Gwendolyn Alley, Lyn Lifshin, Gary Every, B.Z. Niditch, Michael Estabrook, T. Kilgore Splake, George Held, Sandra Moser, AnnaBella DeVore, and Ali Noel Vyain.
In the Name of Survival by Ali Noel Vyain In the Name of Survival by Sep. 17, 2018 $2.99 8,540 words Sample 20%
A poetry collection about what we do and could do better to survive in this world of ours.
Mind Maelstrom by Indre Stainyte Mind Maelstrom by Sep. 17, 2018 $1.99 1,640 words Sample 20%
Sometimes you can only express yourself by writing. Sometimes you may not. You leave the empty paper and that describes your feelings better than words.
Preludio de lo infinito by Gael Rodríguez Preludio de lo infinito by Sep. 17, 2018 $6.49 2,380 words Sample 20%
Gael Rodríguez propone al lector una honrosa huida a su libertad interior, a la belleza de su corazón; una búsqueda guiada de la alquimia que desaloja nuestras tendencias egoístas y limitadas y acoge la sencillez, la mansedumbre y la abundancia de amor que un día lejano abandonamos. Visita
Dry Red by Linda Lanza Dry Red by Sep. 17, 2018 $3.99 3,500 words
Wounded children, a supermarket cashier, a mountain forest, a FedEx courier, a self-storage rental unit as metaphor, alcohol as mistress, reality checks ... these and other poem portraits testify to the many faces and rhythms of Grace — emotional, spiritual, psychological, physical — as it moves through intimate relationships of ordinary people.
Hood $lang by Khali Raymond Hood $lang by Sep. 17, 2018 $2.99 5,550 words
A new collection of poems by Khali Raymond, in which he tells a lore about the streets from several different made-up characters.
Hope A New Dawn by Iris Oh Hope A New Dawn by Sep. 16, 2018 $2.99 1,470 words Sample 20%
Here we have a rare combination of a poet who has the capacity to reach parts that reason and one who also has the versatility to dream, hope and inspire.
Poem -New Moon by A. J. Junamb Poem -New Moon by Sep. 15, 2018 $0.99 380 words Sample 20%
A short poem describing how the new moon looks against the night sky
Lucky Country by Gail Holst-Warhaft Lucky Country by Sep. 15, 2018 $4.99 6,240 words Sample 20%
In Lucky Country, Gail Holst-Warhaft shifts her focus from Greece, where so many of her poems and other writings have been set, to Australia and to her own family.
Marijuanursery Rhymes by Rik Hunik Marijuanursery Rhymes by Sep. 14, 2018 Free! 1,350 words Read a sample
The title says it all. Nineteen nursery rhymes rewritten with a marijuana twist. Plus a bonus poem.
Favelas & Ghettos by Khali Raymond Favelas & Ghettos by Sep. 14, 2018 $2.99 6,430 words
Favelas & Ghettos. Welcome to the other side of the city that you didn't know existed until you stumbled across this book.
Anti - Fuckin Love by Kennie Kayoz Anti - Fuckin Love by Sep. 13, 2018 Free! 1,210 words Read a sample
Love makes people do at times crazy and stupid things, at times you put yourself 110% into a relationship and you don't always get 100% back. You feel like the other person doesn't seem to be into it and just don't care about you the way you care about them. These are my poetic stories about the same situation
5:43 by Khali Raymond 5:43 by Sep. 13, 2018 $2.99 4,540 words
The time has turned on the clock again. 5:43. Death and self-analysis.
MissLead_Bleeding Memory by Theodora Oniceanu MissLead_Bleeding Memory by Sep. 12, 2018 Free! 5,580 words Read a sample
Based on a project meant as an homage brought to victims of abuse of any kind, this collection gathers some pieces of writing that include particles of journal-style writing, a bit of poetry and rhythmic and rhyming pieces through which the puzzles of the entire picture not fully created send their vibes and generate sensations for the readers to interpret and understand through their own selves.
Abantwana Bayalila by Philasande Wiseman Mfaba Abantwana Bayalila by Sep. 12, 2018 $2.00 6,230 words Sample 20%
Le yimibongo ejonge imimandla emininzi, kodwa eyona nto ijolise kuye kakhulu kukulamlela uluntu ingakumbi abantwana kunye nabantu bastyhini abathi bazifumane sele bengamaxhoba okuxhatshazwa. Le mibongo ilumkisa abo benza abo bumdaka. Imbongi iphinde ikhuthaze uluntu ukuba lusebenze nzima, kuba inzuzo le yinto eza nombilo.
Доторки by Дмитро Чередниченко Доторки by Sep. 12, 2018 $1.50 4,380 words
Книжка вибраних поезій видатного українського письменника, перекладача й педагога Дмитра Семеновича Чередниченка.
Frozen Town by Vince Iuliano Frozen Town by Sep. 11, 2018 $0.99 1,930 words Sample 15%
This town has more than its share of ghosts to conjure.
RIp This Off by Marshall Zann RIp This Off by Sep. 11, 2018 Free! 100 words Read a sample
Seriously, I dare you. Put it in a rap song that you know I will hate. It's ok. I want to hear these turn up here and there. That's the fun part of all this.
Философ Хмурая Морда by Aliaksey Danilau Философ Хмурая Морда by Sep. 11, 2018 Free! 11,590 words Read a sample
Книга включает в себя самые бескомпромиссные стихи. Включены те, которые были написаны недавно. The book includes the most uncompromising verses. Included are those written recently.
Gypsy Shadows On A Wayward Sky by Christie Moses Gypsy Shadows On A Wayward Sky by Sep. 10, 2018 $2.99 12,740 words Sample 20%
Gypsy Shadows On A Wayward Sky By Christie Moses This is a poetry eBook with 79 poems about my journey through pain, my past and discovery. Life is a sometimes solemn affair and it is truly a labyrinth of wonder and agony. Inside these words is a place I went when I needed respite and relief from the shadows that at times would find me.
Letters West by Christie Moses Letters West by Sep. 10, 2018 $2.99 8,780 words Sample 20%
“I have stood on great mountaintops and felt my immortality; I am one being of land and sea. There is no sound but my heart and wind expelled from countless souls filtered to the very breath of illusion. How you shift beside me; our separation is like a devastation into the still of unquiet and my soul burns from such disconnection.
Una vida en Poemas by Jaime Barrios Una vida en Poemas by Sep. 10, 2018 You set the price! 8,250 words Sample 20%
Poesía que brota de lo más simple del alma y que rebosará tu mente de sensaciones
Silent Sun by Ayushman Jamwal Silent Sun by Sep. 10, 2018 $4.00 5,620 words Sample 20%
No longer chained to a fight for survival, we are consumed by an endless search for meaning, purpose and fulfilment through our meagre human instinct, fighting for communion and love against lonely existence, and even marvelling at what an afterlife has to offer.
Growing Up - A book of poems by Ruhee Advani Growing Up - A book of poems by Sep. 10, 2018 $4.00 6,110 words Sample 20%
Growing Up is a collection of poems that the author wrote during her growing years, her years of adolescence. As such they reflect all the agony and ecstasy of growing up. The pain and pleasure, joy and confusion, light and darkness of the teenage years are beautifully and poignantly expressed in this collection of poetry.
Белорусские сияния by Marco Codognotto Белорусские сияния by Sep. 10, 2018 Free! 940 words Read a sample
Сборник стихов по пейзажам и народу Беларуси, художественная гимнастика и вдохновленные фотографиями Павла Сущёнка. Чувства, эмоции, сердцебиение сердца между очаровательными природными и городскими пейзажами северо-восточной Европы, нежные взгляды и магические гимнастические движения.
The Sense of the Pen-Real Gland by Moment Seyama The Sense of the Pen-Real Gland by Sep. 10, 2018 $5.99 46,060 words Sample 10%
. I saw the power of drive and went for a ride and it was an adventure in the sky. I was driven and am still and it is a surreal and dreamy reality that will never subside. Never subside for there is poetry. I live in poetry and for moments of duende it is mine
Primavera Extramuros by Augusto Anibal Toledo Primavera Extramuros by Sep. 10, 2018 You set the price! 5,280 words Sample 20%
Escribir como si enviaramos un mensaje en una botella al mar, con la necesidad frenetica de comunicarnos sin esperar respuesta, y publicar para validar cada palabra, donde cada una de ellas va más allá de su significado, un libro con una voz oscura, sordida y pasional, en sus páginas muestra la huella fehaciente del idilio y el odio en el vértigo de lo cotidiano.
Seasons and Sentiments by Maron Craig Bielovitz Seasons and Sentiments by Sep. 10, 2018 $1.99 8,180 words Sample 5%
Embracing a broad range of subjects, styles and moods, this book of contemporary poetry represents nearly a lifetime of the poetry composed by Maron Craig Bielovitz. Always in tune with nature and the seasons around her, Maron has brought those impressions to life here while also sharing some of her personal photographs taken along the way.
Hypnotizing awakening by james milano Hypnotizing awakening by Sep. 09, 2018 Free! 7,810 words Read a sample
Hypnotizing lives of seemingly clarity we live, dive into poetic thoughts and emotions of soul, heart and dreamy wonders.
Poesía y Microrrelatos by Lucia Fernández Sandoval Poesía y Microrrelatos by Sep. 09, 2018 $0.99 3,170 words Sample 15%
Poesías y relatos cortos. Alma y sentimiento en cada uno de sus versos y frases.
SADLY by Arnee Akpan SADLY by Sep. 08, 2018 $1.35 1,370 words Sample 20%
Sadly is a collection of heartthrob poems on depression. It centers its writing around the pains surrounding depression and it seems to open our mind, heart and soul to the realistic truth we fail to see in depression.
Internal Screams by Kennie Kayoz Internal Screams by Sep. 08, 2018 Free! 3,050 words Read a sample
Many things that go on in life make us scream, then there are just as many things if not more that make us scream internally as we hold it in because we don't want others to hear those screams. This poetry are the results of internal screams
HYMNS by Benoit Smith HYMNS by Sep. 08, 2018 Free! 1,370 words Read a sample
Green Fire Rains by Robert Zwilling Green Fire Rains by Sep. 08, 2018 Free! 6,450 words Read a sample
Material life poetry that explores interactions between the three dimensional virtual world we have created and the infinitely dimensional Natural World that created us. Everything free floating in the Anthropocene sphere is traveling on the old factory nervous highway straight inside our heads providing a holistic taste of the world, proving that a little does indeed goes a long way.
First to Bend Last to Break by Scott Christian First to Bend Last to Break by Sep. 07, 2018 $3.99 4,870 words Sample 20%
Sometimes strength begins with humility and fortitude with impulsiveness. Even lessons from suffering may make one great, but first we must train ourselves to derive nourishment from seemingly toxic situations. Once we recognize benefits where weakness seemed shameful, our hearts open to the new potential in living, and pain loses much of its impact.
Pensees profondes by Mireille Dimigou Medali Pensees profondes by Sep. 07, 2018 $3.99 4,060 words Sample 20%
Pensées profondes est un recueil de billets littéraires à l'allure poétique qui trouve son plein sens en ce que les poèmes sont des pensées intimes, profondes que nous révélons et par lesquelles nous ouvrons notre singularité, notre univers aux autres. A travers cet ouvrage, Mireille nous livre la joie d'une mère, d'un père de toute une famille à l'attente du deuxième fruit de leur amour.
Mohlodi wa dithothokiso by Thabang Tsolo Mohlodi wa dithothokiso by Sep. 07, 2018 Free! 9,160 words Read a sample
Thabang Tsolo o qadile ho ngola dilemo tse hlano tse fetileng. Empa o ne a so phatlalatse dibuka tseo a seng a di ngotse.Dingolweng tsa hae o tsepamesitse maikutlo ho batjha,e le ho ba rotloetsa hore ba ithute maleme a bona e leng puo ya lapeng.
Confessions of a Non-Political Man by Michael Buergermeister Confessions of a Non-Political Man by Sep. 07, 2018 $4.99 12,850 words Sample 20%
"Confessions of a Non-Political Man" is a book of comic poetry "full of Poundian energy and learning" (Gabriel Rosenstock). It uses the principle of chance and applies it to the curious world of social media. It aims, in a humorous and playful fashion, to surprise, intrigue and amuse.
EYE  for-eign  EYE by RJ Williams EYE for-eign EYE by Sep. 06, 2018 Free! 1,500 words Read a sample
12 free verse poems by wrtiter/artist RJ Williams.
New Spring:A Compilation of Poems by Parth Mehta New Spring:A Compilation of Poems by Sep. 06, 2018 Free! 1,140 words Read a sample
A collection of poems that light topics such as family importance, importance of reality, motivation etc.
Till the flow - to stay is to love by Lieper publication Till the flow - to stay is to love by Sep. 05, 2018 $1.99 3,520 words Sample 20%
Not, a single flash Since, for time I take your impression, close my eyes and Write poetry.
Iliwa libhek’ umoya by Yonela Thengimfene Iliwa libhek’ umoya by Sep. 05, 2018 $2.99 1,560 words Sample 20%
Le ncwadi iqulethe imixholo encamis’ umxhelo kwanaleyo itsho kuthi xhungu emxhelweni wakucinga ngayo. Imalunga nendlela abantu abahlalisana baphathange ngayo, macala omabini – elihle nelibi. Likhwelo elirhiwula umz’ ontsundu ukuba uzikhumbule ukuba usisizwe esikhusana amagxa nesikhothana amanxeba. Asifaneleki yaye singakhani xa siyintlaba zahlukane.
Tiger (a Poem) by The Paradox Tiger (a Poem) by Sep. 04, 2018 Free! 370 words Read a sample
Something is stalking us!
Perceptions of a Past to Come by Ernest Antwi Perceptions of a Past to Come by Sep. 04, 2018 $2.99 14,490 words Sample 20%
This book is a cauldron of experiences, emotions, and incidents, which brutally decries religious charlatanism, political tyranny, sexual perverseness and social injustice from both an African and a universal perspectives. It also addresses issues like slavery, justice, faith, and others. This foreboding tone is redeemed with concepts of love, hope, and the belief in oneself.