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Koinophobia by Hayden Pearton Koinophobia by Sep. 24, 2016 $0.99 12500 words Sample 20%
Are you afraid of living an ordinary life? Are you tired of the same old boring poetry? Are you tired of generic and forgettable poems? Are you tired of being a passive reader? How about a poem written in Morse code? Or back to front? Or in invisible ink? Koinophobia is full of poems like these and more. Decode the mysteries within and discover the future of poetry. Try it. You won't regret it.
Poetry In Motion (volume 2) by Cortez Hemphill Poetry In Motion (volume 2) by Sep. 24, 2016 $2.99 2150 words
Poetry from dreams, thoughts, metaphors, and life experiences giving motivation to survive the urban environment.
Poetry In Motion by Cortez Hemphill Poetry In Motion by Sep. 24, 2016 $2.99 3909 words Sample 1%
Poetry from dreams, thoughts, metaphors, and life experiences giving motivation to survive the urban environment.
The Treasures That Prevail by Jen Karetnick The Treasures That Prevail by Sep. 24, 2016 $5.99 9153 words Sample 20%
The Treasures That Prevail is about climate change and its effects on Miami; the narrators of the poems in this collection are two unnamed women, married with a teenage daughter and a teenage son, who live in a part of Miami that will be underwater unless action is taken.
A Taste Of My Thoughts by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts by Sep. 23, 2016 Free! 518 words Read a sample
Cannibal man is another little jot of humor about being invited over for dinner. One never knows anymore in this world we live in, so always take a date. Enjoy this freebie as I work on the release of volume 3 and 4.
Immortal by Emma Ellie Evans Immortal by Sep. 23, 2016 Free! 421 words Read a sample
A love that went forever and became immortal.
Sonnets pour la ville d'Orange by Michel Miaille Sonnets pour la ville d'Orange by Sep. 23, 2016 $0.99 6188 words Sample 20%
L'auteur tente, au travers d'une cinquantaine de sonnets classiques de vous faire découvrir l'histoire de sa ville: Orange, en France, dans le Vaucluse. Partez donc avec lui dans un voyage dans le temps à la recherche d'un passé très riche en évènements et en personnages.
This Is Fifty-three by Kevin J. O'Conner This Is Fifty-three by Sep. 23, 2016 $4.99 14449 words Sample 20%
THIS IS FIFTY-THREE is Kevin J. O’Conner’s seventh collection of poems—and his most ambitious to date. This is not your typical poetry collection or photography book. Instead, it is an exploration, through words and pictures, of living with uncertainty at a time when we’d expect most of life’s big questions to have been already answered.
The Sisterhood of The Golden Butterfly by Michael Soaries The Sisterhood of The Golden Butterfly by Sep. 22, 2016 $1.75 1440 words Sample 20%
The Sisterhood of the Golden Butterfly. They stand ready to fight, ready to die, guardians of the heart at any cost.
Painted soletry by james milano Painted soletry by Sep. 22, 2016 Free! 10294 words Read a sample
A book of painted poetry. Worded paintings of moments and reflections from different souls as one. A collective adventure of poetic art.
A Taste Of My Thoughts by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts by Sep. 22, 2016 Free! 260 words Read a sample
A short poem wondering if anyone is out there enjoying my work. My mind often wonders and this is the outcome. So please enjoy a lapse in a moment of my idle time. A Taste Of My Thoughts will be released in volumes and others released as free single poems.
A Taste Of My Thoughts by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts by Sep. 22, 2016 Free! 591 words Read a sample
A day like no other is a poem of reality we all share in youth. More often than not life gets us down but looking into the wrong there is always a silver lining in the dark clouds.
Lyrically Justified by Arkbound Lyrically Justified by Sep. 22, 2016 $7.99 17885 words Sample 20%
In the words of esteemed poet Khadijah Ibrahiim, this book "rings out verses that shine in the hearts and mind of each writer who are shaping and reshaping time and place."
Poetic Deities - Soul&Ink Collaboration by Kiana Donae Poetic Deities - Soul&Ink Collaboration by Sep. 21, 2016 Free! 4310 words Read a sample
15 collaborative poems on issues of social injustice, feminism and more.
"Vive Tus Sueños" Poesías y Leyendas by Sep. 21, 2016 $17.99 26792 words Sample 20%
Las páginas de este libro, perfumarán tus sueños…, y estimularán… ¡¡tus sentidos!! Por medio de versos rimados, tu corazón buscará las canciones, … ¡¡¡que tu alma desea!!!... Guiando el camino hacía tus ilusiones. El sentir cobra alas de libertad y los anhelos operan, para sacar lo mejor de tu persona, vitalizando las ganas de vivir y luchar; porque hay esperanza en soñar… ¡¡Paraíso!!
Random Thoughts Of A Nobody by Fayil Shaukat Random Thoughts Of A Nobody by Sep. 20, 2016 Free! 2984 words Read a sample
Life…. It’s the greatest teacher of them all…. It never ceases to amaze, always full of surprises. In our journey of life, we go through various phases…. some good, some not so good, but each and every one of these phases is equally important for us to move ahead in our journey of life. This book is inspired by these different phases that all of us experience at some point in our lives.
A Mind Seduction by Nicole Banks A Mind Seduction by Sep. 19, 2016 $2.99 8657 words
Take a peek inside, and let my words wrap around your mind. Let the chaos in my head take you hostage as you get lost in the words on the pages.
Forays Into a Nincompoop's Head by Tanishq Bhardwaj Forays Into a Nincompoop's Head by Sep. 19, 2016 $2.99 2717 words Sample 15%
This is a short collection of poems that are diverse in their range of topics and styles. Read along as the teenage poet explores different emotions that he comes across while getting acquainted with the world.
Hell is Coming (poetry) by Mary Fewko Hell is Coming (poetry) by Sep. 18, 2016 Free! 589 words Read a sample
The following is a poem portraying a series of visions: places leaving, events approaching; although dark in theme, there's lots of light attempting to break through...
Picture Frames A book of Poetry by Joseph Simmons Picture Frames A book of Poetry by Sep. 18, 2016 $14.95 6877 words Sample 20%
"Picture Frames" is a collection of poetic pictures, commentaries, conversations and statements, ordered to suggest narrative.
Centenary in Reflection by SiarScéal Centenary in Reflection by Sep. 18, 2016 $2.99 19855 words Sample 20%
Centenary in Reflection anthology is a momentous snapshot of global and local history and culture; a space created to review times past, voiced by writers and students locally and internationally. The story of how Ireland, as a nation, re-birthed through the 1916 rebellion. Provocative words on two world wars, emigration, reminiscences about ‘how we once lived’ are contained within these pages.
Ventanas Abiertas by Juan Antonio Riveira DosArtes Ventanas Abiertas by Sep. 18, 2016 $2.99 3235 words Sample 20%
En su primer poemario digital, J.A.R.D. describe alegóricamente el arte del coito humano en su estilo minimalista.
Just Simple Little Cruelties by Osman Welela Just Simple Little Cruelties by Sep. 18, 2016 Free! 17689 words Read a sample
A collection of poetry and short stories that are mostly about climate change.
Destiny by Jeff Bee Destiny by Sep. 18, 2016 $0.99 1683 words Sample 20%
This book contains a selection of poems and prose that I have been inspired to write. They cover a range of themes from emotional realism to mythological truths. All are designed to make the reader think about the various levels on which they operate. I love using words to paint pictures in the reader’s mind and hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.
Monumentos by Pedro Silva Sena Monumentos by Sep. 18, 2016 $3.99 1976 words Sample 20%
Monumentos (2016, Edições Bicho de Sete Cabeças) é a terceira recolha de poemas do autor.
#Broken by Shannon McRoberts #Broken by Sep. 18, 2016 $2.99 3365 words Sample 10%
In her fourth installment of poetry, Shannon McRoberts once again explores deep emotions of love, loss, and heartache.
Fantasy by Wild Rose Cherry Fantasy by Sep. 17, 2016 Free! 1767 words Read a sample
Take this volume to bed, and let your dreams take off. In fifteen poems, you'll find a variety of lesbian love themes that capture, succinctly, what it can be to love other women. Whether you're a novice to these kinds of fantasies, or if you plan to share these poems with your lover, you'll discover novel ways of seeing lesbians that you might never have dreamed of. (Adult-only material.)
She Has No Name. A Collection of Poems. Volume V by Jane E Libeau She Has No Name. A Collection of Poems. Volume V by Sep. 17, 2016 $5.00 1651 words Sample 15%
Poems of love and odes to Women I love and respect on so many different levels. This is the fifth in a series of poems simply called A Collection of Poems. Volume V. She Has No Name. Words that simply come to me, for the ultimate respect of those I write about and for.
Handicapped Angels: A Poetry Collection by Miquiel Banks Handicapped Angels: A Poetry Collection by Sep. 17, 2016 $2.99 6881 words Sample 10%
From Angelic Yeast to Batting Practice for Women to the Paraplegic Heart, this collection of poetry delivers the heartfelt words that inspire us to share them, quote them, and relive them late at night on our tablets and phones. Once again, MB has bottled spiritual moments and made them available to us in his witty and eccentric style.
Embroidery of the Eternal by Colm Gillis Embroidery of the Eternal by Sep. 17, 2016 $2.99 3597 words Sample 10%
Embroidery of the Eternal is Irish-born Colm Gillis' first published book of poetry. Written over the course of a year, the collection contains 49 poems. Themes such as the interplay of the permanent and temporal, Divine love, self-improvement, hope, unique experience, regret, and memory, to name but a few, are explored. Many poems have a romantic air or are meditative.
Состав земли by Михаил Кукин Состав земли by Sep. 17, 2016 Free! 228 words Read a sample
Избранные стихотворения 1990–2014 годов.
Wat is liefde? by Chantal Pretorius Wat is liefde? by Sep. 17, 2016 Free! 3350 words Read a sample
Wat is liefde? is 'n digbundel met baie mooi gedigte in om te lees en te onthou!
Tadap(Vol.-1) by Jyotirmoy Sarkar Tadap(Vol.-1) by Sep. 17, 2016 Free! 1882 words Read a sample
Hindi Shayris written by me.
Across the Seven Seas by Bernard Mwashushe Across the Seven Seas by Sep. 17, 2016 $2.99 1810 words
Love and betrayal goes in hand.
तड़प (Vol.-1) by Jyotirmoy Sarkar तड़प (Vol.-1) by Sep. 16, 2016 Free! 1801 words Read a sample
Here you can get some of my Shayris, hope you will like this book.
The Moon 809 by Ali Noel Vyain The Moon 809 by Sep. 16, 2016 $4.99 8931 words Sample 20%
Features work from Lyn Lifshin, B.Z. Niditch, Gary Every, Geoff Stevens, T. Kilgore Splake, Margaret Boles, Nathan Whiting, Edward Lee, Ron Koppelberger, Edward Rodosek, Nancy J. Wing, Emily Steinruck, Charlie Stewart, Chris Castle, Dan Schreiber, James Keane, Kaye Branch, Jeremy Bush, and Michael Lee Johnson.
Have You Ever Met The God by Hiranya Borah Have You Ever Met The God by Sep. 16, 2016 Free! 2320 words Read a sample
In the title poem I want to tell my readers unless we get rid of our ego, we shall not be able to feel the essence of Almighty. In the poem, the protagonist heard the inner voice of himself and finally able to feel the essence of true happiness. The other eight poems are based on contemporary situations of our daily social lives and social relations with some funny and serious turns and twists!
One Hundred Short Sleeps by Peter Morgan One Hundred Short Sleeps by Sep. 16, 2016 Free! 319 words Sample 20%
A poetic reminder, that Christmas is near. Best start work on that present list!
The Horrors Within Us: The Reaper's Musings by Lazarus Finch The Horrors Within Us: The Reaper's Musings by Sep. 16, 2016 $3.99 22773 words Sample 15%
The Horrors Within Us: The Reaper's Musings, is my second anthology of poems that are divided among three sections; Graveyard Musings, The Horrors Within, and Carnal Desires. Each section details in rather explicit, often times graphic language and harrowing imagery, the unconscionable and innate depravity I sincerely believe lurks within all of us.
The Balloon Man by Michael Moon The Balloon Man by Sep. 15, 2016 Free! 5185 words Read a sample
A Theatrical Visionary ~tour de force~ inside the sacred temple grounds of India
Free Poetry For Starving Luchadors by Joseph Randazzo Free Poetry For Starving Luchadors by Sep. 15, 2016 Free! 43894 words Read a sample
Joseph Randazzo is a writer from Long Island who spent several years in the dank, uncreative, gossipy world of news and entertainment writing. After realizing these fields were endeavors meant for the spiritually dead and uncreative, he embarked on a journey which found him writing poetry and fiction. These 400+ poems were written in the winter and springtime months of 2016.
Ascending the Physical by Carla Williams Ascending the Physical by Sep. 15, 2016 $2.50 1758 words Sample 20%
Ascending the Physical, is the first collection of poetry to be shared by Carla Williams. She has selected pieces that helped inspire her to turn pain and hardships into personal insights and opportunities for growth and expansion.
The Scars We Try To Hide by Andrew James Wells The Scars We Try To Hide by Sep. 15, 2016 $0.99 2056 words Sample 10%
The Scars We Try To Hide showcases poetry both personal and experimental. It covers love, life, pain and mental illness over the eighteen poems.
Rapedactyl by Ben Jr. Rapedactyl by Sep. 15, 2016 Free! 593 words Read a sample
Super Short Epic Could a boy late for his Philosophy class ever find love inside a terrible winged rapist?
Poerty Superba by Curtis Moon Poerty Superba by Sep. 15, 2016 $4.95 34891 words Sample 20%
Eighty five glorious poems about a world full of mystery and amusement, murder, love and even a puppy. There’s also a cat! Apart from those mentioned above, there is a miscellany of poems relating to subjects of a varied kind from miracles to holidays, gratitude and ingratitude, ingratitude obsolescence and a flight to Mars. All so brilliantly written and very memorable.
C-4 2kX by Charles William Viderkull C-4 2kX by Sep. 14, 2016 $1.99 1900 words Sample 20%
A brand new collection of poetry from author and poet Charles William Viderkull.
A Taste Of My Thoughts by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts by Sep. 14, 2016 Free! 279 words Read a sample
A free single poem dedicated in my dad's memory. Sharing with you another taste of my thoughts!
A Taste Of My Thoughts Volume 2 by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts Volume 2 by Sep. 14, 2016 $0.99 4637 words Sample 20%
A Taste Of My Thoughts Volume 2 is a continuation of my quest to write a 1000 poems.Within my pages are an assortment of 25 poems leaving me with 950 to go. Once more I leave you with a thought and hopefully a smile.
Ontsnapte voetspore by Yolande Smit Ontsnapte voetspore by Sep. 14, 2016 $10.00 12561 words Sample 5%
Skryf is ‘n venster waardeur my siel soms kan klim om van alles te ontsnap.Gedagtes loop ver as my voetspore ronddwaal,en as ek woorde neerpen vind hulle hulle weg terug na my hartshuis. . Tussen die spasies van my woorde wil ek graag vir ander ook wys dat die lewe ‘n mooi en sagte kant het, al kan dit ook soms so seermaak.
Une Vie Une Histoire by Joanne M. Cherisma Une Vie Une Histoire by Sep. 13, 2016 $0.99 4412 words Sample 20%
Recueil de Poèmes Inédits en langue francaise