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Lazy Prey by Jeroen den Haan Lazy Prey by Feb. 21, 2019 You set the price! 8,130 words Sample 20%
Lazy Prey contains 120 poems that readers have categorized as funny, touching and vulgar. Rhyme and no rhyme, and mostly freeverse, the poems in Lazy Prey all come from the heart. Spewed out without a filter, nothing seems off limits. It is clear 'old man' Jeroen den Haan has nothing to lose, after his sanity gave out.
Немска Каламбуриада (преводи на немска лека поезия) by Chris Myrski Немска Каламбуриада (преводи на немска лека поезия) by Feb. 21, 2019 $4.99 18,100 words Sample 25%
In Bulgarian. Това са преводи на редица немски леки и хумористични стихове на български. Включени са неща, които са се харесали лично на автора, като най-добре е представен Ерих Кестнер, после следват Вилхелм Буш, Кристиан Моргенщерн, и други, но всичко е откъслечно, без систематика (с изключение на първия материал на Кестнер); На края има и 4-5 стихотворения на Кестнер в оригинал).
Prose From The Queen of the World by J. Elk-Baptisté Prose From The Queen of the World by Feb. 20, 2019 You set the price! 1,490 words Sample 60%
Verse From The Queen of the World Poetry by J. Elk-Baptisté for your enjoyment.
Poemas em Branco by Clarice Hatischvili Poemas em Branco by Feb. 19, 2019 You set the price! 15,660 words
Poemas escritos ao longo de uma turbulenta adolescência.
آخرین حرف خزان by علیرضا خالو کاکایی آخرین حرف خزان by Feb. 19, 2019 Free! 11,230 words Sample 20%
آخرین حرف خزان،‌نخستین سروده ها و اولین مجموعه غزل علیرضا خالوکاکایی (ع. طارق) است. تمامی این غزل ها در سال ۱۳۶۰ یعنی در دوران آوارگی و تحت تعقیب بودن شاعر از سوی استبداد دینی حاکم بر ایران سروده شده اند
A Window to Existence by Nikoletta Dania A Window to Existence by Feb. 19, 2019 $7.99 12,360 words Sample 20%
It is a moonless night, and a beam of light enters through a crack in her window. Then, the light takes the shape of a shining angel and talks to her: “Don’t be scared. I am the sun ray that managed to fool the night. I came to remind you that I exist, even when the sun doesn’t shine anymore. So, I decided to visit you uninvited through your window’s jalousie. Perhaps not totally uninvited. [...]
The Art of Love by Boygene Borice The Art of Love by Feb. 19, 2019 Free! 6,070 words Read a sample
There is no perfect way to love or prove your love. This book only gives you the power of poetry. Love itself is poetry. Read out these words for your partner, use them to create a card for them, record them. You know how, yourself. It’s my prayer that you will find the exact words you have desired in my poetry, for your Love
Katoen by Dirk Lotriet Katoen by Feb. 19, 2019 $3.00 3,200 words Sample 10%
Katoen is die tradisionele geskenk vir 'n tweede huweliksherdenking. Hier gee die skrywer 'n openhartige blik op die teerheid en omgee van twee jaar van getroude lewe, maar ook 'n onthutsend eerlike kyk na die wreedheid, wonde en pyn van 'n uitdagende en soms wreedmooi liefde.
Back Talk by Patch Jingle Back Talk by Feb. 18, 2019 Free! 5,650 words Read a sample
Ruminations upon human flatulence, with introductory essay and lots of silly fart and poo rhymes. A quick read for the loo or pretty much anywhere else you are otherwise bored.
سایه ها و باد by علیرضا خالو کاکایی سایه ها و باد by Feb. 18, 2019 Free! 7,930 words Sample 20%
سایه ها و باد، دومین دفتر از غزل های شاعر و نویسنده‌ی معاصر علیرضا خالوکاکایی (ع. طارق) می باشد. این مجموعه غزل را با یک طرح جلد متفاوت به شما عزیزان تقدیم می کنیم
My Castle by Matthew Nino Azcuy My Castle by Feb. 18, 2019 $7.99 5,620 words Sample 10%
A poetry collection My Castle is compiled of one hundred and sixty-seven pages of poetry of various nature. One poem per page. The overall theme of the text is mid-evil, but the poetry represents feelings and social commentary of both the poet and his surroundings.
Sifting Through the Ashes of Me by Jason "Jay" Walker Sifting Through the Ashes of Me by Feb. 18, 2019 $7.50 17,830 words
Take a stroll outside the lines with Providence actor and poet Jason "Jay" Walker, as he zigzags and crisscrosses down Memory Lane,
Where I'm Comin' From by Jason "Jay" Walker Where I'm Comin' From by Feb. 18, 2019 $6.00 12,060 words
Jay Walker is reaching out to the world through his poetry, speaking on world issues & reflecting on all the aspects & events of his life & his art. Where I’m Comin’ From is not a love letter to Rhode Island; it’s a declaration of the status of his emotional journey to the ultimate destination of peace, love & nakedness for all.
Flower by Jason "Jay" Walker Flower by Feb. 18, 2019 $6.00 13,370 words
This third collection of Jay’s poetry is an introspective on love, life, politics, poetry & our place in the world.
Howl the vowel by james milano Howl the vowel by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 8,440 words Read a sample
words telling stories, hiding the left out emotions and poetry, see and feel the odd wonders of life and love.
Prose From The Girl on the Bell-tower Stairs by J. Elk-Baptisté Prose From The Girl on the Bell-tower Stairs by Feb. 16, 2019 You set the price! 1,480 words Sample 60%
Prose From The Girl on the Bell-tower Stairs. The latest release by J. Elk-Baptisté for your enjoyment.
Tree House Pond by Misha Ha Baka Tree House Pond by Feb. 16, 2019 $4.95 3,850 words
A wooden cottage in the woods, amidst some trees and a pond. Serenity, spirituality and physical beauty were so overwhelming that I roamed around taking photographs upon photographs. Photographs, however, were not enough. I had to put words to images. I had to speak about it. Being The Lonely Mystic that I am, you were my only recourse. Being a city-boy, I dreamed of nature.
The Book of Robot by Ken Poyner The Book of Robot by Feb. 16, 2019 $2.99 11,400 words Sample 10%
Speculative poetry exploring the development of emotion and the sense of self in robots. Description of the intersection between human and machine in modern free verse. Self-image, political will, the sense of community, the sense of loneliness, a range of endeavors and emotions.
Victims of a Failed Civics by Ken Poyner Victims of a Failed Civics by Feb. 16, 2019 $2.99 15,130 words Sample 10%
Speculative poetry describing surreal interactions between the individual and his or her society. A man who is a novelty because he is always on fire. A boy who can summon snakes. A man who feels a connection to the wolf at his door. A daughter who is turning into a mule. An alcoholic town that refuses to give in to advancing temperance leaguers. More.
Kottke Oeuvre Skookum by Steven Mooney Kottke Oeuvre Skookum by Feb. 16, 2019 $1.99 7,800 words Sample 20%
Poems, vignettes, and sense-impression anecdotes driven by the instrumentals of guitarist Leo Kottke, a lyric rendition of aural beauty.
The Continued Evolution Of Ken's Poetry by Ken Squires The Continued Evolution Of Ken's Poetry by Feb. 15, 2019 Free! 3,140 words Read a sample
Originally started to write to release anger and frustration his first piece of poetry was released while he was still in high school which actually got him sent to the school's psychiatrist. Clearly that didn't stop him as he later dropped out of high school in 1999 and has been writing and posting on various sites ever since. In this release you get to see the continued evolution.
Pensamientos by Jordana Blasco Pensamientos by Feb. 15, 2019 Free! 9,460 words Read a sample
Esta es una recopilación de poemas y poesía literaria que abarca temas desde el amor a la muerte, pasando por el desengaño y la melancolía, que he escrito a lo largo de mi vida. Un libro lleno de sentimientos y que, espero, le llene el corazón.
A Poets' Diary - Painted with words by Brand van Niekerk A Poets' Diary - Painted with words by Feb. 15, 2019 $2.99 14,900 words Sample 20%
A Poet: is a painter of words A poet can paint the beauty of the universe, All the stars of heaven! The magic of a smile! The sadness of a broken heart! The joy of success! The Hope of the faithful! The contentment of belonging! To the blind so they can live in a moment of time, Where anything is possible! Where a beating heart makes it own beat of life! And in a moment even those that see, .....
Bitácora by Miguel D'Addario Bitácora by Feb. 15, 2019 $4.50 4,420 words Sample 10%
En este libro: Bitácora, el texto se convierte en un diálogo que involucra al autor y al lector. Dándole lugar a la teoría de la recepción. Reclamo implícitamente mi participación activa en el papel de lector/receptor, para desenmarañar las relaciones intratextuales.
États d’Âme by Robert Limoges États d’Âme by Feb. 15, 2019 $2.99 17,300 words Sample 20%
Ce livre contient de la poésie pour tout le monde. Il traite de tous les sujets.
What She Doesn't Know by Ranieka Johnson What She Doesn't Know by Feb. 15, 2019 $10.00 8,030 words Sample 30%
"What She Doesn't Know" is a book filled with poems that expose the indiscretions of men who, for the most part, made vows to love, honor and cherish their significant others.
Netting The Goat And Other Poetry by J. Elk-Baptisté Netting The Goat And Other Poetry by Feb. 14, 2019 You set the price! 1,390 words Sample 60%
Netting The goat And Other Poetry Prose by J. Elk-Baptisté for your enjoyment.
Dante’s Cantos : Lines of Inferno by Sreechinth C Dante’s Cantos : Lines of Inferno by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.05 6,290 words Sample 20%
The most figurative words from the moral philosopher and gifted author of epic poetic trilogy ‘Divine Comedy’...
We Were Born Blue by Claire Marchand We Were Born Blue by Feb. 14, 2019 $0.99 3,280 words Sample 20%
Female empowerment, growing up a girl, and exploring identity is what Claire Marchand’s stunning debut collection of feminist poetry is about. “We were born blue” is exploding with original imagery, powerful language, lyricism, and flow, while each poignant poem is a story in itself, weaving together a tale of the modern woman.
Agonies Of Love by Samuel Oparinde Agonies Of Love by Feb. 14, 2019 Free! 2,970 words
This book of poems is for every broken heart searching for healing. Agonies of Love is a must read for every youth because of the writer’s interest to address the day to day behavior of individuals when in love.
wajid Shaikh poetries || wajidsays by Iwajidshaikh wajid Shaikh poetries || wajidsays by Feb. 13, 2019 You set the price! Sample 20%
The authentic work of author wajid Shaikh and his verses in 5 pages
Remember Me Not by Alban Lake Publishing Remember Me Not by Feb. 13, 2019 $5.99 4,080 words Sample 10%
In this poetry compilation, fifty different poems tell a dark and troubled story of paranormal beings and hardship, revenge and loss. Take a trip into a shadowed world and the mind of a wonderfully creative poet.
I Won't Fix It by Marshall Zann I Won't Fix It by Feb. 13, 2019 $2.99 440 words
This is a series of short poems that tell a completely fictional story.
Dance In The Darkness by MARIO ALBERTO MORALES Dance In The Darkness by Feb. 13, 2019 $5.00 2,280 words
Versos sobre amor e mulher by FernandaFranca Versos sobre amor e mulher by Feb. 13, 2019 Free! 3,480 words Read a sample
'Versos sobre amor e mulher' é um livro curto de poesias que se divide em duas partes, na primeira parte a autora dedica-se a falar sobre a mulher, aqui encontramos versos com uma pegada mais feminista, e na segunda parte a autora trabalha com verso ligado ao amor. Versos sobre amor e mulher é um livro que promete prender o leitor com os seus versos simples e, ao mesmo tempo, cativante.
Silhouettes by Samantha Terrell Silhouettes by Feb. 12, 2019 Free! 1,830 words Read a sample
Silhouettes is a chapbook of bereavement and encouragement to move forward past a loss. It features poetry for insight and reflection during or after a season of grieving.
Hilltop View by Earnest Long Hilltop View by Feb. 12, 2019 Free! 1,000 words Read a sample
These poems all have one thing in common that is a hilltop view. The occupant contemplates his life.
Retablo de mi conciencia y mi soledad by Joaquin Romero Velázquez Retablo de mi conciencia y mi soledad by Feb. 12, 2019 $2.00 230,000 words Sample 20%
Poesía escrita de enero de 2016 al mes de agosto de 2018. Agradecimientos: A mi madre por sus enseñanzas, paciencia y amor. A mi padre por siempre estar a mi lado. A mi hermana A mis tías por su apoyo, amor y paciencia en mis tiempos más difíciles. A mis herman@s carnales y no carnales. A mis amig@s que siempre están a mi lado. Y a tod@s aquell@s que están en estos poemas, sabiendo o sin saber.
Lovers Garden by Tony Colatruglio Lovers Garden by Feb. 12, 2019 $1.99 11,840 words Sample 10%
Lovers Garden is a debut collection of poems and short stories never previously published, all dedicated to a place, "Lovers Garden," where true love is the imaginative ideal. It's free-verse, narrative poetry, with light verse and a few odes to help get you there in fine form to a place ever so slightly out the romantic norm. Every word is devoted to this one purpose. The first in a series.
فرصت آبی شعر by علیرضا خالو کاکایی فرصت آبی شعر by Feb. 12, 2019 Free! 6,730 words Sample 20%
فرصت آبی شعر، از مجموعه شعرهای سپید علیرضا خالوکاکایی (ع. طارق)‌ است. در این «فرصت آبی»، شما سروده‌ هایی را خواهید خواند که در آنها زیبایی ‌ها و لطافت‌ های شعر با درد های اجتماعی و مسائل روزگار ما در هم آمیخته است؛ درد هایی که یک حس شاعرانه نمی ‌تواند نسبت به آنها بی‌ تفاوت باشد.
The Magic Mirror and other poems by Damion Boyd The Magic Mirror and other poems by Feb. 12, 2019 Free! 7,920 words Read a sample
We live in a rare moment in history. There are sufferings and stresses that are unique to our culture today. Several major things are happening all at once. Our western culture is in the throws of a wild convulsion over philosophy. Our people are both delighted and crushed by the weight of so much technological discovery. This book discusses this historical moment and gives insight. You got this
剪发篇 by 冰英王子 剪发篇 by Feb. 12, 2019 Free! 50 words Read a sample
Please download the original document. 镜前五分钟 镜后十年疯。
Zdravo! Serbia! by Miyoko Goto Zdravo! Serbia! by Feb. 11, 2019 You set the price! 7,020 words Sample 25%
Serbian poetry about the police tactics and the war time trauma in the current police groupies.
Desire by Wesley Hesketh Desire by Feb. 11, 2019 $0.99 5,160 words Sample 15%
Love poetry from a man to his lover some she accepts some are rejected
Privremene pjesme by Nikola Bubić Privremene pjesme by Feb. 11, 2019 You set the price! 1,580 words Sample 20%
Ova zbirka sadrži tekstove pisane kroz 20-ak godina. Neke pjesme govore o ljubavi a neke o životu općenito.
Biography of Miss Go Chi by M. B. Goffstein Biography of Miss Go Chi by Feb. 11, 2019 $9.99 24,180 words Sample 20%
By turns funny, beautiful, and heartbreaking, these novelettos and poems are a beloved author’s gift to writers and readers everywhere.
Английска Каламбуриада (преводи на английски хумористични стихове, нонсенси и каламбури) by Chris Myrski Английска Каламбуриада (преводи на английски хумористични стихове, нонсенси и каламбури) by Feb. 11, 2019 $1.99 5,740 words Sample 25%
In Bulgarian. Това са преводи от английски на най-различни хумористични стихове, нонсенси, каламбури, и лимрици на български, по усмотрение на автора; плюс това са приведени и оригиналите на английските стихове, както и малко трудно преводими нещица в оригинал.
آواز ماهیان by علیرضا خالو کاکایی آواز ماهیان by Feb. 10, 2019 Free! 2,600 words Read a sample
آواز ماهیان یکی از مجموعه شعرهای سپید علیرضا خالوکاکایی (ع. طارق) است. تولد برخی از این سروده‌ ها مدیون عکس‌هاست. در هر عکسی شعری پنهان است؛ همچنان که هر شعر نیز عکاسی لمحه‌ یی از زندگی با رنگهای پیدا و پنهان واژه هاست.
Baggage 2 by Khali Raymond Baggage 2 by Feb. 10, 2019 $2.99 14,270 words
Despite what anyone says, these poisonous thoughts never left. I still feel worthless.
Forest of the Depths: A Collection of Poems by D.E. Morgan Forest of the Depths: A Collection of Poems by Feb. 09, 2019 $5.00 11,950 words Sample 20%
This is a collection of D.E. Morgan's first five chapbooks (one of which has never been published).