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For my parents and Pascale





The ministry of gossip, Mr.Hollywood

like wizard’s masterpiece about us

delusions of grandeur


in a telematic embrace

rotary engines of trends

gorgeous avatars of sex & sadness


This is an abdication of essence

a deterritorial investigation

a mad mashup

radical alterity

“You are like a drug”

she once told me

radiant silvergun

of vampyroteuthic thinking

the equinox of pleasure

a carnal horizon


agent of the world wide web


The coming and going of a

tender conscience

signature jugglers of calamity

in a circle of imprisoned affections

seductive paces

sprung from necessity

the first and last freedom

Summer of absentmindedness

Beauty is cataplexed in contemplation of

multidimensional effervescence

your eyes glow like naked livers

burning in the sun

inaudible fragment of a wicked sensation

in the summer of absentmindedness

an irruption of the inadmissible

within the changeless everyday legality

in vague commonplaces of modesty

strategies I refused to legitimize

in spite of these times

the union of bliss and emptiness


The toxic bromide

android geminoid

of a yesteryear capsule

somersault kisses and

false positives

in this chameleonesque era

I’m like a plummed basilisk

in a hollow city of perfect violence

smoking the dirigible spotlight

a light in dark places


Patience was a cruel overlord he met

newfangled clichés

and shilvering planks

aromadisiac tell all

the indefinite divisibility of culpability

with windowless eyes

metropolitan thunder feather

kilometer zero dawn

contentious our lady of the lake

adrift in perpetual razzmatazz

Paragon point

Inexhaustible photon storms

awash in mimicry

and depthless fathoms

shadow trains of the parasite blade

prosodic hesitancies and speedballs

residue on ignition

true iron antigasm

bombastic elms

pierced privacies served up hot

the afterglow of hype

Tongues of fire

Tongues of fire

harvesting shards of

universal lament and diabolic crush

squaliformes of the persistent myth

midnight black latiorum

meaning sanguine melancholy

rivers of torrential swiftness

offering mega deluxe puff

What is the future? The future is now

Short lived euphoria

in a dynamite death chair

blunt and boisterous contradictions

as flitting glimpses of grace

jarring anagrams of upstream DNA

brazen moxie

cursory way biomes

emerging as fashionable blessings

soul of serene praxis

underneath manic seas

Milk bone endeavors

The incessant wandering of flow

naming departure

speckled nouns of assemblage

commix angel exhaust passages

ghost capital

in the shadow of the blue rascal

stillborn pellet of groody assium

spellbinding the mysterious hour strikes

a surreal cosmokinesis

Angel of numbers

The claws and effects of

a mirrored measure

angel of numbers

sequence of erasures

at the edge of the abyss

rhapsody of the ownerless mind

the chimera of passion

Naked city

Everyday crucify what you know

in the naked city

indefatigable splinter of madness

bleeding horizon of the limpid youth

electric mantra

every act of love is an

act of destruction, a desecration,

a laying waste to the idol of the self

an act of pristine inoculation

Cannibals of the holy cow

Taming the inexplicable firecracker

postmemory doctrine of the unanimous night

immemorial quest of

poetic machinations

unsinkable anchor of

spontaneous particulars

an amalgam of the immaculate days

spent in derealization

black phantom of our baby fears

Atomic petals

for John Pursch

All you nobodies

worshipping the mysteries of creation

stockpile of silent okays

and circadian rhythms

beautiful twists of primitive innocence

the dreamcreature missed the rigidity

of assumption

charred hindsights that

blitzkrieg like precision weapons

sybaritic sparkling points and

ramshackle chords


for Jacques Villegle

Spectres and spectacles of wild wants

ironclad links and

oral history of oral histories

counterintuitive improprieties

in the halo of time

art machines of a clandestine flow

very intact

heart full of napalm

at the dawn of a sizzling moan

Postulates of a sextant season

The humdrum of an endless quest

sidereal vertigo of the blank page

the most radical gesture

an assembly of throttled glances

vainglorious mines of strangled shadows

impossible not to recognize

postulates of a sextant season

For Nicola Masciandaro

To swim forever

in the unbounded light of

a solitary burning sigh

in a province of request

a transitive soup of being

an exoplasm of breathing lights

Migratory soul

I dream of a province of request,

an exoplasm of breathing lights,

a banquet of consequences

unreleased acetates of a marble index

white letters on nocturnal flesh

migratory soul

of genteel contact

following love’s infinity

into the empyrean realm

a blissful maven


Cascading fragment

of an inhabited solitude

waxing gibbous

in the iridescent shuttle

praying for the shadows firsthand

terraforming this anvil of distinction

a forbidding tangle of brambles

like a shower of superstitions


the echo of our gestures


The ministry of nostalgia

a carnival of sentimental fools ad perpetuum

faithful disciples of the vintage chrome

nefarious exaggerations ceaselessly renewed

two kinds of the uncanny

elective affinities sans equity

abstruse musings and the song of the curved line

the liminal zone of initiation


The beyondness of things

parades of enchantment inscrutably involved

a hierarchy of strange jubilations and

charity watchdogs

rapidly approaching

dollops of terminal uniqueness and thornbush folklore


Prostitute signs

the disorder of things

this sequestering of weeping icons

abrasive echelons of

vintage attraction

sacraments of the penultimate year


of coffee and kerosene

Untitled( to Victor Cobo)

Exit pleasures

inside the phantom of difference

isolating enterprises

of bluster and bellow

fragmentary truth

in lieu of definition

blue exorcist of the dirty old town

soulfire of ignorant bliss

Horror. Philosophy. Sex (to E.M.Cioran)

Anathemas and admirations

in the graveyard of definitions

citizen of wonderlust

soul of the blasted pine

metahaven overture

caught in a clinch

formations of the angelic abstract

unto poor image thresholds

sonic peripheries

landscape over zero

Awaken, the irascible child!

Awaken, the irascible child

vagabond of last chance

the consolation of strangeness

out of nowhere

your ire is warranted

apozem of origins

the transgression of everyday

Night of filth, night of flowers (to Andre Breton)

Nostalgic sentiments

and new wave nocturnes

intersecting in a normal chaos of love

an hourglass of neglected affinities

idols of saturated phenomena

night of filth, night of flowers

the aporia of revelation

Venom and eternity

Rhapsode of memories

beheaded through soulstorms

like another fertile

consequence of mystery

sedate and archaic

calling on the birds of opulence

passing strikes

this epistles soft unspooling of desire

alarms of emergency hearts

in the province of strange percolations

Grand hotel abyss

Selenophilia of our being

the obscuring of the queen

vexed in your hollow divine

incipience of the notable nonesuch

like fragrant paperwhites

in the corner of the transcendental frame

pleasure ground of annulled pretext

in hysterically real daymares

everyday extraordinary

grand hotel abyss

Materiality and time

I want to drink its crystal blue oblivion

To be forever; but never to have been

Jorge Luis Borges

Forever arriving a terminus of years

contours and hidden spheres

dangerous perceptions as

kalopsia of the sublime moment

the sequestered valves of life

deprogrammers of the orphic supernova

periphery and province

The Shallow Between

to Nick Land

Pathos of distance

expecting itself

fake eternities of stationary descent

tailored hallucinations

surrender to the serpentine ensemble

of all possibility

hiatuses sullied by memory

ecstasy of the everyday

Purpose of the voodoo cosmos

Blasted positive
adrift in silent deathlessness
a menagerie of impossible things

ghost beyond measure

zeitgeist of nattering things

the fluidity of lowly origin

mesmerized and mesmerizing

purpose of the voodoo cosmos


Ancient objects of modern dilemmas

utopia burrows

chained to the propaganda of affirmations

forever in the imposed unspecifics

of procedure

producing numberless Edens

of sempiternal youth

a coping stone of irregardlessness

Splash Bombs


Horns of dilemma, the shadow’s brighter heritage

going beyond the symptoms

quartered revelator of the frayed edge

a week of redolent memory

beset by both the future

and the past

thralldom mastication


to Laurence Weisberg

Indecipherable vertigo lucid

my envoy to nothing

ups and downs everywhere

within equanimity

elemental fluencies

by means of a faceless evanescence

true encounters

which hyphenate the world

The outrageous oblivion of who you are- tomahawk abandon

atop a slew of graceful gestures,

budding foreknow of a slipping lament caught

in a torrent of tailspins, the slow suicide of goodness

Echoes, connections, continuities….the distance between

presence and pleasure surmounting the analogue,

on the streets of metamorphosis-from the moment you leave

to the moment you return, daring escapes are like

seductive maneuvers


Words that open a solar eye in the middle of the night

Andrew Joron

Disintegrated icon of beauty

transcendental and mundane

fathomsun in struggles of patient nothings

the loneliness monster with

the tantalizing sign begs for more

emblem of in between days

the endless gaze is the blindfold of certainty

like the bird of paradise

that lands only on the hand that does not grasp

To bathe in the splendor of lathe and labyrinth as momentum grows, countdown sequence, aired mysterious booms-natural coction, the shadow of a shadow of an obtainable new order, that bold and legitimate certainty of endlessly repeating variations

Vintage ghosts of

joy and sadness

a saccharine statement

the highest expression of the autopoetic force

the incarnation and withdrawal of a God

declaration of hither swarms

accretion of the torrential becoming

instances emancipated from

all anxieties and frustrations

in the anagogic phase

made dizzy by the hybris

a regular pulsating

metre of recurrence

This is not a method

O blacklist of preeminence

louder than life itself

countdown sequence

of aired mysterious booms

natural coction

the shadow of a shadow of an

obtainable new order

to bathe in the splendor

of lathe and labyrinth

as momentum grows

that bold and legitimate certainty

of endlessly repeating variations

and recollections that

erect their desire to exist

like a new sensation

articulating lifelong repeal

In this mode and vague notion

of a stay in your placeism

event horizon

a derangement of senses

dragging the echo

from the culvert

from the book of common prayer

eschewing the copula

almost like the pace of a dream

ordered fragments of a

disordered devotion

a space we can enter

the bareness of time’s passing


An ebony reticence

a luminous maiden

in pure elemental blindness

an effacing plasticized sky

a steel wise lament

written without meaning

-Ric Carfagna

To open the question

to wrest things from their condition

the nothingness of selfsame me

from mortification to titillation

in the realm of means

one can exalt the ruses of desire

this unknowing…

ravishing the cinema of lost stillness

this soul of breathtaking mendacity

a cacophony of tangibles

mere wisp of an untethered soul


Clandestine corners
embracing the entirety of you as
embodied bliss
still unpolluted by a vile familiarity
spaces of otherwise
swallowing me alive
ewer of extreme ecstasy
negotiating with the infinite
by constructions destroyed or masked
this paradoxical teardrop of necessity

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