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I am really indebted to my friends who inspired me to get it published. I am indebted particularly to my friends Kezang Dawa, Namgay Tenzin,Dorji Palden, Phub Dem and many more with a special mention of Lily Wangchhuk,Former Diplomat, Writer from Bhutan.I am really indebted to my friends and well wishers from India and abroad.It will be important to mention Manoj Mishra, Karn Singh, Shiv Kumar Uprit, Sami Ulla, Evelyse C Ribas and many more.I am really indebted to my painter friend Krzysztof Konopka from Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland, who very graciously offered to use any of his painting for the cover page for this book.

Md Taslim

List of Poems

1. Neither beginning nor end

2.He only knows

3. A prayer


5.He calls everyone

6.Heart throb

7. Universal caretaker



10.Shaken from inside

11. Sound of silence

12. Whenever


14.Talking of love

15.Did she meet you

16.My wish

17. Her desire

18.A thought

19. A real man

Neither beginning nor end

He has neither beginning nor end
He is nowhere, he is everywhere
No one can see him, he sees everyone
He can not be described in words
He is being described by everyone
He is being claimed by everyone
No one knows him he has not claimed anyone
Everyone fights for him
He has never asked anyone to do the same
Everybody try to sell him
He never wished to be sold
His followers may be seen in 
different get up
No one knows his perfect get up
Even no one has seen him ever
Perhaps no one will ever see him
He has neither beginning nor end
But he fulfills every dream
He punishes when becomes angry
He uses the things of our comfort
Earth, water and air becomes his weapon
No one has seen him punishing but
Everybody is afraid of him.
Let us seek his blessing
Let us obey him
Let us try to be good.

Let us be subservient to him
Let us…


He only Knows

His ways, he only knows
We know nothing because
We know everything
Miracles do happen but
What is miracle he only knows
Sun rises from east

Is it not an extraordinary phenomenon
If sun will rise from west then?
Eyes are meant for seeing
Have you not seen them speaking?
Is it not his miracle?
who will understand his ways 
Only he decides
This universe is filled with his miracles
Have we ever felt?
With every passing day
We lose our desire for learning
He only knows his ways
Dreams, desire, perception and conception
How shortsighted and frugal
We are?
Forgive us.

A Prayer

Since long waiting for you as a lonely river edges

Just flow like waterback

Fill me

Make me sweet

Fill me with life.

You are with me and near me I’m sure

I have become salted in your longing

Embrace me

Just call me by name

Just touch me once

Fill me with life.

I am waiting since long

Who can help me?

Other than you

Please help me

Fill me with life.

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A fear remains haunting me

I feel a footstep is coming close to me

Whole life I remain begging with

Bowl with innumerable holes

And heart with numerous scars

Is anything left in my bowl or

Everything I lost.

What will I say?

Please suggest me something

I am afraid

There is dense forest

It is a dark night

No one is with me

I feel a footstep is coming close to me

Forgive me

Open the door

Show me the path

I will be lost 

It is very dark

Daybreak is approaching

What will I say?

Now everything is beyond my reach

Forgive me,

Show me the path

I am very much tired

Permit me to keep my forehead

On your feet

Permit me to keep my forehead

On your feet.

He calls everyone

I tried to acquire knowledge
I read books
I met people
I met learned people
I thought 
I am a learned person
An illiterate person asked me
What is knowledge
I couldn't reply
He asked what is happiness
I tried to explain him
He couldn't understand
Then he asked me 
Are you happy
I told him many things
He was not satisfied
Have you ever listen your
Inner voice
I said many things
He was not satisfied
He asked me
Have you ever heard the voice of
I said how absurd is your question
He said
Become illiterate like me
Whatever you have learnt
Knowledge binds you
Free yourself
You will learn everything
We strive to reach at
Starting point
Even then we remain running
He remains calling
We remain running
Once I was learned like you
Now I have unlearned
I started listening his call
Now I hear the sound of silence
Now I feel alive
Now I feel the pulsating life
Around me
Halo of light
Music of silence
Of earth and sky
And of my inner self
He is divine
He is infinite
He calls everyone.

Heart Throb

Everybody say

She is heart throb of this town

The way she walks

The way she talks

The way she looks

The way she smiles

It is something out of this world

Her voice is musical

It soothes the nerves

Her eyes are magical

It entices

Her lips look better than

Red rose petals

She is simply out of this world

She is from heaven

She is a fairy

She is a flower basket

She is everybody's desire

People flock to see her

People wait for hours

To have her glimpse

People from far places come to see her

People stay for a month

To have her glimpses

I also thought

To go to her town but

I changed my mind

Thought it better to

Keep her in my mind

After all, she is a heart throb

Of the town

Moon delights us because

It is far away from us

It is better she should remain

Away in my dream always

After all

She is a hear throb

She is an epitome of beauty

She will always remain….

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Universal Caretaker

I have seen him often

Sometime openly

Sometime hidden

Sometime in child’s laughter

Sometime in child’s insistence

Sometime in child’s anger

I have seen him often

Sometime in beloved’s longing

Sometime in her bangles tinkling

Sometime in her anklet’s sound

I have seen him often

Sometime among silently standing trees

Sometime in dancing laughing leafs

I have seen him often

Sometime in hungry persons eyes

Sometime in people’s praying hands

I have seen him often

Sometime in cuckoo’s voice

Sometime in lovebirds cry

Sometime in flowers colour

Sometime in garden’s fragrance

I have seen him often

Sometime in rainbow’s colour

Sometime in evening’s darkness

I have seen him often

Sometimes in raindrops

Making everything alive

Sometime in swaying greeneries

I have seen him often

Sometime in fruit laden trees

Sometime in leafless trees

I have seen him often

Sometime in cyclone’s devastation

Sometime in flood’s devastation

Sometime in inhabited house

Sometime house being habited

I have seen him often

Sometime in beggars bowl

Sometime on king’s throne

I have seen him often

Sometime in tyrants’ tyranny

Sometime in caring hands

I have seen him often

He may be seen everywhere

Sometime shining

Sometime calm

He only he decorates this party of

Color, essence, joy and mourning

He only pounds in our heart

This universe is alive due to him only

He only he is our caretaker



If love knocked your door
Be happy
You are chosen
Open your door
Inside you
Let love reside inside
Dance and sing
You are chosen one
You will find everything
Changed around
You will find
There is no darkness
Everything is illuminated
You can hear songs in air
You can feel fragrance all around
Love is root of all
Fly high
You are chosen one
Love resides in you
Buddha was epitome of love
Christ was epitome of love
So was Mohammad
So was Brahma
Search inside you
You are filled with peace
Let your soul wander in 
This universe
Be calm
Love is GOD
Pure love
Love resides in you
You are a chosen one
Do you not feel
Your loved one have become
Chant love mantra
Chosen one.


what is love?
I am trying to find its
True meaning.
What is love?
I have become old yet
I am in search of the meaning of
what is love?
People say to each other
I love you
Man say to woman
I love you
Woman say to man
I love you
Mothers say to their child
I love you
Parents say to their children
I love you
Children say to their parents
I love you
God says 
I love you
Why children leave their parents
When they need them most?
Why men leave their women
when they love them more than they love herself?
Why husband beat wife
when they say I love you?
Why they betray each other?
Why hearts are broken?
Why there are despair
Pain and suffering?
When GOD say 
I love you all?
What is love?
I have become old
I am still in search of the meaning of
What is love?
Please do enlighten me
if you know?

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Shaken from Inside

I am sitting alone on a hilltop

Looking at the passer by below

A small boy in half pant and T-shirt

Is coming towards me

He is becoming bigger and taller

He is happy with books

He is happy while playing

He is reaching near me

He is holding a hand of a very beautiful girl

They are laughing together

He has come nearer

Holdings the hands of two little kids

They are looking happy and blessed

I don't know why?

Far away

A lonesome tree

I feel as if he is lost in prayer

Standing erect

Head bent down

As if murmuring some thing

I get mesmerized

It entices me

Sometime when I see

Leafs dancing and singing

Their laughter entice me

Many times

A woman walking at a distance

Appears to me

As if, there goes my mom

I start running towards her but

When I see her

I feel sad

She was not my mother

Many times this happened

With me

Why I don’t know?

I forget

Once gone from the world

Can never come back

Even then, I hope

Why I don't know?

Once I decided to meet


I started my journey in my sleep

While I was going to his house

A person met me

He asked

Where are you going?

I told

I am going to meet GOD

He told

He is coming from there

He remained waiting at his gate but

It did not open

Therefore, he is coming back from there

He told me about

GOD'S gate and way to reach there

He even tried to convince me

That it is not a futile approach

But I started my journey and

I reached at GOD'S gate

Started waiting...

Someone started shaking me

I saw a woman near me on my bed

I asked her

Who are you?

Why you are on my bed?

She started shaking me


I repeatedly went on asking her

Who are you?

She started weeping

I was unable to recollect

My name

I got terrified

I became nervous

All of a sudden

Filmstrips started running

In front of my eyes

Each strip was having

Photographs of two people

All of sudden

I saw my mother and father

Smiling in a frame

I remembered my name

I drank a glass of water and

Asked my weeping wife to sleep

I convinced her of my being well but

I was shaken from inside

I learnt the meaning of

Life and death

Water flows through river

To meet with sea

To become part of the sea

In the process

River loses its identity

It is easy to say

It is difficult to experience

I am shaken from inside

If I wouldn't have got

My identity back?

No pain no pleasure

No heat no cold

No rain no snow

No sun no moon

Nothing would be required

What is love?

What is hatred?

If I am not what I am then

Nothing is required

Lonesome tree

My mother who is not alive

I would have become part of them

Would I have been happy?

I do not know

I am shaken from inside.

O! Merciful GOD.

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Sound of Silence

Far from the maddening crowd
At a remotest place
Among trees, birds and bees
Did you ever heard
Sound of silence
How tiny we become
It simply frightens
We hear nothing but
The sound of our thumping heart
Silence of surrounding becomes 
We hear nothing except
The sound of our thumping heart
We start our journey 
Inside our own self
Is it an initiation
We hear the sound of silence

Engulfing us

Drenching our inside

Sound of silence


Whenever I see my face in mirror
Most of the time
I find someone else
This person in mirror looks
Different in different time
Sometimes he looks wise
Sometimes he looks foolish
Sometimes he looks like a cheat
Sometimes he appears trustworthy
It is difficult to judge this man
Sometimes he talks like a saint
Sometimes he talks like a sinner
Whenever I see myself in mirror
I find someone else
When sun sets and darkness prevail
Satan posses this man
He talks vulgar
He acts vulgar
What he does
He himself don't know
I try my best to make him understand
But he simply don't bother
Whenever I see myself in mirror
I find someone else
But sometimes I find myself in mirror
It assures me of being myself
I try to think positive and good
I find man in mirror is myself
Even when darkness prevails
I remain what I am
Only with kindness and love
I can tell with certainty
Man in mirror and myself
Will always remain the same
With love compassion prayers and
Surrender to GOD
To be what we are will 
Require our constant effort
Man in mirror will be different


Words have limitation

Words can never express feelings

I can still feel

The first touch of your palm

Its softness and warmth

Beyond any words

I can still feel

The warmth and fragrance of your body

When I placed my hand on your shoulder

It is beyond any words

I can still feel 

The touch of your slender waist

It was something heavenly

When you whispered

Leave me

It is beyond any words

Do you remember when?

I held your face in palms

Kissed your hot moist lips

It is still alive in me

It is beyond any words 

I can still feel 

The fragrance of your silky hair

Softness and warmth of

You are melting in my arms

When I held you from

Behind for the first time

Those moments are still alive

Words cannot express it.

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Talking about Love

Someone was talking about love

When you see flowers blooming

Around you and

When you see someone’s face

That's love!

I have never seen anything like that

I told him

When you feel life is beautiful

Worth living and

When you see someone’s face

That's love!

I never felt like that

I told him

When your heart 

Starts beating fast and

When you see someone’s face

That's love!

It always happens

When I see beautiful damsels

I told him

When you long to see 

Someone’s face

That's love!

It never happened

I told him

You are not made for love

You are fit for forest

You do not have heart


How am I alive?

Then why I feel sad

To see hungry faces

Weeping faces

Lonesome old people


Why I feel delighted to see

Twinkling stars

Moonlit night


Meandering rivers

Snow clad mountains

Dancing and singing people

Giggling girls

Caring mothers

Many such things

He told

You are lunatic

Nothing else!


Do you also feel like that?

For me?

I will ask her

To whom I never said such words

For whom I never felt such things


Everybody say

We are the happiest people.

Did She meet You

Did she meet you?
I don't know
She meets me often in
Different moods
And different attires?
Once in evening's twilights 
She met me,
Wearing flowers
Full of colors and fragrance
She said 
Do you know me?
I am best of life.
Do you have any wish?
I said yes
Please fill my friends coffers
With happiness, pleasure and pure joy
Make them drenched in song and dance
Health, wealth, compassion and love.
She met me another day
It was rainy day
She said I am rainy season
Do you have any wish?
I said yes
Please fill my friends coffers
With food stocks
Wash their sins
Was hatred from their life
Make them truthful and pure
Make them worthy human beings
Make them friendly
One day she met me again
It was foggy evening
She asked
Do you have any wish?
I am winter
I said
Please fill my friends coffers
With warmth
With love
With joy
No one should feel
Unwanted and lonely.
Like always, she went away smiling
Again she met me and asked
Do you have any wish?
I am old, hungry and deprived.
I said
Please fill my friends coffers
With compassion
They should care their parents
As they did when they were child.
They should care poor
And downtrodden
They must feed hungry
They must provide them shelter.
They must make their last journey
A Happy ending
Satisfied with love, peace and pleasure.
I asked her
Did you fulfilled my desires
Before dissolving in nature
She said yes
Ask them
Friends did she meet you?
She will
I am sure.

My Wish

I wish to get dissolved in nature
I wish to feel the sun on mountain top
I wish to feel cold in frozen river
I wish to feel blazing cold wind
I wish to see sunset from mountain top
I wish to feel darkness on mountain
I wish feel my pounding heart there
I wish to feel the silence of trees
I wish to feel smiling flowers
I wish to feel humming flowing water
I wish to feel waterfall's music
I wish to fly with birds
I wish to explore water with fishes
I wish to feel like lion
I wish to feel the serenity of forest
I wish to fly like butterfly
I wish to sing like Nightingale
I wish to feel the laughter of young girls
I wish to feel the longing of a woman
I wish to feel the beauty of this world
I wish to feel the hymns of priests
I wish to feel the pain of broken heart
I wish to feel the pain of broken dream
I wish to feel beloved whisper
I wish to feel child's smile
I wish to feel his eyes
I wish to feel his closeness
I wish to get dissolved in nature
I wish to feel his sublime love
I wish to feel his love
I wish to be with him
I wish to be away from all worldly things
I wish to get dissolved in him
Nothing will matter then
Pain, pleasure, smile and colour
Hymn, you and me
There will be no longing
No desire 
Only peace and peace
I wish to feel this peace
I wish to feel this peace.

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Her Desire

She asked me to find her in moon
She asked me to find her amongst flowers
She asked me to find her in music
She asked me to find her in songs
She asked me to find her in paintings
She asked me to find her in sculpture
She asked me to find her in holy water
She asked me to find her in meandering river
She asked me to find her in butterflies
She asked me find her in prayers
She asked me to search her here and there
I told her I find you in my heart
I love you as you are
I love you as my lofty desire
I love you as you are
I don't wish to go any far
I love you as you are

A Thought

A bit of flirt
A bit of infidelity
A bit of lie
A bit of truth
A bit of love
A bit of hate
A bit of pride
A bit of simplicity
A bit of pomp and show
A bit of childishness
A bit of known
A bit unknown
A bit of compassion
A bit of uncertainty
A bit of necessity
A bit of faith
This is what
We human are
Best of his creation
Running here and there
Drenching in
Pain and pleasure
Unknown of self
Unsatiated of self
Happy with self
Unhappy with self
Filled with the desire to
Reach to the sky
Trapped between the 
Lines of palm
Wandering in the movements of
Celestial bodies
We are the human
Congratulate us
Even then
We are alive
Full of joy
Full of life.

A real Man

A real man
When kisses you
On your forehead
He excites you
When he looks in your eyes and
You starts falling apart
When stares you
You start burning inside
When a real man holds your finger and
Whisper your name softly
In your ear
You start melting
When a real man
Put his face on your hair
You start trembling
When a real man
Bring his lips to your ear lobe
You start melting like butter
When a real man
Holds you by your shoulder
You start feeling love and safety
When a real man takes you in his arms
You start feeling as if time stopped
When a real man 
Hold you by your waist
You become sun light
When a real man
Holds your hand and you walk together
You become a chirping bird
A most beautiful girl
Soft, sweet, compassionate and
What not?
When a real man
Holds you
He holds you forever
He reads you 
Without your words
When a real man
Stands with you
This world become a beautiful place.


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