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Twilight Alehouse: Poems Inspired by Genesis

Jen Selinsky

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*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order. This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


Not to be taken lightly,

How do you find this

Being trying to take over

Your body with its wicked


It seems like the only way you

Can coax it out is with

Song and unnatural


No one else would dare

Interfere with you then, except

For the music which strives to

Drive it out and save all

Which you hold precious.


Peace at last—peace from

Whatever was holding you


No one seemed to understand

Why you would leave behind

Such a life, but those

Closest to you know that

You had to get away.

Head cleansed from the

Clean air; you felt like a

Child again.

After all, that is what you

Wanted, a fresh start with

No one questioning your


Time now to look back and

Forget all which you do not

Wish to be.


Always had the habit of

Finding the wrong girl;

They knew what you

Wanted, but their only aim

Was to tease out of you

What you were more than

Willing to give.

No time for anything to

Grow quiet because all the

Picking and reaching of

Your brain;

Maybe what you need is a

Holiday for the heart, but

It’s hard to hide behind

What, for once, you so

Easily displayed.


We got the point;

You want nothing to do

With us anymore, but I

Did not know you’d take

It this far—to include

Other voices to help break

The news to those who

Were quiet, perhaps a little too

Much so, to work eagerly by

Your side.

Your truth, in them, you did

Confide, but no one knows

The complete story behind

Your unraveling.


So much to sleep while we

Take away the noise.

Lids heavy to soon hide

The beauty of Iris and

Her background siblings

(Cornea and Pupil).

All was about to be

Taken away to darkness,

When I gathered up no

Time at all, too tense for

The big blast about to

Invade my ears and brain!

No going away until the

Last possible moment.


Beauty in

Your scales;

How could

It have

Taken me

So long to

Find the

Most breath-

Taking part

Was only so

Close, yet

My mind

Knew nothing

Of distance

As it pertains

To the


And not-


Charm of


Which can

Be found

As close as

I would like

To feel its

Great and




How I feel for this man,

And those like him,

Who have suffered

When they

Took everything

They had only for

A moment of

Distant hope, what is

Otherwise known as

The blues.

No handle for the cure,

Except for hindsight,

And many care not to

Go there, especially

During their most

Sober moments.

Sadness in their voices;

You’ve got

No reason to

Hide away compassion

Because we all feel

Like this at

One point

Or another during our

Lives—just waiting for

The sadness to evacuate

Our bodies.


Not just for another

Moment of drunken

Fun; it goes deep, deep

Down inside to numb

Every part of your

Conscious mind in hopes

That nothing bad will



Do you need to follow

Me everywhere I go?

I can see traces of

Your being in the snow,

Though winter’s already

Passed, and flowers

Take over all new life.


On the ship and

Rowing—no way to

Keep this disaster

At bay.

Storm and waves

Conspire to eat all the

Men alive.

Ships merely dishes on

Which their meals

Were served; I cannot

Stomach the thought,

But the sea’s a cruel

Mistress, usually promising

Nothing sweet, except for a

Glimpse of her glimmering

Surface, which she uses

Like a siren’s song to lure

Men in to their deaths!


The clock is ticking,

And we all know for whom

The shrill alarm tolls!

Gather now your loved

Ones and see them

Safely to land before it

Tries to get them too!


Sad aftermath

Of a precious,

Little town in


Sunken under

(Seconds later)

When people

Found they

Could no

Longer breathe.

Weighing less

And looking

Peaceful, but

It was any-

Thing but for

These brave

Souls who

Thought that

They had a

Fighting chance!

No tomorrow left

To dry up their

Tears, now mixed

With an

Abundance of

Salt and

Broken homes,

Whose purpose

Can easily be

Replaced, but

No longer for

A hair on the

Heads of those

Now floating

Aimlessly, hidden

From the healing rays

Of the sun.


You cannot reach me

Because of all the

Airways between us.

Untouchable, and I

Want to keep it that

Way because no one really

Knows that I am

Alive, but soon that

Shall change, and people

Will flock to this lonely


My days of being unknown

Are numbered, and I am

Glad to know about the

Pending friends mounting

Up on the transistor waves.


You can tell me that

I always have to rely on

Another person all the

Time, but there are

Things which I am

Capable of doing myself.

Not independent of God,

But my body can move

Just like it is told to,

And there is no

Questioning the strength

Of the mind behind

It all.


So close to being

Representative of what

You wanted to claim as

The speaking peace,

Although you seem to be

A bit short.


Not sure about the

Horizon, but I know how

Much you like to make

Peace in a world which

Has undergone too

Many violent changes.

People not understanding

What can be done, but

All that can change

For the fact that we want

To build a better tomorrow.


Not all about errands

Which need to be done,

It’s a metaphor about

The way we question and


Man, as one, coming to

Another in hopes of

Obtaining advice or a

Juicy piece of another’s


Consumerism driving you

To the brink; all people

Want most of the time

Is to escape—no better way

Than to shout out and

Compare ideas.


Show with the same

Name—I never could

Stand the game, though

It’s interesting to

Speculate who got

The idea first.


Not sure what to say

But to emphasize the

Fact that the spirit

Comes to change the

Tone, even though some

Anticipate her arrival,

Not quite sure what to

Say or how to react.

Sometimes, it’s best

Just to have certain things

Explained for you.


I want to know why you

Feel the need to leave

When all you do is hide

Your feelings from me.

Communication is key;

Don’t say that you cannot take

This world anymore as a

Result of this little fight!

Taking flight because I will travel

Along with you in your mind.


This work suggests

Something sexy, even though

You talk about another

Way to “become a man.”

So unlike you that others

Did not know what to say;

They had no choice but to

Let you go on with this

Foolish gesture in hopes that

You would change your

Mind and come home soon

(For your safety and our

Sanity, please)!



Like film

Set against

The sun to

Erase the

Meaning of

All its




How to

Tell it





Of thing



To find


End to

The note—

Not really

Void of





And putting

Forth new








Who are




To be




Who wants

To verify




You can place your hands

Upon me any time that you

Would like.

So sensual—a touch

Meaning love and the

Fact that we are meant

To be together.

You have wanted me as you

Watched me from afar.


No more loose

Grasp on reality.

I have to know

How things work,

Because, am I

Not a man?

Meaning has

Been kept from

Me for far

Too long—nearly

As long as

Too long


As long

As when

I took my first



And keeping

The mind of a


Innocence is

Not bad.

Growing into

Myself should

Be my number

One priority.


A lone beacon

Of light coming

From the little

Cabin hidden

Far away.

From the normal

Path of man;

People tend to

Forget all the warmth

Which was spread


It has something

To do with what

You have to


With people

In the past.

You needed a

Kick to get

Things going

And make you

Claim the right

To your manhood

And happiness.

It does not have

To be this way

In the passing

Moment of time.

It has nothing to

Do with being

Popular in this

Distant light,

Which can

Manipulate you

With one, swift

Movement before

You even feel

The effects of

Delayed response

Because of your

Dulled reactions.

When it is over,

You do not want

To feel like a

Hollow shell

Of the vibrant

Man you once

Were, keeping

In good company



I do not know

Who would like

To hide from

You, but the

Search is on,


Let me feel

The same

Emotions so

That I may

Vicariously know

About the love

Which you share.


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