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By Deborah Kelly

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Title: Heartworks

Author: Deborah L. Kelly

Cover Art: Barbara Kelly

Cover Design: Deborah Kelly

Layout Design: Candice James

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Kelly, Deborah L., 1953-, author

Heartworks / Deborah L. Kelly.


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“If the mortals of distraught Earth could only view one of the more advanced worlds long settled in light and life, they would nevermore question the wisdom of the evolutionary scheme of creation.”~ The Urantia Book ~

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I wish to thank Candice James, Poet Laureateof New Westminster, B.C., Canada, for her ongoing assistance and support; as well,for her beautiful review of my work. I also wish to thank Jonina Kirton-,author of Page as bone ~ Ink as blood,for taking the time to review and appreciate my poetry. Thank you to my sister, Barbara Kelly, Graphic Artist,for the beautiful artwork that adorns this book.

Thanks to the management and staff of Silver Bow Publishing, for putting up with me, warts and all, and for helping me to realize and manifest a life-long dream.

Last, but most definitely, not least, all of my wonderful friends and supporters, who have stuck by me and helped me to achieve success. I am so grateful. In comparison to the gratitude I feel,thank you, seems like such a small word.

Autumn Dance

As Autumn moves in

with music ready

and heart whole,

we begin the dance

of the season.

Leaves fall from branches

as they sway in Autumn's air:

twirling, whirling, dancing,

falling earthbound from the trees.

‘Tis a melancholy, haunting tune;

grieving the loss of summer's sun,

another season now is done.

Autumn dons exquisite dress;

dances her best as she ushers

in time's passing change.

Her ballroom hung

with hues of earth tones;

as hearth alight within a warm home.

Autumn's tune takes rest

in the heart as she dances

to the music within.

She takes comfort in knowing the sun

will return once again.

All she need do, is keep the Autumn dance

alive for yet another passing season.

The Rose & The Butterfly

Butterfly leans in closer;

“I will share with you a secret

my loving, kindred rose.

My wings are coloured

by the light of a thousand rainbows,

shining all at once.

My heart, like yours,

resides within the golden warmth

of our great Creator; this heart beats

in celestial rhythm with His.

Beautiful rose: your colour, your heart,

alive as mine. Will we live to see

the splendour that comes from love?

As others, we may drift and fade

into the cosmic ether, becoming

a living nebula, or a star cluster

shining eternally through the window

of time and space.

I can take you to this place

my beautiful rose, I can take you

where shadow no longer lives.

Where light gives of itself in the melding

of souls; magically completed, utterly whole.”

The Making of Memories

New friendships forged;

memories to savour

through the winter years

of my life.

I will save it all;

create a tapestry of my life

as I was born to be.

Creativity in motion;

mortal ocean of beautiful,

passionate expression.

Touching heaven and sky

with my mind.

Worlds within words;

words through all worlds.

Bend them, shape them, blend them;

embroider them with the strings of silken

thread from the marrow of your heart.

Wrap them as gifts to leave

behind; your footsteps

etched upon time’s shore.

Gone Are The Days Of War

Comfort; knowing

love is showing.

Love is healing;

heart is reeling,

peace ~ is coming

in a UFO.

No more fighting;

fast as lightning ~

this world is about to change!

No more illness;

only wellness.

No more war;


No more sorrow;

a better tomorrow.

No more weeping;

our smiles we’re keeping.

No more heartbreak;

walk through Heaven’s gate.

No more madness;

simply gladness.

No more hatred;

Satan’s gated

in the hellfire’s of karma.

No more shadow;

only light, glorious light!

No more dying;

no more crying.

The guff is empty;

souls aplenty.

No more guns, and no more bombs;

gone are the days of war.

Immortal Wings

In peaceful solitude,

feeling sun's rays

upon my body,

I revel in its warmth;

though my eyes

be touched by mortal view.

Akin to you sweet

sister sun, I rise

with the blaze of light

and warmth within me.

For that moment;

that one elusive moment,

I am still a-flight:

reaching, feeling, for soothing

loam to touch my tired

feet as I awaken,

tucking away my immortal wings.

The Gift Of Wisdom

There are those who believe in magic;

sentience of each heart has joined in prayer.

Wise owl and little child

sit upon Mother Earth; head to head,

they understand one another; spellbound.

Transcendence of mortal constraints

flow from heart to heart: inner

silence, shared sentience; cherished.

Eternal and complete, the cycle

of life ever turns; one to another

share the silence of love’s language.

Music in the communion of eternals;

around and within each deep

breath of living air.

Perhaps, as they sit, soul to sentient

soul, owl is teaching the child to fly;

how to view the world from his

spiritual eye within.

Chakras open to the light bridge

from child to feathered friend;

We shall cross it together

and dance upon the wind.”

Promises Of Tomorrow

I am but a breeze

blowing through

the promises of tomorrow.

I am the sky

Beckoning the soul to fly.

I am the ocean

whose depths bury

the pain of loss.

I am the tree dancing to

the rhythm of peace;

in the wind of time’s

heart, I am free.

I hold, close to me, inspiration

found in cosmic stardust.

I am a universe of dreams:

the spiral of life, the child

of eternal and humble gratitude.

I am a light, among many,

shining in the darkness;

opening the way for

those who are lost.

I am the play

on the stage of life.

Theatre of the cosmos;

a new production each

and every day.

I am the choreographer,

the artist and the songstress

of this music I hold

within; of the dance

that my heart knows

oh, so well.

I am the magician; master

of illusion. I hold the strings

that make the puppets dance.

I am but a breeze

blowing through

the promises of tomorrow.

We Are All Broken

I am the sky

sheltering your heart.

Rise up; speak your Truth.

Share it; spread it to the four

corners of the Earth.

We all walk in shadow,

watching the duality

of life moving by; shadow

casts its hue around

frayed edges of your dreams.

It is all illusion.

Nothing is as it seems.

There are no certainties.

We are all broken.

As I languish

the afternoon gently away,

gray light streams

through my window; music

moves me through

other dimensions,

whilst I dream

of a perfect world.

I move gently on tender

rhythms which

surround me.

Every instrument

vibrates through me:

higher, lower, deeper.

Stronger is the quickening

of my heart.

It is all illusion.

Nothing is as it seems.

There are no certainties.

We are all broken.

A Place For Lovers

Where touch is warmth, eternal bliss;

here, lovers meet to share a kiss.

The walls here lie of rubies, laid

in emerald; sapphires lined with jade.

This place so free of wordly fear:

a place of laughter, joy and tears.

A plane in life's eternal few

whose wooded lakes are lined with dew.

Whose trees are willows sighing low.

The sun shines through; it warms the soul.

Here friendship's the food of laughter;

Music; of the soul.

Peace be the food of giving;

here goodness makes two whole.

Art is a gift from the heavens.

Beauty; a gift of Truth.

'Tis here that I will spend my life,

with the loving, sweet wonder of youth.

Earthen Shores

He commanded loyalty!

On the wings of others,

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