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H E R M A J E S T Y ‘ S C O L O N (Y)

By Connie Boje


(H E R ) MA J E S T Y ' S C O L O N (Y)

parse and paled and selected to breed

without intervention of open conflict

(her) majesty's colon(y) was still open

to destruction (and mining exploitation)

little did they know they were hers

little did they know they had been breed

little did they know what was in store

they thought they were strong

they thought they were just

they thought they were wealthy

they thought they were the best

they thought they were right

they thought wrong

like the eye of a hungry ogre on a

fattened calf the colon(y) grew bigger

and fatter and juicier until she could wait no

longer to take a bite the meat was tasty

so she took another bite the meat which was raw

was just right she hardly had to chew to swallow it

so she swallowed she forgot that the meat she

was eating was sad and angry and poisoned

with additives she forgot to have a taster taste

it for her first she forgot she forgot to cook

he meat before eating it she forgot

meanwhile the meat became conscious of its

attack and fought back stop biting me or

I will bite back the meat (of the colon(y) said

(since it was not yet dead) meanwhile the meat

she had eaten made its way down through

her tube system (to her colon) and fought back



agent twin agent tea agent one agent

twin tea one agent twin agent tea

agent one twin tea one agent your

assignment is sealed with the deal

of the century you must catch a BUSY

you must roll over and play dead you

must fake it and make it up as you go

along agent of card games to win big

bucks agent of strange names agent

of oranges rangers of lands rover over

you copy alpha orange beta twin copy

won delta extra tea full house game

same high ground island over jelly

doughnut kentucky red louisiana blue

monday up naples gone only us poor

copy queen mean rodger over sound

off taps on ups down vox over wing

out x-citing yes no zed same game

new agent no oranges in your T E A

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