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This book is dedicated in memory of my mother and father. Although their residence may have changed, their love, presence and encouragement fill my heart. To my exceptional children, whom I love to the moon and back, may your dreams and talents carry you through life. Hold on to your dreams and never let go. To my incredible Fiancé, whose strength, love, determination and encouragement inspire me to push harder and strive for the unreachable. To God above, whom I revere, without your guidance and inspiration this book would have never gotten past page one.

“Thank you all and much love!”

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This book is an original work of the author. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Table of Contents


The Expression of my Pen

A Memoir of the Heart

In the garden With Daddy


Going Home

Remember the Memories

Shadows of Yesterday

Summer Lane

Winter (Oh...Voice of Death)

Fruit of the Pen





Love Proclaimed

Whisper of Your Heart

Be Quiet My Heart


My Secret Garden

Goodnight My Love

Simply Believe

Garden of Memories

Witness to Thee

Journey Beneath the Sun

My Angel’s Lullaby


Slay the Black Raven

Angel’s Flying Low

Open View


Winds of Change



The Beggar

If I told You

Forbidden Key

The Sentence

Short but Sweet

Questions of Doubt

Though Innocent the Fire More Furious the Flame

Evil is the Night

A World Unknown

A Beginning New

Silence within the Storm

This Side of Night

If I were to Dream

A Quest to Dream

The Hour That Bleeds

Silver Dreams

This Sweet Child

An Eagle Humbled by Grace

My Prayer

From the Author’s Desk

Journey Beyond the Moon

Sample Chapter

Willow Lake

Sample Chapter


The Expression of my Pen

I sat down with my pen

Which seems to be my dearest friend,

My imagination flowed like a river,

Quenching the thirst of my barren thoughts,

Quickly, as they entertain me,

I capture the essence they have brought.

Visions dance with rhythm, in time

As I give life, emotion to these words of mine

Their expression cuts deep,

Others, rest upon my lips as I sleep.

I have cried countless tears

As they have impressed upon me

The many joys and pain of my short years.

Pain gives birth to our hopes and dreams

That otherwise would remain thoughtless, it seems.

The rapture of their beauty brings

A breathless sigh to explain

The depth of true reality

As my pen silently sings,

Unleashing the melody of my thoughts

We engage on our journey once again.

A Memoir of The Heart

As I look back

Even though I’m still young with age

I wonder where time has gone,

With my soul at hand

I search the years that fill each page

Of this diary, I had begun.

Recorded are the sounds of laughter

And the memorable things we had done.

Written with tears are lingering hours of pain,

An avenue I have chosen to never travel again.

I hold within a sacred embrace

The many trials that have proven to inspire,

And grasp quickly the moving memories

Of true miracles that did transpire.

There are those who proclaimed love

Beyond any depth or measure,

But God revealed to me

An endless love my heart could treasure.

There are memories recorded

That very few would understand,

And sometimes we succumb to reasoning

That fell on the other hand.

We all have paths to travel

Memories to hold whatever the age.

We must endure all that life does unravel

And hold fast to the goodness we engage.

For those later years that will come

We will eagerly recall them one by one

Written in the memoir of our hearts.

In the Garden with Daddy

Is it, me?

Or do you hear the birds singing

Joyfully in the garden?

Their melodies drift eloquently,

Embracing the tender breath of roses

Illuminated by the peaceful tears of morning

You are beside me,

And time eagerly stands still.

We exchange our thoughts and memories

All our yesterdays at will.

We became lost in the moment

Sharing loving words that before we couldn’t say,

I had prayed for that moment

That I shared with you that day.

God showed me his generosity, his grace,

As my eyes briefly touched your face.

“Daddy”, it will hold me for a little while,

Our memories of the garden, your happy smile.

Remembering relieves my heart of its pain

Until we are in the garden, Daddy,

Where we shall walk again.


Speak unto thee, oh my heart

The hour of darkness befalls me.

This day of wonder quickly slips from sight

To rest peacefully upon the patient horizon.

Obediently tomorrow awaits

This heavenly slumber of the night,

Knowing it is the hope of dreams

That holds them, but a breath apart.

Such magic convinces my soul, it must be free

To embrace all this day past,

And accept what tomorrow may bring.

It is from the deepest emotion

I have found that you speak,

But it has yet to make my soul sing

Only awaken all that makes me weak.

With pleasure, I cast this bitterness to the wind

That has faithfully dried such tears from my face

Bearing scars from this war within,

But I failed once again

To indulge in the sweetness, it sends.

Secretly it captivates the world around me

Revealing to me all that lives

beyond the vision of the night.

I hear whispers taunting in playful delight

But it has yet to last this seduction of the night,

As the eve brings forth the breath of a new light.

Going Home

Memories are reborn one by one,

As I travel down this road

From where I once come.

Childhood dreams and wishes

kiss the sweet summer air

Only to float away to a world beyond compare.

To this child hidden within

It’s a fairytale come true

As I open the door to this old house and walk through.

I hear echoes of laughter and soft, gentle voices

Of loved ones through time have passed,

And the tiny patter of busy feet

of my first born to the last.

I stand consumed with remembrance

And through my tears I exclaim!

The aroma of time is “oh” so sweet.

Each room holds a memory

Different, for each hour of the day

Beginning with love

Through where the children did play.

If I was to return

It would be only memories that I would find there,

I will always feel as if I’m still... Going Home.

Remember the Memories

Bouncing balls and crying baby dolls

Are neatly tucked away

Where little tots once cheerfully played.

No more messes upon the kitchen floor

Or smiling crayon faces

Decorating the refrigerator door.

Now, it is lacy dresses for the prom

Or the routine question

Can I borrow the car tonight, mom?

Oh, how these little ones have grown!

Now they have little ones to call their own.

Again, I hear bouncing balls

And crying baby dolls,

Find sticky messes on the kitchen floors

And crayon faces in new places.

Memories race back one by one

And I think of the memories they have yet to come.

Shadows of Yesterday

I will not fail to see

The sunset in your eyes

Or drowned in the depth of your enchanting smile.

Never will I speak of goodbye

Or let our love be submitted to demise.

You are my life, even into death,

You were my first and now my only breath.

If I must sacrifice memories past

And all that has ever been,

Then I must, to set my heart free.

But I will live with hope

From this day until my last,

Waiting for fate to intercede this labored effort

And smile again upon you and me.

I weep for all that was good

And bleed from bitter wounds


By the weight of my own burden

Knowing now, all that was then, misunderstood.

Days have passed, which reflect the many years

And still, within me erupt painful tears,

Mourning the death of then, today and tomorrow.

Forgiving I must be to hope and fate,

It was my effort that came but late.

Summer Lane

I walk upon this road alone,

My eyes empty with thoughts bare.

Seeking the pleasures of Summer’s dues,

I find her splendor waiting there.

I welcome thee to her open arms

And find myself embraced

By graceful arms of supple green

That tenderly brushed my face.

Onward I search with a curious eye

To find a covey of angel’s

Drifting against a royal, sky.

Greeting their beauty, I softly sigh.

Summer whispers a gentle breeze

Playing tag with angry bumble bees,

Too fat to battle such jokes as these!

I have touched her beauty,

my thoughts for now content.

Perhaps tomorrow I will gaze upon the butterflies

That indeed was heaven sent.

Winter (Oh... Voice of Death)

Whisper softly, oh voice of death

Autumn yet has one last breath.

Spare me the love of Summer’s splendor

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