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The Little Girl and the River & Other Poems





Preeti G









If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. – Maya Angelou




Copyright © 2017 by Preeti G
All rights reserved.

ISBN: 9781521052754


Dedicated to Himanshu, Aadit and Ahaana – The source of optimism and never-ending happiness in my life


Also, to the inspiration that has been holding my hand and leading me, becoming my pillar of strength at all times, and the only reason I put down my thoughts to book – My Mother

Table of Contents


Nothing but Love

When Love Became Saviour


Stranger in the Mirror

Song of Life

Will you be there for Me?


Searching for My Star

Bridge of Fire

When Experience Becomes Reason

A Voice Lost in the Woods

Like an Elephant She Trods

The Little Girl & Other Poems

The Little Girl and the River

Strength of a Woman

Worth of a Homemaker



Promises of Regret

The Day I Lost You Mother


A Beautiful Dream


About the Author






Nothing but Love


Every morning I wake up to your smile

Each night you weave yourself into my dreams

So intricately you become a part of me

Leaving me to marvel - the beauty of love

Your thoughts breathe life into my soul -

Left forlorn by unforeseen betrayals

How easy t'is to soothe the pain

Making use of your immaculate care

Your proximity elates me to no end

Fills me with cheer and erases all malice

What strength are you made of, love?

That you become the elixir to all that is called affliction



When Love Became Saviour



When she was a little girl long ago

Innocent, filled with ignorance about the world

She had slowly learnt to live with pain

Or her memories would never let her grow up

Those hurting memories of broken trust

When immaculate love was but, betrayed

That dirty touch of a trusted kin

Those vile looks of an older acquaintance

She kept it a secret as advised

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