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Sam Alberts

Copyright © 2017 Samuel Alberts

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1545409099

ISBN-13: 978-1545409091


I dedicate this book to the professional amateurs who are great dreamers. My goal in writing this book is to not only fulfill my own dreams, but also to inspire others.


The contents of this book is completely poetic. Therefore with the nature of complete intuition, it is up to you to discover the artist within and search out a new poem to read every time you pick up this book. You could say this book changes with the seasons, hopefully like that of a painting and or mural, given the idea that inspires a new thought and impression.


I would have to first thank my friends, and my family. Though a lot of my writing came from being on the road with life changing events, what truly inspired my writing was the time I spent learning with friends about the blues, guitar, organ, and painting. So yes my friends and my immediate family, you are my main inspiration to write this book. But I also have to thank the rest of my family for being supportive and putting up with the idea of exploring the universe as a career.


The inspiration of this book comes with an open door. The open door is simply taking opportunities to accomplish one dream at a time. I've had the dream of writing a book for about three years. I had lived in Boulder Colorado for six months and thought I'd start there two years ago, but ended up losing all my writing, while traveling to NorCal. So this is really a new beginning, and a fresh start to re-establishing a dream!

I have dedicated myself to songwriting for about three years now, and a lot of my writing is from being in a dream state. I'd say my main message out of all I have written is the fact that, 'Anything is possible'.

As far as being an artist goes, I have challenged myself to stay creative and survive off the inspiration of opportunity. The challenge is I have to be creative and apply my thinking from sight, smell, or through a song. I have survived off abstract paintings, music when traveling, and also cooking if I happen to be in one spot for a while. Currently, the season is bringing me into publishing my thinking with a book, and walking through new doors that weren't open before the spring came.

Enjoy reading, and I hope my writing brings pleasant thinking, and in a creative way with an open mind I believe it can inspire a creative thought and outlook on life.


Looking out to a sea of glass, my broken spirit; future present and past, I see my world.. shapeshifting.

moon shades with a pendulum swing,

light reflecting on the vast blue sea,

as I see my world.. shapeshifting.

Memories seem to hold my hand,

as the light shines through out the land,

showing me, this world is changing.

Seasons come and seasons go,

all you need is the day and known.

adventure through the journey of your soul..



Been driftin' on the highways,

to enchanted lands.

Back to the good ol' boys

some might call a no mans land.

Burning down a cigarette,

a drink to my name,

as I sing a lonely song,

back in a familiar place. (2x's)

Back to that same ol' town,

same thing different day.

That's what's so enchanting,

as time has seemed to slip away (2x's)


Oh the sound of laughter, fills the air.

As time keeps on turning, and the end draws near.

I've been on a mission, of self discovery.

holding on day to day, just to make ends meet.

Been around the country, simply seizing the day.

met so many people, I can make a friend with a friendly face.


Oh the sound of laughter, fills the air.

As time keeps on turning, and the end draws near.

Livin' in that same ol' town.

Same thing different day..

Hangin' round the good ol' boys,

friends I had thought had slipped away. (2x's)

I'm really just the same ol' boy,

new stories and new songs.

but you know a moment of good times will come as quickly as it goes.

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