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By Allison Bruning

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Marfa House

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Marfa House

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Published by Marfa House

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This book is a work of fiction. With the exception of recognized historical figures, the characters in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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ISBN: 978-1-940022-05-5

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To my fans! You are all the best!

To my grandmother, Betty Carr, who always encouraged me to follow my literary dreams.

To my husband, Delfin Espinosa. I love you! You are my best friend. Thank you for supporting me through the mountains and valleys of my writing career.

Table of Contents

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About the Author


Poetry. It is the heart and soul of every writer that pours words onto an empty page. I have been writing poetry since I can remember. Each stroke of my pen, spilling emotions I had hidden deep within. Some I’ve kept private while others I have made public. I have recorded some of those public poems in this book. I hope you enjoy it.

American Confliction

American born.

German bred.

A sailor, serving in a war

That I dread.

Adrift at sea,

Fighting for my country

Against my parent’s family,

While citizens at home spit upon me.

Conflicted and confused

Terror plagues my dreams.

War outside mirrors war within.

Will blood I shed be my kin?

Death before me,

Persecution behind me,

I’m caught in the middle on this desolate sea.

Yet safer here than in my own hometown.

Suspicion abounds

The land of the free

Turns into land of captivity.

American citizens trapped in a camp,

German heritage their only crime.

Does anyone hear, does anyone care?

Lost are the free, lost are the brave,

My innocence gone in a sea of uncertainty.

The Rose

She bloomed today

But just today

Then came the rain.

With a thorn in her side

The sun was just over the hill

Calling her name.

Ache and pain

Pain and ache

She wanted to be free from it all.

Then came the sun

With its bright warm heat

And she bloomed…

And she bloomed…

And she bloomed…

Until the next passing rain.

The rose never dies

It will survive

A beauty so bright

With a thorn in its side.

Can’t They See?

Can’t they see the athlete?

Can’t they see the writer?

Can’t they see the student?

Why is it they can’t see me?

Can they see my stress?

Can they see the freedom?

Can they see my achievements?

Or do they only see my failures?

I wonder, what do they see?

Can they see my pain?

Can they see my healthy disposition?

When will they ever see me?

Can they see the loyal friend?

Can they see my enemies?

Why do they not see?

Can he see his faithful wife?

Can she see her loving daughter?

How can they know me if they can’t see me?


Smell the fragrant honeysuckle of money.

Taste its sweet honey.

Don’t you love the feel of a brand new bill?

Oh, President Franklin,

how I do love you.


Glistening diamonds,

Calling my name.

What’s this?

She has a bigger wedding ring?

Well that won’t do.

I have to buy.


Actresses, models, and musicians

Why can’t I be just like them

With a hole in my heart

And money to spend

I have to feed the greedy monster within


Deeper and deeper

In debt I go.

Why can’t this monster just leave me alone?


Credit cards,

Bill collectors

And my debts

growing higher and higher still.

When will this monster expire?

I plead and beg

Family and friends.

“Save me,” I cry.

Yet there is no reply.


Husband, family, and friends all gone

Lost in a dark world of greed.

Consumed by my monster.



The thought of death doesn’t elude me

As I sit upon the hard, cold ground

Just beside your tombstone

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