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The Borrowed Breath

Poems of Touching God

By Don MacLeod

Bound & Determined


The Borrowed Breath


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First Bound & Determined Edition

ISBN 978-1-947261-03-7



To my wonderful teacher Prem Rawat for showing me my true self, for teaching me peace and love.

Table of Contents

The Darkness Rose

The Darkness rose

It said, "I am powerful"

I said, "Yes"

It said, "I am more powerful than you"

I said, "Yes"

It said, "I can envelope you in despair"

I said, "Yes"

It said, "I can envelope cities in despair"

I said, "You can"

It said, "I can swallow and envelope entire countries in darkness and despair"

I said, "Yes, you can"

It said, "I can take this world and enclose it in hate and anger"

I said, "Yes, yes you can"

It said, "I will take you first"

I lit a candle

The Blind

I Walk Through This World blindly

Occasionally I see the other blind that I walk with

Occasionally they see me

We are looking straight ahead or at our seeing devices

But our seeing devices are blind as well

We think we are seeing

But our eyes aren't even open

Our hearts are too afraid to see

Fear is our constant companion

Grooming us for this world that we cannot see

Reminding us how to be for the things that we cannot see

Coaching us in a world that doesn't exist

Pretending to protect our hearts when it knows it can't

Our hearts get hurt no matter what we do to protect them

So I say

What's the difference

Why try to protect something that's going to get hurt any

Live out loud

Show your heart

Love people with all your heart

Don't care if they're going to love you back

You're going to love them anyway

So why fake it

Why pretend like you don't

Love them out loud

It's the only way to not be blind

You start to cure your own blindness

Others will see

They will want to cure their own blindness

Because Ellen Can't

Because Ellen can no longer paint with her hands and fingers

Can I paint the paintings that she left, but with words

She left so many paintings unpainted

I can feel them

We talked of them


The others just hung around her like ghosts

I could almost touch them

Can you put a painting in words instead

Can you take colors that you can almost taste and make them seen

I know you can describe an image, but can you really paint it with words

Should you try

Should I try

Will someone catch them as they fly through the ethers

Can they do them the justice they need done them

Will they fly on the pages as they do through the air

Can they

Ellen made so many fly

She touched the sky when she painted

She flew

She touched the depths of her being and put them on canvas and paper

She took magic and made it visible to the human eye

She took shadows and made them light

Her real and only desire was to be of God and to express that

That's what crazy people do and boy was she crazy

Totally insane with the desire to express her Creator

Express the depths of what she felt


I Do Not Look Immortal

I do not look immortal

I am an aging man to this world

But that is how I look

I will shed this skin and move on

But I will not die

I will come into a new skin and be young

Because I am immortal

The Impatience of the Emotions

The impatience of the emotions is overwhelming sometimes. They push, they shove, they scream and cry and yet we want them to stay in their little box and be quiet.

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