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The Song Lyrics of Nemo James

Singer, Songwriter


Edition 1

10th May 2017

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A Simple Love Song

From the Album The Minstrel

I wanted to write a song for you

to tell you just how I feel

now for the first time

it's not just a dream

this love that I have is real

I wanted to put these thoughts of you

into the words of a special song

the feeling is there and the music flows

but the words just keep coming out wrong


it's not easy writing love songs

without words that you've used before

it's not easy writing love songs

when you finally know for sure

I've been sitting here for hours

trying to think of something new

but three simple words keep coming back

I love you

I know there's no need to say a word

as I'm sure that by now you know

it's just that I have this need to say

the words that my feelings show

for thousands of years now

poets have tried

to soar on the wings of a bird

but from all of the beauty

that flows from their pens

we come back to the same three words

Special days

From the Album Special Days

I met my love at the old race track

We didn’t look forward didn’t look back

Our lives were instantly entwined

On that special day

I asked her what brought her to this place

Where the world once came to race

Now left behind by changing winds

No sign of horse nor hay

Special days, those special days

In wind or rain or sun

They change our lives for ever

And all those yet to come

I was looking through some photographs

When one brought me along this path

My father’s father standing here

In this special place

A bookmaker was he by trade

A much loved man who always paid

Laid to rest long before I grew

But there’s something in his face

My father’s father also came

Throughout this land he well knew fame

He rode his horses like the wind

His 1st place always sure

He often talked about this track

And when he talked his tears came back

He spoke of a friend he held so dear

Lost in that great war

And as we looked in disbelief

At the photo how our thoughts did weave

Our fathers’ fathers standing there

In this special place

They seemed to come alive and say

Welcome to this your special day

your roots are distantly entwined

And now’s your time to race

It’s A Crazy World

From the Album Special Days

There’s a monkey on the line, there a goat up the tree

There’s a dog in my way and he won’t look at me

Is this my life or is it just a dream

There’s a woman in the water and no one in the boat

a man in the junk yard trying to find his vote

It’s the damnest thing, I ever did see

It’s a crazy world, crazy world

It’s a crazy world, crazy world

There’s a bull in the corner trying to start a fight

There’s an ostrich in the bar trying to argue black is white

Is this my life or is it a dream

There’s a gravy powered train, that no one can get off

an army of rejections queueing at the trough

It’s the damnest thing, I ever did see

There’s a lamb in the park, mourning for his wife

There’s an eagle in the court room demanding all his rights

Is this my life or is it a dream

There’s a fox in the casino with his fingers crossed

Keeping all his winnings and giving us what he’s lost

It’s the damnest thing, I ever did see

The days I will remember

Hey little girl who you gonna run to

when you've cut your knee and you cry and say

daddy make this pain go away

I'll say to you some magic words

and take you in my arms

and you'll go running back to play

hey little girl who you gonna sing with

when it's Christmas time and we're round the tree

and there's such sweet harmony

you play that game we made for you

your laughter fills the room

you are everything to me


These are the days I will remember all my life

these pure and happy days of childhood

the funny things you say the crazy thing you do

I'll always remember these precious times with you

I'd give the world and so much more to you, my little girl

Hey little girl who you gonna cry to

when you spend the night sitting on your own

waiting by the telephone

but he doesn't call, I share your pain

my shoulder's wet with tears

then gone for ever those childhood years

Hey little girl, who you going to walk with

On that special day when you turn and smile

As we walk slowly down the aisle

You’ll take his hand, eyes filled with love

A woman I can’t deny

But you’ll always be my little girl

The Minstrel

From the Album The Minstrel

A minstrel steps into the hall

to see his king and queen

Sire there is something I must say

the words no longer find their place

nor music fill my ears

looks like my age has finally won the day

respectfully I bid your leave

although my heart is sad

but before I walk the last lonely mile

I need to know that with my songs

your spirits I have moved

for if they have my life has been worthwhile


do you like the songs I've sung to you

do you like the times that we've been through

do you like my music, do you like to sing along

yes we like the songs that you have sung

and we like the friends that we've become

we like your music and the words of your songs

thank you for those words so kind

but I still feel some concern

for what has been the purpose of my songs

the cruelties of this world remain

and though my words may warm the soul

they've not put right a single wrong

and a tired king makes softly his reply

you've sung to us of love and pain

of sorrow and of joy

and we're touched that with us your soul you've shared

it's true your songs won't change the world

if only that they could

but they make our pain much easier to bear


A minstrel and a king unite in a tearful farewell

And for the rest of time the world unites

Under the minstrel spell

Dreamer On The Run

From the Album The Minstrel

Once he dreamt he was an eagle

with wings of steel and heart of gold

once he dreamt he was a dove

with velvet touch that heals the troubled soul

once he dreamt he spoke to Jesus

who promised him he'd show the way

once he dreamt he heard a beggar

and stopped to listen to what he had to say


so pick up the bottle, pour him a glass

he'll tell you his stories of what might have passed

he'll sit and tell you how it should be done

then look at his children and look at his wife

and look at the way he's destroying their lives

he's just another dreamer on the run

just another dreamer on the run

once he dreamt he fought for justice

with special powers he'd been blessed

but then he woke one day to find

that he was just a man like all the rest

now within a cloud he sits

dreams sinking fast in a whisky haze

his family given up the battle

he's left alone to end his drinking days

A Song of Sixpence

My mobile phone just won’t connect, my laptop won’t turn on

My house was made in china, my pension in Saigon

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, from a time so long ago

With undercover listening to pirate radio

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of memories

My bank told me they cared so much so I gave them a call

They put me through to India or maybe it was Nepal

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, that magic silver coin

When life was oh so simple and the smallest things gave joy

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of memories

I’ve got so many records that half are left unplayed

Heaven knows who made them or if they willl be paid

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, that came with every tooth

They said it was a fairy, who cared if it was true

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of memories

I’ve had to park my car and take a bus to where I am

And I can’t find what’s important , cause its lost amongst the spam

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, when letters came from friends

Not nasty looking red ones, from debt that never ends

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of memories

I have to look on Facebook , to see where my kids have been

They insist on Gucci but say money is obscene

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, when money was still real

And cards were used for playing, we laughed with every deal

I’ll sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of memories

Sing For Your Child

From the Album The Minstrel


Sing for your child, show that you care

there may be no tomorrow

stay for a while, there's always time to show you care

so sing for your child, sing for your child, tonight

a little child with wondrous eyes looks up at her father

daddy won't you sing to me a while

sing me songs of magic

and strange enchanted forests

and magicians that cast spells with wicked smiles

my child I'd dearly love to, but I just don't have the time

there's still so many mountains I must climb


a little child with eyes closed tight

lies there like an angel

watched on by her father's misty eyes

please let her live the father cries

I can't exist without her

this is not the time to say goodbye

he feels so helpless, and he her king

but then recalls how she loved to hear him sing


for seven days and seven nights

he sits down close beside her

singing songs of magic in her ear

the mountains he once climbed

now seemed so much smaller

as the crisis of her illness drew near

then her eyes slowly open

she's come through the night

don't worry daddy I'm going to be alright


now every time he says goodbye

a thought goes through his mind

there may be no tomorrow

so today he must be kind.

The Gate

The road was long the day was cold

a story that's so often told

a lonely road with no end in sight

no shelter from the night

when there before a gate I stood

that lead to nothing but tangled woods

I was wondering what it once had been

when something seemed to call me in

then I walked through the garden

of waste and despair

was stung by the nettles

was chilled by the cold air

I was just about to turn around

when there in the waste ground

was a house as sad as it was old

but still a shelter from the cold

this stately home that had once stood proud

now stood within its stately shroud

a dark sky laying where the roof had been

such sadness I'd never seen

and as I walked from room to room

searching for a way from gloom

I walked into a room so bright

that I was blinded by the light

and there in the corner

over by the far end

a guitar gently weeping

welcome back old friend

we sang and we made rhymes

and talked about old times

sweet music filled the air

such joy was everywhere

as we danced through the garden

of waste and despair

the sun started shining

and pushed aside the cold air

I closed the gate behind me

and continued on my journey

the road reached far into the night

but in the distance there shone a light

The Workhouse Child

From the video The Workhouse Child

Behind the cold and tear stained door

sitting on the cold stone floor

a workhouse child lives alone

where he comes from no one's sure

he commits the crime of being poor

and dreams of parents he's never known

he's just a child, six years old

just a child, scared and cold

punished for the sins of others

forgotten by a distant mother

who turns away the workhouse child

here's fifty pounds of bones to crush

it seems that there's a sudden rush

when work is done you will be fed

you shall not talk you shall not laugh

you shall not rest a minute's half

your spirit's ours till you are dead

you're just a child, of little use

just a child, that's no excuse

and should you disobey the rules

created by the minds of fools

you'll suffer more, you workhouse child

I've heard it said that one day soon

men will fly and touch the moon

and machines will live yet shed no tears

but will you never understand

all we ask is to touch the hand

that reaches out from one who cares

he's just a child, his needs are small

just a child, too weak to crawl

and you who for the stars compete

while crushing those beneath your feet

don't forget the workhouse child

in the big house on the hill

where riches seldom ever spill

the workhouse mother lives alone

she looks for lines upon her face

the idle rich lives in disgrace

with heart that long has turned to stone

life's such a bore, she cries aloud

then sews some more, the tiny shroud

this land of plenty, wild and free

is cursed by those too blind to see

the horrors of the workhouse child

A Warm Night In May

Look at the river, it's starting to flow now

where yesterday's river was still

winding its way down from mountain to sea

the sight of it gives such a thrill

winter is passing and spring has begun

the summer play has been cast

soon there'll be flowers that dance in the sun

and lovers that bathe in the grass

how well I remember the days of my youth

at this special time of the year

the crowds and the laughter

the smile of a young girl

and the joy of holding her near

the journeys to places that I'd never seen

a life full of time left to spend

the fun and the laughter just went on and on

I was sure it never would end

now I'm alone at the end of my days

and every day passes the same

it all went so quickly, just slipped through my hands

and there is no one left I can blame

why can't they see that inside I'm a child

that longs to go play in the sand

this passion inside me is still driving me wild

but there's no who'll take this old hand

my heart is still free and my eyes still shine bright

but my body grow more tired each day

I'd give what I've left for just one more night

to be young on a warm night in May

A Chair By The Window

There's a place in a chair by the window

where a young girl sits

she patiently waits for her father

for her world to be lit

there's a knock on the door

it's the postman

a telegram is read

your country regrets to inform you

that your father is dead

he's missing in action

somewhere in the first world war

it's important for you to know

just what he died for

so we can be free

to live our lives

in freedom and safety

peace must survive

There's a place in a chair by the window

where a young woman sits

she patiently waits for her young man

for her world to be lit

there's a knock on the door

it's her young man

it's his love that she needs

he's the reason that she wants to live

she's the air that he breathes

They're going to get married some day

she's having his child

theirs is a once in a lifetime love

a rose growing wild

they want to be free

to live their lives

in freedom and safety

peace must survive

There's a place in a chair by the window

where a young wife sits

she patiently waits for her husband

for her world to be lit

there's a knock on the door

it's the postman

a telegram is read

your country regrets to inform you

that your husband is dead

he's missing in action somewhere

in the second world war

it's important for you to know

just what he died for

so we can be free

to live our lives

in freedom and safety

peace must survive

There's a place in a chair by the window

where an old woman sits

she patiently waits for the morning

for the streets to be lit

there's a knock on the door

it's the postman

a letter is read

if you don't pay the money you owe us

you'll wish you were dead

there’s a choice of food or heating

she's cold and alone

nothing left except her memories

and an empty home

is she still free

to live her life

in freedom and safety

has peace survived

There's a place in a room by the window

where a dead woman lay

she patiently waits for her funeral

it's the end of her days

there's a knock on the door

it's a tax man

he starts to yell

if you don't pay the money you owe us

you'll go to hell

she was killed by a young man

for the change in her purse

it's too late to tell her now,

that things could be worse

so what was it all for

all the death and the pain

they built our shelters

now they stand in the rain

A Woman Unknown

From the Album The Minstrel

I see her walking in the street each day

nothing to say, in a world of her own

looking twice the years that she has had

life is bad, for the woman unknown

collecting bits in bags

like diamonds in her hand

just how much they mean to her

we'll never understand


Were you a dancer or once a beauty queen

were you a famous actress on the silver screen

or maybe all you wanted were the simple things in life

a happy home and children and to be somebody's wife

Now leaves are falling and the summer's gone

will you carry on, living day to day

sleeping in shop windows where we buy and sell

and know too well, that you're the price we pay

perhaps your only crime

was to trust in someone bad

how I wish I could give to you

the life you never had

Cool water

From the Album Special Days

Sunrise over mountainside, small pebbles kissed by lazy tide

A sleepy village waits for another summer’s long Croatian day

Boat started the mooring cast

Water rippling as the ducks go past

The sound of distant traffic as those who have to work go on their way

The temperature is rising how hot it’s going to be

But the breeze is gently soothing on my face

fish are jumping, splashing to the sea

Was there ever such a wondrous place

Cool water . Drifting by

Cool water , reflects the sky

Cool water, running through my hands

Cool water

Fresh fish on the barbecue , chilled wine for a glass or two

Good friends all around me reminding me of how good life can be

Cards played by the waterside, sun sets on the distant tide

Another day is passing in this tiny village paradise by the sea

The temperature is falling, the sea has turned to silk

The moon is shining brightly from afar

another day is passing to treasured memories

As the sky fills with gently flickering stars

Forbidden Fruit

From the Album The Minstrel

She looks out the window, it's starting to rain

she can't take another day passing the same way

she steps out the back door, looks around

mustn't be seen, mustn't make a sound

jumps into her shiny car she knows she should turn back

but she's just a traveller on a one way track


forbidden fruit tastes so sweet

wants to knock you off your feet

you may be strong you may be kind

but it'll make you leave your senses behind

she thinks of her husband giving all he can

no matter how she treats him, he's a kind and forgiving man

she doesn't want to hurt him, it makes her feel so bad

but forbidden fruit's the sweetest thing that she's ever had

this must be the last time she can't go on this way

this will be the last time until the next day


what is it about him? she can't understand

he's not so good looking, there's nothing in his hand

but there's something in his eyes, something in his smile

that makes all the heartache so worthwhile

their time for love is over, it hurts so much to part

she must return to her loved ones and hide her aching heart

I am love

I’m not a man. I’m not the sun

Not the moon or ancient tomb

I’m not a statue for whom to serve

Nor fearsome thunder, or virgin birth

I’m not a mountain I’m not the sea

I’m not the reason for you to be

I am not an eagle, or a dove

What I am is simple, I am love

I don’t want your gold, or robes of silk

Keep all your fine word and your guilt

It all comes to nothing when the mist is clear

If a child is hungry, or stands in fear

I don’t want your wars, or your sacrifice

One needless death is too high a price

I gave you life so you could live

I gave a heart so you could forgive

I don’t want your prayers don’t want you blame

Don’t want you hatred, not in my name

Your love that’s steeped in self interest

With twisted words I never blessed

I gave you heaven but you make it hell

The home I gave, you leave a shell

If you truly want all that’s above

Don’t pray to me, pray to love

In The Garden

From the Album The Minstrel

With such sweetness I recall

the days when I'd come home from school

and watch her working quietly in the garden

with callused hands that gently nursed

the flowers of the universe

she looked so happy working in the garden

a simple tune she whistled well

in chorus with the birds

she seem to hold them in a spell

that never needed words

it may seem to you her life was tough

but she had more than enough

when she working in her little garden

though many years she's laid to rest

her memory still is clear

and when I see a flower I must confess

it seems that she is near

in summer and in winter still

she loved her land and work it till

all was well in her little garden

1000 Acres

From the Album Special Days

The birds are greeting, the start of the day

The trees have come alive

The mist is clearing in its sleepy way

Floating to the sky

The door opens, he steps outside

Takes a look around

The signs are good, the day will be kind

But peace can’t be found


1000 acres is not that much

Compared to someone’s life

One man’s dream is another man’s prison

One will live and one will survive

1000 acres is not that much

When the heart lies elsewhere

But 100 acres is just enough

To trap you in its lair

This field where once worked 100 men

Now there’s is only one

The dreams of a father have been handed down

To a reluctant son

He climbs high into the monster machine

His heart left on the ground

Thinking of what he could have been

But for duty and family entwined

I Hated What I Found

From the Album The Minstrel

I was standing on the platform waiting for the train to come

to take my hopes and all my dreams to the other side of town

to a side that's just as lonely as the one that I'd come from

I'd been changing sides for twenty years trying to find where I belong

it was just then that a train pulled in on the other side of the track

the sight of her hit me so hard it took my mind right back

to a time when we were married so many years ago

it was only then I realised how much I'd loved her so


I said I had to leave her as tears fell from our eyes

and through the tears all I could see was me, myself and I

I said I had to find myself it sounded so profound

at last I knew I'd found myself but I hated what I'd found

I know she never saw me there and that gave me some relief

to see me as a broken man I knew would give her grief

she reached across and took his hand and held her children tight

there's nothing that I've ever seen as cruel as that sight

I’ve walked a 1000 miles or more without going anywhere

found a thousand answers as to why nobody cares

there’s none so blind that seek the truth in a sea of empty words

I spent my life looking at the starts instead of listening to the birds

I Thought I Heard You Crying

From the Album Special Days

I thought I heard you crying In the darkest hour of night

But it was just a long forgotten scene

How it hurt to see you while your body shook with fright

Till I told you it was just a silly dream

I did my best to comfort you and wipe your tears away

And sing gently while you drifted off to sleep

Then all would be forgotten at the start of every day

My love for you was as tiring as was deep

I thought I heard some clapping in the darkest hour of night

But it was just a long forgotten scene

You hit the ball for six, a perfect cover drive

A stroke as powerful as it was clean

I lived through you with bat in hand, a game I love so much

But I was never good enough to play

How I longed to tell you how proud of I was of you

But I was too embarrassed to ever say

I thought I heard you calling in the darkest hour of night

But it was just a long forgotten scene

Halfway through life’s journey, your business left in ruins

Your marriage passed into something that had been

We didn’t have a lot to give but we did what we could do

With us you knew you always had a home

We watched you get back on your feet and go from strength to strength

And build a life where the sun has always shone

I thought I heard you playing In the darkest hour of night

But it was just a long forgotten scene

in the bar we’d sit at night from start until the end

Those Madeira nights for us did reign supreme

Though my ears were blocks of wood and music lost on me

I was so deeply moved by your words

you sang with such conviction even I could see

You touched the hearts of all of those who heard

Now I can hear you crying in the darkest hour of night

But this is not a long forgotten scene

You’re standing by my bedside as I slowly waste away

At my final stop behind a sterile screen

how I wish that I could say to l you that I hear your every word

and comfort you as I did right from the start

through all the years before you, you will never be alone

I will always live inside your heart

I Used To Be

I used to be the driver

Of a distant steaming train

A might beast at my command

That laughed at wind and rain

I used to be a cricketer with the ashes in my hand

But then the dream was over

And the real world came along

I used to be a rock start

With screaming axe in hand

My fans would queue for hours

To watch me with my band

I used to be a business man

When I could do no wrong

But then the dream was over

And the real world came along


Dreams are what you make them

They are at your command

But luck is still your master

And will laugh at all your plans

I use to be a writer selling scripts to Hollywood

Complete with score and leading part

That Oscar sure looked good

I used to be a rock start

The second time around

But then the dream was over

And a new one quickly found

Dreams are what you make them

They are at your command

But luck is still your master

And will laugh at all your plans

Now the days are shorter

And my hair once used to be

I know too well just how kind

fate has been to me

I never could have dreamt so well

And it’s only now I see

This life I lead in paradise

Is what I never used to be

It Really Doesn’t Matter

From the Album The Minstrel

He told her he was leaving, she said well that’s ok

He said with some deflation is that all you’ve got to say

It’s ten years since first we met but you don’t seem to care

That now our time has ended and you don’t shed a single tear

She said

It really doesn’t matter

it doesn’t matter all

Life goes on, I’ll carry on

I’ll stumble but I won’t fall

Don’t get me wrong, I love you

As much as any woman can

But I won’t be a slave to a heartache

Not for you or any man

She told him that his job was gone, he said well that’s ok

she said with some relief, is that all you’ve got to say

I’m sure you know at your time of life that work is hard to find

He said I know but if it’s time to go I’ll look ahead and not behind

He said

It really doesn’t matter

doesn’t matter all

Life goes on, I’ll carry on

I’ll stumble but I won’t fall

Don’t get me wrong I love this job

And feel a heavy sense of loss

But I won’t be a slave to the dice that are played

Not for you or any boss

and I say

It really doesn’t matter

doesn’t matter all

Life goes on, we carry on

We stumble but don’t have to fall

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s hard

when all we have is built on sand

But don’t be a slave to the paths that are laid

Just do the best you can

No don’t be a slave to the paths that are laid

Just do the best you can

Listening Ears

Is there room for me my friend

a man who needs to play

I know the train left long ago

But I’m afraid I lost my way

I’ve got these songs in side my head

That won’t leave me alone

For countless years they fell on ears

My songs have never known


I’m not asking for the moon and stars

For mansions and for fancy cars

They have never meant a thing to me

All I ask is for is listening ears

And a heart that’s not afraid of tears

And eyes that look beyond celebrity

Fate has been unkind to me

There’s no one I can blame

When I was young I tried so hard

But the songs just never came

But now the words and music flow

And my guitar I command

Anonymity has destined me

as just another grain of sand

Little Tin Box

From the Album The Minstrel

There’s no more money in my little tin box

and five more bills to pay

no more songs in my repertoire

and ten minutes left to play

my girlfriend’s packed her bag and gone

says she don’t want to sleep on the floor

the fridge is empty, the cupboards are bare

so the cat’s gone to live next door


Higher the bills go higher

down down down my spirits go

round and round the wheel keeps turning

where it’s gonna stop, no one knows

No more money in my little tin box

and six more bills to pay

if you think it’s funny I got no money

then turn and walk away

there’s bills to the left of me bills to the right

into the valley of debt I go

I’ve got seeds by the million

but nowhere they can grow


No more money in my little tin box

and seven more bills to pay

I’ve walk a thousand mile roads to salvation

and I’m still looking for another way

no more money in my little tin box

and ten more bills to pay

but I got hope and I ain’t no dope

and tomorrow ain’t far away

Living on the Street

From the Album Special Days

Living on the street, with too tired feet

Looking for a place to live

Living my life one day at a time

Please give what you can give

That cardboard box is mine for the night

Fair and square I won it in a fight

No up one down, no tax no rent

Depreciation, none percent

Living on the street with too restless feet

Morning’s come at last

I’ve packed my thing one dull old ring

From someone in my past

I’d like to try some delicate food

But half a steak still sure sounds good

Cold or colder, grilled or fried

With something yellow on the side

The road is long

The nights are longer still

Maybe one day

I’ll meet you on this hill

Living on the street with too wet feet

can’t see my shoes for holes

I’d like to sit but I just don’t fit

Alongside with these lost souls

you can take your nose down from the air

say what you want I just don’t care

This is the way I choose to be

I know it ain’t much but at least it’s me

Looking For You

From the Album The Minstrel

I'll meet you in a small cafe

on a warm Parisian night

we'll watch the people passing

silently from sight

our touching hands will shadow

from the flickering candlelight

I'll look into your sparkling eyes

and shiver with delight


I've been looking for you everywhere

through endless lonely nights

wondering what you look like

and what are your delights

the moment that we meet

we'll know everything's alright

I'm looking for you

looking for you

I'll meet you on the golden sands

of a warm Caribbean night

our hearts will ache as we watch the sun

fall silently from sight

our love will beat in time

to the rhythm of the waves

we'll discover mysteries

from ancient moonlit caves

I'll meet you in a forest

beneath the falling leaves

we'll watch the sun weave silver rays

through gently swaying trees

our caresses will be gentle

our passion will be strong

our love will haunt that forest

long after we have gone

Love In Your Heart

From the Album The Minstrel

There’s a place of darkness in the heart of everyone

a distant echo of a song that once was sung

memories may torment and tear your soul apart

but you’ve got to keep love in your heart

There’s a lesson forgotten for every lesson learned

A child that goes hungry for every candle burned

No one knows the ending but we all know where to start

You’ve got to keep love in your heart


How do you feel at the end of the day

When you’re sitting on your own

Does if comfort you to know you were right

It’s easy to laugh in the safety of friends

At those who stand alone

But so much braver to open your heart

There’s a flower that lies dormant in the cruellest of man

Left to himself he does all that he can

Sometimes we must fight him but we do so in the dark

so we’ve got to keep love in our heart

There a life that begins for every one that ends

To each and every child there’s one message we must send

We all stand together, so we all must do our part

we’ve got to keep love in our heart

If you’re looking for an answer

Here’s where you’ve got to start

You’ve got to keep in your heart

got to keep in your heart

got to keep in your heart

Rosemary and Time

From the Album The Minstrel


There was a time when she thought life was forever

a time when she thought youth wouldn't fade

and a time when the hours passed so slowly

but for Rosemary and time, the years soon slipped away

there's a child in the garden, with nothing to do

she wants to be older and be just like you

everyone laughs and envies her youth

don't be in such a hurry

there's a young girl in love for the very first time

she wants to make love but she's told it's a crime

everyone laughs, your elders know best

don't be in such a hurry


there's a girl dressed in white she'll soon be a wife

to have and to hold for the rest of her life

she's not sure of her feelings but he's all that she needs

and love will grow in time

there's a wife in the bedroom, she feels so alone

longing for love that she's never known

she knows she should leave him but everyone says

don't be in such a hurry

there's a mother in the garden, going through hell

at last she's found love but with somebody else

it must not continue for the sake of her child

and the pain will pass in time


there's a woman alone now, afraid to grow old

who dreams of her lost love and the times she's been told

don't be in such a hurry, the time is not right

but there never was a right time

now the time for wasting time is over

and she finally knows what life's about

but the sands of her life are loosely scattered

and they've nearly all run out

Over You

From the Album Special Days

Sometimes I look back at those days long ago

When we walked through the grass and laughed in the snow

We had something so special but I never knew

Now I can’t, I just can’t get over you

In that time between childhood and the building of walls

There’s a place where we wait for the dice as it rolls

now all that’s behind me and nothing is new

I can’t, I just can’t, get over you

I had to have all that I had not knowing what the cost

Forgotten just as soon as tides had changed

now I can’t see what’s in front of me, only see what I have lost

the victim of an ever shrinking stage

Sometimes it’s so hard on those left over days

To think of our places and your special ways

I know that I did what I had to do

Still I can’t, no I can’t get over you

Success is a fragile thing, like a butterfly in your hand

Hold too tight, it will crumble into dust

I spent my life looking at the moon when I should have looked within

Maybe it’s only love that you can trust

I know that time can play tricks on the mind

Can tell us of things just not true

Maybe it’s not you but my youth that I miss

Still I can’t, no I can’t, get over you

Are you out there somewhere looking up

At that same old moon

Saying I can’t, I can’t, get over you

I can’t, no I can’t, get over you

Moj Prijatelj

I’ve watched you through the passing years

Seen your joy, felt your tears

Watched your children come and go

Seen the sunset on those you know

shared with you each distant thought

Moj prijatelj

Upon these rocks I’ve passed the time

I’d watch the sea, you’d caste a line

Patiently I’d wait for you

To share your fish, a crust or two

Your kindness means more than you know

Moj prijatelj


And with these wings I soar the sky

But we’re are not so different, you and I

We share the joy this world can bring

And give thanks for ever blessed thing

The tides they come the boats they go

This simple life is all we know

A loving family waiting by

The sun rising in the sky

No need to reason how or why

Moj prijatelj


But time for me is running fast

my young to you I must now pass

our hearts are small but we feel the same

we share a love for this our land

we’re proud to have you as a friend

Moj prijatelj 

The Analyst

I’ve come to you today to ask for your advice

please won’t you help me if you can

there is no meaning in my life no place to rest my soul

I leave my future deep within your hands

please come in and take a chair fill in all these forms

stack them up and put them in the rack

at the moment we’ve an offer two solutions the price of one

guaranteed success or your problems back

your trouble is quite common we get it all the time

it’s due to childhood fears of the dark

just do some mental exercise deep thinking and the like

and put everything you’ve got into your work

a month has now gone by since I came for your advice

please won’t you help me if you can

there’s still no meaning in my life no place to rest my soul

I leave my future deep within your hands

please excuse me if you would I must just look this up

the answer lies within the laws of Zen

it’s the upward inward movement

of a rhubarb when it flies and how quickly you can count from A to 10

I’ll try and make it simpler so you will understand

as you seem confused with everything I’ve said

just tell yourself you’re wonderful three times a day at meals

and one more time before you go to bed

a month has now gone by since I came for your advice

please won’t you help me if you can

there’s still no meaning in my life no place to rest my soul

I leave my future deep within your hands

listen Mr Analyst I know that you mean well

but my problem is my loneliness you see

and I’ve seen you go home every night to an empty house

and you don’t seem any happier than me

but I’ve seen the way you look at me your eyes give you away

your head is stone but your heart is made of glass

now if we could go out walking and act as lovers do

I’m sure that both our problems would be past

a month has now gone by since I gave you my advice

please won’t you help us if you can

there’s still no meaning in our lives no place to rest our souls

I leave our futures deep within your hands

it’s true I have these feelings of that I can’t deny

but I must detach myself for logic’s sake

love may be the answer and a simple one it’s true

but simplicity does not a theory make

but facts are always cold in bed that is also true

where warmth and love are radiant in your eyes

so let us go out walking and act as lovers do

and leave our futures deep within the sky

a year has now gone by since she went for his advice

and it really didn’t matter what he said

for now there’s meaning in their lives a place to rest their souls

and their future lies within their marriage bed

The Dancer

Look at the dancer, alone at the bar

her toes to the floor and her eyes to the stars

a prodigy moves with such beauty and grace

and the world stands back to admire

since she could remember, dance was her life

all else was forsaken, she would never be a wife

moving her body to the limits of pain

that's what her perfection requires


dance with me till the end

dance with me my friend

this night will soon be over

dance with me my friend

the lights of the stage leave the wisest eyes blind

the child becomes a star and leaves the woman behind

no time to be happy no time to be ill

no time for love or for life

but deep down inside, a woman's heart aches

while perfection demands more than her body can take

caught up in a whirlpool of public demand

not knowing the price she must pay

the years have slipped by now, as fast as her fame

her body is broken and a child's heart remains

the child falls in love too much and too late

now each day must serve as her last

their love becomes stronger with each day that goes by

art is your servant when love is let fly

but art is a master so distant and cruel

and it calls now to claim it's due 

They Won't Come Round Again

He still remembers the 60's

like they were just yesterday

those long hot summer evenings

in the gardens where he played

he never knew a day as good

as those he knew back then

and it hurts to think

they won't come round again

he still recalls his first love

to the sound of the fabulous four

their love would last for ever

no one ever was so sure

now he still can see her face

in someone else's now and then

but she's lost forever

and won't be found again


they won't come round again you know

they won't come round again

those days of love and freedom

in the heart of a tired old van

for all those things he thought were free

he must now pay the price

and the highest price

is they won't come round again

now his life is like a waterfall

that flows the wrong way round

his roots are strong and orderly

but they never reached the ground

he tells himself the answer lies

blowing in the wind

but it don't change the fact

that they won't come round again.

I Wish I Was A Has Been


I wish I was a has been with the world once at my feet

With tales of drunk and disorderly and broken hotel suites

Yea I wish I was a has been that would be so cool

Cause it’s better to be a has been than a never was at all

My obscurity is legendary in that I can’t be beat

To be so unsuccessful is really quite a feat

The door is often close to a has been that’s for sure

But when you are a never was there simply ain’t no door


If they ever made a pop chart how it should not be done

There ain’t no doubt about it, I’d be number one

They say if you work hard enough it’ll finally come to pass

But I am here to tell you now they’re talking through their arse

Bobby Two Beers


Bobby two beers he’s a hell of a man

he can drink more beer than a watering can can

if you ever find yourself up Norway way

ask anyone and here’s what they’ll say

Boby two beers he’s the man

get his autograph while you can

My pal Bob came around one day just to hear me pick a few tunes

there was Siv banging gently on an old tin can

and Bobby grooving nicely on spoons

I consider myself a real good host

there was plenty of beer and wine

but I couldn’t keep up with Bob as he drank

so I had to serve him two at a time


For Bob every day is a bad hair day

but that don’t matter of course

cause his heart’s as big as a big elephant’s

and they say that he’s hung like a horse

he once fought an alligator in a fair fight

bounced a bear around the walls

he sang Bob Dylan’s blowing in the wind

while he held a tiger by the balls

The World Is Full Of Heroes


The world is full of heroes, though few of them are know

There’s some that stand in battlefields and some that stand at home

There’s a million debts of bravery, that will never be repaid

The world is full of heroes and here lies one today

A young man shelters in a field, each day could be his last

Death hides round every corner and rains with every blast

He spends a lifetime thinking of the man who saved his life

The unknown fallen hero left an unknown child and wife

And when the war is over there’s still no place to hide

so he bravely soldiers on each day for his family to provide

through guilty years he can’t accept that better men lay dead

For years his sleep is broken, by the screaming in his head


A young girl shelters in a storm, hungry and afraid

While buildings rocked by angry bombs, demand a price be paid

From dusty ruins she builds a life, fighting every day

To keep her children safe and warm and help them find their way

Laying down her life each day for those she holds so dear

Asking nothing in return hiding every tear

Look around at what you have and all you hope to be

We owe it all to sacrifice from those who kept us free

These Walls

From the video These Walls

We welcome you to this our land

to every nation near and far

Throughout this world so full of wonder

we stand beneath a shining star

we have no need of gold or riches

all that we ask is for what you see

the sun to sparkle on the water

and sit beside our family


These walls are more than what you see

More than the stone that kept us free

They are the heart that beats within

A country proud where all is king

These walls that stand so proud and strong

Have Inspired a thousand songs

A thousand stories they can tell

and hold you in their mystic spell

If I could have but just one wish

it would be that all Could come

To share with us all that we love

and sit beneath our setting sun

And when your time with us has ended

And you are sitting far away

Remember this our time together

And in your hearts we hope we’ll stay

Jenny At The Front Door

Jenny, standing by the front door

waiting for the post to come

it's seven weeks since last she had

a letter from her son

he said he'd never leave her

said he never was that kind

but now he's found a better life

and left a million miles behind

Jenny, standing by the front door

ten years she's stood alone

he, too busy to write a word

she, too poor to phone

it's not he doesn't love her

of that he will insist

it's just that every day or so

he forgets that she exists


Jenny, Jenny, you're wasting your life away

you've lived your life for others watching how they play

Jenny, Jenny, just memories on your shelves

will you never realise that you are nothing.......

but yourself

Jenny, standing by the front door

remembering what her mother said

a woman's place is by a man

please get that in your head

well, her husband left for another love

and her son for another life

and all they left behind them

was a mother and a wife

you said I had to find a man, well mother I found two

but now I stand alone, please tell me what am I to do?

But For Now

Time passes by, the wheel quickly turns

Each day for you brings something new to learn

One minute confusion the next there is joy

Decisions no harder than the playing of which toy


But for now you must sleep tell the world it can wait

Lost in in simple dreams there’s no early or late

This time I know, will too quickly pass

But my love for you forever will last

How my heart aches with love, as I sit by your side

Your simplest achievements have me bursting with pride

Your every new word lights up the room

The dance you invented always ends far too soon

Vanity Fair

It was late at night in the kitchen

at the end of a long and cruel day

she sits all alone in the darkness

because her candle has just burned away

and she's told that she can't have another

because her master is going through hard times

yet her hands are still sore and bleeding

from the silver and gold she must shine

she knows that she should go to bed now

tomorrow is just four hours away

but for 7 days a week all she has

are these hours at the end of the day

when her mind is left free to wander

through a life that she can her own

not chained to the whims of a master

who tries to get blood from a stone


Vanity fair, you have more than your share

much more than you ever will need

when you stand in your church

while your soul you do search

don't you think he's aware of your greed

vanity fair, how can you bear

to look in the mirror each day

while you wasting the lives

of your servants who strive

to keep you in the luxury

you never worked for

it's your hands in the fire

but theirs, that get burned

Walk On

It was in winter, many years ago

outside her front door our tears melt the snow

I held her tightly it hurt so much inside

and when I walked away I remember how we cried

we were too young, that's what her parents said

hearts are blind, love should come from the head

maybe I was blind but now I see it just the same

our love was perfect when she cast it to the flame

and she said


Walk on, don't ever look behind you

Walk on, with your eyes open wide

trust your heart but don't ever let it blind you

Walk on, with my memory by your side

well I walked on, I did just like she said

twenty years have passed and I still feel just as dead

I searched for so long, God knows I tried to find

just the smallest spark of the love we'd left behind

now I see you, me standing in the dark

walking children, slowly through the park

tears in your eyes, old before your day

a cruel man beside you, who drains your life away

and I remember what you said

The Poet

He walks alone, stumbling through the darkness

soul on fire, his heart cries out in pain

he grasps at words that fly forever round him

and sometimes fall

who is he that lingers in the forest

tortured by the loneliness within

and yet embraced by wonders that surround him

and soothe him still


he's a poet, a dreamer

creator of the world

his words will take you anywhere

his tears will make you cry

he's a lover, discover

the gift he longs to give to you

but don't forget the man inside

he stands alone

so many times he dreamt of perfect love

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