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Five Faces of Love

Mac Keyes

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Five Faces of Love

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I: Romance



Come Play My Music

Committed Love

Crazy Love

Dating a Poem

Eternal Flame

Firefly Sparkle

Giving Thanks

Good Images


I See You


Just Fill Me

Knowing Glance

Life at the Doorstep

Love Kindles

Lust for Life

Making Cosmic Love

Meet You Halfway

Melting Stalactites

Ode to Propagation


Release Me


Soft and Slow

Taming the Wild

Thus Began Creation

Touch My Music

Trisexta Research

Trisexta Trips

V Marks the Spot

What Love Means to Me

Wild and Excessive

Zippity Doo Dah

II: Friendship

Authentic Love

Coffee or a Drink, Please

Cup of Coffee

Endless Love

Family Reunion

Longing for Love

Love Trifles

Love’s Dilemma

Olympic Dreams

One Heart Beat

Poetic Justice


Relishing Retirement

Sacred Space

Seeking Core Values

The Idea Indeed

The Trail

To Love

Welcome to the Table

What Is this Confusion about Love?

Wi-Fi Romance

You Became the Love

III: Caring

Alive on a Saturday

Collateral Beauty


Elsie Pavelle


Gift of Music


Intercourse of One Love

Live Again

Love as Sex or Caring


Only Skin Deep


Random Love Songs

Remembering a Gardener


Searching for Love


Still Does

Too Much


What’s Love All About?

Whispers of Love

IV: Justice

A Poem Is Waiting


Dream of Health Care

Fear Overacts

Fearless Shadows

Genuine Love

Green Outside the Box

Left Out

Making Love

Niemoller Echoes


Only Once

Presence and Absence of Love

Search for Logos

Summer Faire

Tamed or Wild

The Immigrant and Myself

Value Resistance

V: Peace

Better Than Wine

Broken Heart

Close Forever

Deep Love

Dying Breath

Dying to Love

Forever in Love

Forum for Peace

Game of a Lifetime, So Far

Hide and Seek

I Love Your Song of Creation


Journey of Beauty


Line Up

Never Far Apart

No Need for Conquest

Passing Kiss

Placid Pond

Poetic Moves

Rhythmic Love

Ring Beyond Valentine’s


Sparkly Spiral of Love


Summer Solstice

Swirl of Pinot Noir

Temporary Love

Time Lingers

Vital Vision

When Love is Not the Perfect Answer

Where Love Flows



I: Romance

II: Friendship

III: Caring

IV: Justice

V: Peace




The poem Five Faces of Love matches the title of this Love Poetry showing its five categories. Usually you need prose to interpret love poetry but the following poem is up to the task.

Five Faces of Love

The faces of love

Depend on whom

We are looking at

Love is elusive


Especially when love

Is wild, sexual,


I like love like that

Because it fires up

A spark

That surfaces up through

The ordinary layers of


While most people who

Live in a movie world

Think of love as sex

Yet I also love love as


When one enjoys

The company of

Someone without sex

To probe the depth

Of conversation about

Politics and religion

Someone who can laugh

And play and

Trust those private moments

As well as have fun socializing

But probably most of the time

We think of love as


The way we were taught

To love our neighbor

As ourself

To attend to the person

On the side of the road

Who needs help

Again this is the context

Of most people’s concept

of love, without

Confusing love with sex,

but caring for another

I do like to think of love

As justice

When dealing with society

Because one can measure

Love by its equality

When those in community

Deserve a fair shake

And those who are at the bottom

Those who are oppressed

Are seen as persons

Who are accepted,

Not ignored or shamed

But something more

About all the dimensions of love

Is to connect the dots

With Peace

Because love is not only a fantasy

That lives in a bubble world

Of dreaming innocence

But it lives in a world of conflict

When couples need to negotiate


And one should discern when it is

Appropriate to put limits on sex

And know the difference

How sex expresses caring

And that the reconciliation of five loves

Of Romance, Friendship, Caring, Justice

Ends up in Peace, a goal for all

Where all loves celebrate love

That feels like peace.

The faces of love

Depend on whom

We are with

And the mirror

reflects change

by what loving thing

we want to do

Romance, Friendship, Caring, Justice,

Finally call it peacemaking or

Warming up to Love.

Mining the treasure of love is akin to a discovery of a diamond that reflects five facets in breaking through the dimensions of love. Enjoy these poems shining light on the faces of Romance, Friendship, Caring, Justice and Peace.

I: Romance

looking for the face

of your love,

combining sex and care

in romantic coupling

~ * ~


Research on lips, tips and hips

Keeps the mind spinning around

On a trisexta blinking carousel

That’s fun to ride forever and ever.

~ * ~


It’s in our DNA

The Chase


The Thrill

Following instincts

We want to mate

Such brief pleasure




9 months



Impulsive sex

Can lead to issues

But in marriage

The joy is enduring

Human sexuality

Is more complex

Than we first thought

Yet very simple

We love to do it

Seconds of our time

Last forever

Little deaths come


In old age

And the Romance

Recedes to


Even passion

For Spirituality

All begins and ends

In the Mind

From persons of choices

To brain dead endings

Our love ends in peace.

~ * ~

Come Play My Music

You are the love of my soul

Someone I can play music with

Like a percussion beat of my heart

Or pick up an instrument another time

And breathe into your echo chamber

Like a horn filling you with joy

Or play the caressing strings of passion

Never far from the music deep in my vibrations

I hear your music resonating in my soul.

~ * ~

Committed Love

When music slides up next to you

Like a sweet melody soft on the ears

You breathe in a deep resonating breath

Like lovers cuddling forever into bliss.

(On occasion of distinguishing the beginning intensity of meeting

for the first time and settling into a long-term relationship)

~ * ~

Crazy Love

What do you get

When you fall in love

Except a broken heart

And a tipsy emotion

It makes no difference

Where you are

Except you go crazy

And want nothing

But love and more love

Until you think

This cannot last

I just want to be normal

But sometimes with a little buzz

Give me a long-lasting memory

To mend my broken heart.

~ * ~

Dating a Poem

Where can I meet you on the road again

And find love coming around the corner

When a poem is hidden from view

And life has gone flat, no more oomph,

But when a poem catches up to me,

I feel alive like I’m with my honey

And life takes on lasting moments

By expressing a spark of sizzle.

(On occasion of discovering what makes for

significance in an otherwise flat day)

~ * ~

Eternal Flame

A tilt of the head

A gentle slope of the rear

A provocative opening

A mysterious uncovering

A flip of the bouncy hair

Or maybe it wasn’t anything

But a memory of an event

Something shared together

Or the mind photo-copying

A fantasy image

Nothing much but a phantom

Of a composite flash

That leaves us breathless

And full of sexual energy

If only to hear the soothing voice

Or see a glimpse of the profile

Or imagine the mind thinking

Where life pauses for us

And we begin to wonder

What it is like to be with

Someone special to us.

But forever

To go deeper in a relationship

Requires commitment

To go past the superficiality

But to allow some of the flash

To enhance the excitement

And to laugh a lot

And roll in the earthiness

To enjoy moments, even boredom

That life is not always a flash

In the groin, but sometimes

A quick flirt of the eyes

As if life still sparkles

And we can still enjoy the flame

That was once given to us.

(On occasion of wondering if one can keep the

flame going with a slight dash of lustful fantasy)

~ * ~

Firefly Sparkle

Two lovers sneak a peek

Blinking like fireflies

Wanting to light the night

In relishing this gaze

But silently time moves on

And this delicious desire

In making love last forever

Is a flirty sparkle of titillation.

(On occasion of finding pleasure in brief moments of love encounters)

~ * ~

Giving Thanks

The sexual attractiveness

Of specific looks

Such as the walk

of shifting hips

Or scantily suggestive attire

Enfolding hidden crevices,

All make the world spin around

And create excitement

In nature’s paradise

And it is reason enough

To get up

In the morning

And give thanks!

~ * ~

Good Images

Images of sex are good

All the time, most of the time

Usually in shifting wobbles

Of booties walking by,

A crevice here, a jiggle there

It’s all tucked away

Until the time when

We bring our love game

To full consummation


Loving a caring person

In a monogamous relationship

Respectful loving, not hurting

Images reveal our humanity

But we restrain our addictions

Or keep some things personal

It’s all good, most of the time.

~ * ~



Falling in love

Quick glance

Fleeting curiosity


Drawn toward opposites

Nuts and bolts

Twisting inside

Two black holes meet

And form one larger whole

As love is gravitational

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