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Likeleli Kapa

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I would like to thank God for always making a way for me and for making sure that my dreams come to pass. With God everything is possible Mark 10verse 27.

I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to my beloved mother Selloane Kapa, my best friend, my number one fan and mentor. Thank you for raising me alone I know that it was not easy but you have done a great job. You have been both my mother and father at the same time. You have taught me to work hard in life, never look down on anybody, taught me about the love of God and to be a young woman of substance. Thank you for emotional and financial support ever since I embarked on this journey of writing. Thank you for ensuring that my dream come to pass. Thank you so much may God take you to places you have never been. May all the finer things in life be yours. I love you

To my Aunt Palesa Kapa thank you so much for your support and words of motivation. Thank you for teaching me not to expect anything from people and that nobody owes me anything because Zero expectations will result in Zero disappointments. Thank you for telling me that I should not make excuses for failures because excuses will always be there but rather I should learn from the failures and look for solutions.

To my cousin Lerato Moshoeshoe, Thank for telling me that any great thing or accomplishment begins with a simple idea thank you for the opportunities you have given me. Thank you for being one of my sisters throughout my childhood. Thank you Ausi Lerato

I have many friends but the ones that stand out and have supported me in this journey in the tremendous way are few. A special thanks to my dear friends, Bitsang Khuele, Phiona Naluzinda, Tsireletso Pakela, Topela Lebese Libenyane. You guys have been more than just friends. You went an extra mile to support me emotionally. You encouraged me not to give up. May God bless you greatly.

To Mrs Mamofolo Mabote, Thank you my Youth leader at church Mrs Mabote thank you for your words of wisdom. Thank you for your constant prayers for me. Thank you for teaching me about the principle of time God bless May all your dreams come true.

To reach publishers thank so much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for granting me the platform motivating the world through poetry. Thank you to each and every team member who worked endlessly to ensure that my book is published May you continue to work with new writers well and professionally as well like you have with me.

To the readers thank you too. You are the primary reason I wrote this book. I wrote this book because I believe that through Poetry people’s lives can be changed for the better, I hope you can relate and learn. Enjoy this read.

Table of Contents


I Hear Voices

A Pot Of Generosity

I Am A Woman

These Scars

I Have Seen It All

Heart Attack

One More Gulp


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