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Such is Life



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Second Edition

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Special Thanks



Life at 25

Do you remember me?

In another world

The Mystical Fairies of Mount Sprite

Setting the mind free

A Legend is born

Strange days

Once upon a mid-office daydream

True strength

Ted Stevens

Wook Jargon

On the real

Attention: Woman


Dont take serious!

Watch out Jerry

Woe to the Cowboy

Electric Underground

Summers night redemption

Basic Training

Mind the Matriarch

Quite before the storm

Carpe Diem

Arbitrary Retorts

Eyes to the sky

My dear chucks

Dog eat Dog

A man named skip

At first glance

Is there anybody out there?

Deer in Headlights

One and done


The Ghost of Girlfriend

Past Post Holiday Block

Black Magic


A Pirates Life for Me

In over my head

American Conspiracy

Night of the Pagan Carnival

Congratulations! It’s a DoLo!

The lost city of New York

The Hunt is on


Circle of life

Ode to Ren

Welcome to my office

No go for DoLo

Good Morning America

Poor Little DoLo

Half empty or Half full?

Moderation not Excess

Little Blue People


5 - 0


Easy does it

Domestic Disturbance



The elusive Copper Headed Cobra

DoLo no longer SoLo

Corner of 59th and 5th

Enter the Heavenly Order

Personal Space

Cold Turkey

Hell on Earth

Big deed to Little deed

Lost Tribes of Israel

Life Actually

Deal with the Devil

Now thats a brew

Curse of the Man Code

Like a circle in a square peg


Friendly advice


Down with the Hindenburg

One hell of a race

The day time stopped

Foresight beats Retrospect

Hey did anyone see my other leg?

Smile! Youre dead…

MTA ruins the day

Mr. Snuggles

Like father like son

Going Green

You in the back

A doomsday afternoon

Red Hot American Sewer

Dear Charlotte,

Footsteps to peace


How bad do you really want it?

Nothings warmer then a cocky sheep

Fallen Angel

Embrace the Light

Deep roots

Little Buzzie Aldrine

Super Nanny

The Tale of two brothers

Trojan Shirt


Find that inner space

The Itsy bitsy spider

My Name is

Cooking with Bob Ross


Excuse meHave we met?

Just as promised

Who wants to live alone?

And now! The Thrilling conclusion of


The Legend of Ted Stevens

A Legend is born

Ted Stevens

Woe to the Cowboy

Quite before the storm

Is there anybody out there?

The Hunt is on


Enter the Heavenly Order

Now thats a brew

The day time stopped

You in the back

Super Nanny

My Name is

And now! The Thrilling conclusion of


Special Thanks

I want to give a special thank you to all the people who serve as a constant inspiration to me every day and who always support me in all that I do no matter how crazy or wild some ideas may be.

I want to also thank those who took the time every day since I started this project about two months ago to read every poem as it was written and give feedback.

So thank you so much to my Mom, Dad, Yaf, Ren, Chucky, Rich, KazzieShack, Malechi, Rebecca (FC), Bobby, and of course…E!

In addition, Id like to dedicate this book in honor of the passing of my grandma,


She was one of my favorite people in the world and helped raise me. She was one of the strongest women I have ever met and was a very real per- son, even in her last seconds with us. She always knew the right thing to say to keep me motivated in life, even if it was literally telling me when are you going to make something nice for once?


Everything in this book was written with purpose...Enjoy!


In a basement in Queens, NY, an artist begins to put his thoughts on paper, struggling to exist within the realities of the urban jungle. In this very room where musicians, wrestlers, politicians, and people from every possible background congregate, one feels and hears the heartbeat of lifes story and of the challenges and achievements that can so often lift our spirits and awaken our souls. It is this unfettered diversity of individuals and the challenges of life in todays world that transformed into a collection of poems, each with their own meaning and feeling. The very act of writing down the inspirations and struggles in a world so complex and unfathomable may seem daunting, but when a person dares to express them, he can relate to the lives of so many that find themselves in an ever changing world. This is what this book is about the fears, dreams and fantasies that surround us. It is a book for those who sit in the basements of our great city and who fight and yearn to revolutionize tomorrow. Each and every entry in this book is a candid reaction to what goes on around us as individuals. The colorful streets of America tell many stories. These are here for the reader to relate to and think about.

The reader will notice upon reading this book that the poems change dramatically in style and context from first to last. This is because each poem was written candidly and the author himself improved and progressed as an individual poet throughout the course of the books creation. This collection of poems embodies the personal growth and change we go through in our personal lives. The poems are not simply ideas but a blueprint of the authors changing realities and emotions. What could be a better symbolism for a book about lifes many realities than one that is itself a measure of its authors changing life? Read these poems and imagine the conditions that brought about each one; you may find yourself in them all.

- Sir Richard Thunderfoot


Life at 25

Life at 25...

Well, Im not doing too badly Im still alive.

Am I where I thought Id be…at 25?

Where did I think I would be?

Depends on the age Id say.

At 5 I thought Id be a cowboy,

saving the maidens and taming the west.

At 10 I aspired to be an actor,

possibly have my own clothing company.

At 16 I got lost and caught in a dismal cloud of confusion.

There was no future or past, only present.

At 20 I abandoned all dreams and

started studying to be a doctor.

At 22 I abandoned all reality and

kept on dreaming.

At 24 the dream world I created

started manifesting into reality.

So where am I now at 25?

Hey, at least Im still alive...at 25.

Do you remember me?

Do you remember me?

Do we still live in our tree?

Do we still have our book of past stories and what

we aspire to one day be?

Perhaps because of deforestation the tree ceases to be?

Waitwas there ever a tree? Or just a delusion of what

one of us wanted to be?

I guess you were right, it just wasnt ever meant to be...

In another world

In another world, when pigs fly.

Wed be together, you and I.

Wed hold hands, and sing on high.

Tilt our heads back, voices to the sky.

There would be only love, no room for anger.

I would hold you close protect you from danger.

Nothing could harm you, not even a fly.

No evil would grace you with me by your side.

I’d build us a place to call our own.

A place to lay our heads when weary and worn.

The sounds of little feet would fill the halls.

Crayons and paint all over the walls.

Through life wed travel the world together.

No bad experiences not even the weather.

Wed find a small village and stay in a hut.

Just live in the moment join in the Wiki Strut.

Wed leave this world the same moment in time.

Our arms intertwined, your hands in mine.

Even in death Id hold you tight.

Protecting you always, no other ways right.

This world I speak of can be seen at night.

When eyes are closed, soul drifting towards the light.

Wed be together you and I.

In another world, when pigs fly

The Mystical Fairies of Mount Sprite

The mystical Fairies of Mount Sprite.

No one could see them until the veil of night.

Theyd swirl through the skies like flies of fire.

Igniting the world of all its desires.

The curious Fairies of Mount Sprite.

Severely warned by the elders to only fly by night.

Daylight was spent in the old willow tree.

Hidden from all danger no safer place to be.

The ignorant Fairies of Mount Sprite.

Young Lance left the tree in daylight.

Wanted to see the world with no veil of night.

All was beautiful until that one faithful night.

The doomed Fairies of Mount Sprite.

A Snapping Drake picked up the scent during Lances flight.

Now hungrily awaiting by the tree the veil of night.

The fairies prepare for flight as day turns to night.

The soon extinct Fairies of Mount Sprite.

One by one exiting the tree unaware of such plight.

The Drake sprang to action consuming each fairy in sight

The remaining fairies were crushed with the tree by the left followed by the right.

The once mystical Fairies of Mount Sprite.

Used to light up the sky in the veil of night.

Now every summer were graced with a reminder.

In the form of swirling flies of fire.

Setting the mind free

Hello me, how art thee.

The time has come to set my mind free.

Who cares about who I want to be?

Its of less importance to me than salt in sea.

Who am I and where am I going?

This is something I care about knowing.

What is my past and what am I doing.

I’m advancing, developing, and finally moving.

Theres too much pressure on what people aspire to be.

This is no way to set a mind free.

Just live in the moment the here and the now.

Dont let peoples bullshit ever bring you down.

Just find a purpose and work hard at it.

Never listen to other peoples shit.

Theyll try to deter you and put you down.

Saying Youll never get this off the ground”.

But its not you who will fail at life.

You get the point while others are blind.

They only care of money and status in life.

World open your eyes and see what you’ll find.

A material world is what you will see.

A farce of a world it seems to be.

Where liars are glorified and paper is king.

Our founding fathers never envisioned such a thing.

This world is a world where dreamers thrive.

Any dream in the world can come alive.

Just stick to your guns and never back down.

And you will always get Thisoff the ground.

A Legend is born

He stands tall, taller than the rest.

He keeps two guns, holstered to each side of his chest.

Around his waist hang two more, bullets around back strapped in leather.

A sword on his back, tied and tethered.

The man wonders alone, just him and his horse.

Not a soul alive, well not to his knowledge of course.

It wasnt always this way, he used to have a life.

Until it was all ripped away, dog, son, and wife.

Strange days

A winters dew, a summers frost.

Strange days ahead and hope seems lost.

Not all is gone, some still remains.

All our loss is someones gain.

Up is wrong and black is right.

Strange days indeed, the world fills with fright.

Most hope is lost, small amounts remain.

All our loss is his gain.

We the people have all the power; this will be His final hour.

Weve had enough, we decide to fight.

He feeds us lies, proclaims Hes right.

After tonight there will be no pain, all His loss is our gain.

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