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Poetic Visions

Written By Dustin Lewit


The piano falls, curtain calls, opera singer sings songs sung out of tune. Unknown crowds, Jesus shrouds replicated for a profit. Prophetic Moses deep within exile from Egypt. “Away!!” spoke the Pharaoh, vehemently smoking on his marginalized opium pipe. Banana’s plucked ripe, her virile Virgin Skin. Sweet oozing orgasm at first dawn. The crowd assembles to feel up Mother Nature. “Slay me!! Play me!! Tomorrow dawn arrives to eat the fibrous sun!!” the chant begun. The police get their gun to shoot out the morally inept spiders among the windowsill. Woman #1 yells to Woman #26 about the laundry chute. Paranoid to eat the vulture who caught prey. Cute. The spider remains unharmed, unalarmed. “Who goes there?” speaks the freaks who are lined up to feel the wind blow on their needle marks. Pain in the frontal lobe of the brain, shooting the galaxy to find peace. I went to visit an exquisite paranormal ghost leeching off of the statement that somehow all men are created equal. Vocalize!! Equalize!! Fight until the God forsaken dawn!! Feel, taste, hear, see, smell, be, free. Be Free!! Are you Immortal? “Shall you live forever?” asks the guru meditating in a mountain imported from India. “Nonsense!! I most certainly am not immortal!! The trees and Earth shall outlive me!! I am to die at my own free will!!” you obviously, crassly reply…

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