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A wondrous tale in verse”

Oladapo C. Sodade


A wondrous tale in verse.

By Oladapo C. Sodade

Copyright 2017 Oladapo Calvin Sodade

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Words are not kind enough

To convey the very depth

Of times I was a bough

And all your promises kept!

My deepest acknowledgement to the Lord God Almighty - the Creator and Source of existence!

A profound gratitude to my loving wife, Mrs. Oluwatobiloba Sodade, and our beautiful princess, Sophia Oluwadarasimi Sodade.

And, not forgetting to duly extend my immeasurable gratitude to and all friends, fans and families who with timeless prayers, endearing love, edifying encouragement, priceless supports, and enduring believe, have waited with me for such a time as this!


In loving memory of

Ibrahim Modupe Awokoya (aka Makanarki).


He came like the wind

And left behind – memories

We cannot rewind!


Beauty and the Poet

A wondrous tale in verse”

He thought he had seen it all. He believed he had heard it all. And so decided that there couldn’t be a better choice than a chance to create his very own woman.

In this book, it is expected that all readers alike, would find themselves in the engrossing web as well. Following the story through would be like a coaster-roller-ride for all to enjoy the bittersweet experiences.

A few created words by the author have been astericked with meanings given in the notes at the end of the book.

“Beauty and the Poet” is a carefully written tale in verse with beautiful descriptions and artistic narrations to take the readers along the beautiful adventure.

The language is simple with soothing rhyme scheme through the stanzas for a truly rhythmic flow. Something just about anyone could easily get along with as expected.

It may require the need for careful reading, as it is a story written in poetry form, and not as the usual prose style. Yet, the masterpiece doesn’t require fore-knowledge of poetry.

Beauty and the Poet – a wondrous tale in verse; a keepsake for every age, home and library






Our Story


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For long I mused on creating a human

A lady of virtue, my dream woman

Charmingly shaped and angelic in beauty

An absolute stunner to make Him* guilty!

I lost nights to thoughtful wonderings

And days marched on hopeful wanderings:

In long for a beauty to unearth

With no imperfections from birth

Yet when our parallel paths crossed

I misapplied the sign of the cross;

In extol to the supreme Creator

And moped like a redeemed curator!

Our story...

Ketu* seems a little town to settle

Yet, subtle a place for youthful mettle

Not of volence, nor of crime

As primed* once upon a time

A small town; not eyeful as those of others

Yet envious were the brothers at the borders

As side by side, we live to glide

Like a rainbow in local pride

With days fed with melodious hubbub

To drown ones’ downturn in the suburb

A catch to diffuse the daily sail*

And such of fun for another day’s tale

Folks seem of cyclical bond

As if fated in symmetrical mould

Those who leave have no better becoming

Yet, no greater joy than the home-coming

No separate laws coined out for us

For we, as the others, serve the Laws*

Governing this sole land of our birth

Yet, we seem a world widely apart

Forbidden is stealing,

So-wise* is killing

As of many ills

Of unwanted deals

Mingling kids, a beauty to behold

A pride in this town since of old

Save for the young grown-ups*

With whom daily rivalry erupts

For the choice of whom to love in this place

Has made more ills than the laws could displace

Love, a priceless gift in lovers’ hearts

A sublime bequest bequeathed on Earth

I’d wished for brazen dreams in my life

The utmost being the choicest bride as wife

Yet no trace found of my belle

Not here, not there, not anywhere

Yet in lieu of my hopeless ploughings,

The struggles and helpless drownings*

On the fields; as in the pools

Like a mool* of a dire fool

A sketchy hope found made my catch

And sought I with His Divinity, a match*

Not as a fan, nor an atheist

Yet, soothing was I with the test

Like Bruce*, I dared to ask

Herculean did seem the task

A chance to make my woman

A better mould by a human

And walking under the peeping moonlight

One silent night devoid of spark lights*

A humble gaze I made to the sky

And my heart furnished this noble pry:

Dear God, not to push knowing of you

Any more than just standing here before you

Ay, in your temple, my springing sprouted*

Yet, of your samples* I could not be counted”

Morrow* points a unique time

In awe of the birth sublime*

Yet, for sake of love and light

I seek a piece of your might”

A crave for what science have no insight

I seek you grant me this single right

A lifetime of it I desire not at all

Yet for a moment and then you recall”

The beauties of creation seem beyond compare

Yet in a single sect aground my despair

Grateful for the grace to paint with letters

Yet I seek to sculpture without fetters”

Not with sacrileage yearning

Yet of rare divine learning

For no greater pride than the world on its feet

And behind me - His Divinity made to sit”

And thus the tears from the skies

With repeated deafening cries

And fright of its strange lights

chased me off in an estrange sight

And on and on continued the bellow

And sans mellow, grew the irate fellow

And I, in haste to escape the strokes

Of the wrath I must have evoked

And then, gazed I out of my window

In the company of a kind pillow

And laid like a baby in my cradle

And clung to the duvet like a saddle

Would the dire night be of my last

As the die the Deity could cast

Or embrace the noble dare

And my gentle breath be spared

Sheer thoughts ranged up in ranks

Like sprinters on the marks

And like unleashed racing arrows

Till the lights embraced the shadows*

The miracle of waking to a new dawn

Fluttered my heart like a surviving pawn*

For sleep is as a temporal death

And breath, an unpayable debt

Twas a dreamlike day ever to remember

A moment in the month of December;

To say an angel came right down

In a strange beauty found in town!

Like the appearance of a comet,

Striking a horde of hornets;

Like a spotlight upon a stage

With a message to cagé the sage

And needless was the brightness of sunlight

As her shine was a spell-like delight;

Such a beauty I never will forget

A target for all like a rare nugget*

Her presence took the dawn by surprise

Brighter than the never unnoticed sunrise;

Her adorable looks drove like wheels

And everyone fondly took to her heels

Skinned in the dawn’s fadeless pride*

And flouted the morning sun to hide

Like an artwork out of the drawn*

She striped nature of its golden brown

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