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Teddy Bear and Pringle Girl

Copyright 2017 Lo-arna Green

Published by Lo-arna Green

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I usually dedicate poetry collections to my boyfriend since they are all to him and about him, but while I was penning this project, my beloved Poppy passed away.

My Nan and Pop shared a beautiful love and it was because of them, I believed everlasting love could be possible. I am comforted that he is now reunited with my beautiful Nan and I wrote this poem for them

Their paths cross again

Where the air is soft and there are no struggles

They shared a life of love

And now have an eternity to bask in it

RIP Pop 7/8/1927 – 7/3/2017

I dedicate this collection for both my Nan and Pop.

May you both enjoy blissful eternity in the arms of one another.

Until we meet again x

The one truly for you will completely shake you up

Slice and dice your previously conceived ideas of what love is and challenge you

The path won’t be lined with rose petals, it will have thorns

But it’s worth every step of the way

It will be comfortable but not comfort zone comfortable

Not at first … You just know deep within your soul that this and them is right for you

And then you grow together

And you know you can never live without them

~ * ~

He is beautiful

Soft yet hard … in all the right places for both


Comforting and sexy

Dangerous but also the safest place on earth

I can practically feel gravity take me away as I fall

~ * ~

You cracked open my heart to allow light in

You’re my second chance at everything

~ * ~

My whole life I was always on a different page to everyone else

Then I met you

And my life truly began

~ * ~

The warmth you fill me with keeps me company

While I wait for you to come home

When you move inside me

I feel like I can land among the stars

Your true love will allow you freedom to be yourself

More than that . . .

They will help you become who you were always meant to be

~ * ~

I don’t remember life before you

~ * ~

Giving away my heart was scary…

But I knew as soon as I looked into your eyes

It had been beating for you all along

~ * ~

Our love will always close the space of any physical distance

~ *~

Loving you leaves me raw

And always wanting more

I will never get enough of you

I bleed for you

Every day

~ * ~

Your love is heaven on earth

A haven from everything ugly in this world

My safe place, my home

~ * ~

You may love more than once in your life

But one love will burn your soul forever

~ * ~

Your skin touches mine

Our eyes meet

And I’m home

~ * ~

Pieces of my soul are with you

Actually, my whole soul

That’s why I feel more like myself in your arms

If a rocket was on a continuous loop to the moon and back

It still wouldn’t come anywhere close

To accurately measuring my love for you

~ * ~

You soothe the fractures in my mind

Your eyes and arms are a balm on my soul

~ * ~

Ours is a love that will never grow old

It just grows in size

Soothing weathered hearts and hands

Injecting youth into life battered souls

~ * ~

I felt the sun smile the day I met you

The universe finally aligned for me to find my star

Perfect serendipity

~ * ~

Life tastes better with you

I float with no home and no heart

When we are apart

~ * ~

I love how you submerge yourself inside my heart

~ * ~

Rose buds sit on my cheeks as my soul

Blooms and expands

With our ever-growing love

~ * ~

His voice slides over me like butter

Hardening to honey in an instant

Nothing made sense before him

~ * ~

Looking in to your eyes

I realise why I’ve always felt calm

Around anything blue

I wouldn’t be who I am without you

Wrap me up in your limbs

I want to press my lips against your skin

Day and night

~ * ~

Your fingers sear my skin while your eyes

Brand my soul

All I remember is I am yours

~ * ~

You’re in every thought I have


Every beat my heart takes

~ * ~

My words can never be as beautiful as you are to me

Life didn’t make sense until I met you

You’re the song of my heart

~ * ~

Stars don’t shine when it’s overcast

Just like me without you

You ignite my bones with your intense eyes

My greatest fortune will always be you

~ * ~

With each breath, I love you more

I’ll never stop

~ * ~

Even the moon sighs when you touch me

~ * ~

I lose myself in you and find myself

You hold the map to all of my treasures

~ * ~

Romance to me isn’t flowers or grand gestures

It’s that someone who is home, a safe place to shed your skin

~ * ~

My walls never stood a chance with you

Each wistful inhale in your absence

Meet blissful exhales knowing I am yours

~ * ~

Weightless europhia by your side

You’re my forever

~ * ~

My heart jumps to the beat of our beautiful chaos

~ * ~

Love me real

Love me raw

Love me passionately and violently

We know each other in and out

But yet, there will always be adventure and more to explore

~ * ~

Your words kiss my heart

I hold myself with them so that

When I can’t feel your skin against mine

My insides still dazzle

Drops of water make flowers bloom

Just like your soul showering mine in love

~ * ~

Loving you is the easiest and best thing I’ve ever done

Your love makes me a better person

~ * ~

My arms are empty

Yet my heart is full with you in it

~ * ~

You give everything meaning

And without you

Nothing would matter

~ * ~

Reality with you far surpasses anything I could have dreamed

With you, there’s no hiding

No subtracting lesser parts

You fell for all the pieces

And you my love, are my final piece

~ * ~

My whole life I was always on a different page to everyone else

Then I met you and my life truly began

~ * ~

You soothe the fractures in my mind

Your eyes and arms are a balm on my soul

~ * ~

Old school love in a digital world

Where you tick and flick

Forget and delete

Our souls recognised the old school in each other and the fact

Neither of us could ever replace the other

~ * ~

I cherish every piece of your royal heart


Every beat we are apart

Yet … your love reaches me everywhere

Rare and meaningful

Never to die

~ * ~

When you first smiled at me, something clicked

In my heart, in my mind, in my soul

I had finally found you …

You became my everything in that moment

Even if I was fully aware of it right that second

~ * ~

True fairytales don’t have a happy ending, it just continues

Effortlessly long and blissful

Like you and me

Forever it will be

~ * ~

It may be autumn but summer remains in my heart

Your love warms me from the inside out

~ * ~

I didn’t believe in fairy tales until you wrote ours upon my skin with your fingers

And etched it inside with your eyes

It’s not black and white

It’s all colours of the rainbow

~ * ~

Unveiling our souls to one another caused the sparks between us to multiply

Sparks that will never even flicker and certainly never die

~ * ~

Your caress finds me no matter where I am

Your voice finds my ear and

Your love is locked inside my heart

~ * ~

Miss you inside me

And beside me baby

One leaves me wet and always needing more

The other makes me at home

So safe and warm

~ * ~

The puzzle of me always needed you to make sense of the pieces

And guide me to click it all together

Our pieces joined together is a work of art

Everything you say and do sets my soul on fire

You handle my body with a beautiful intensity

~ * ~

You awakened parts of me I didn’t know existed

Pieces within that belonged to you long before

I knew your name

~ * ~

You say I’m the poet, but my skin has your poetry written all over it

~ * ~

Dreams and wishes never came true

Until I met you

You’re every dream and wish I’ve ever made

~ * ~

Our love is bigger

Than any distance and any obstacle

We go hard for each other every day

~ * ~

His unmasked soul makes me whole

When you call me your girl . . .

The beautiful words wrap around my heart and my knees go weak

~ * ~

Your charming and enchanting heart whispers to mine

You’re a blessing I’m forever grateful for

So sweet and divine

~ * ~

My favourite part of me will always be you

In the dark, it’s your light I search for

With your love … I can never be poor

~ * ~

Your breath scattering across my skin is letters of poetry

Only you and I can read

~ * ~

You stripped me of my armour but . . .

Your love wraps around my heart

Injecting courage into my veins

Beautiful is your hands on my skin

Sometimes firm, sometimes a tickle

Always electric

~ * ~

All I want to do is share the same breath with you

Over and over again through our kisses

Until the end of time

~ * ~

That first smile you showed me

Imprinted on my heart

You, I can’t ever be without

~ * ~

When I look in to your eyes as your hands find mine

Sometimes I forget how to breathe and yet …

I breathe as effortlessly as ever

~ * ~

The rise and fall of your chest

A love that is soft yet never gentle

In your arms is where I feel the best

My whole life I always needed more

It all made sense when I saw you waiting by the door

It was you I’d always been waiting for

~ * ~

When you touch me, electricity transfers from your skin to mine

~ * ~

The best proof of love is us

~ * ~

Just an outline before you

You filled in all the missing colours

~ * ~

Every wish I’ve ever made sits on your tongue

And inside your soul

~ * ~

Your eyes touch me everywhere

Hands on flesh

Hearts undeniably stirring and intertwining

You leave no part of me unloved

I don’t care for fame

Nor fortune

I just want to be your girl forever

~ * ~

What I know of hell is any moment without you

I need your kisses every day to breathe life into me

~ * ~

I’m the wind brushing lightly against the hairs of your skin

I’m the sun kissing every inch of you as I slowly sink in

You’re the only one who can hear me without words

~ * ~

If a rocket was on a continuous loop to the moon and back

It still wouldn’t come anywhere close to accurately measuring my love for you

~ * ~

You digging your way in to me deeper

Is what made me fall harder

When we are on your bike together

Nothing can touch us

Except the wind

That beautiful rumble

And our hands on each other

No interruptions

No expectations

Just you, me and open spaces

~ * ~

The truth is, I’ve always been a little scared of losing you

Ever since I was lucky enough to gain your love

I know you would never choose to walk away from me

But …

What if the universe had other ideas …

It scares me so much I can’t even find the words to describe it

And I don’t want to write about it anymore

~ * ~

I can think of nothing better …

Than an eternity as yours

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