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The Black Swan

By Rori O'Keeffe

Copyright © 2017 by Rori O'Keeffe

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The Black Swan

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The Black Swan

I find myself in a strange place

Beside you, under these silks.

Not once was I expecting such things,

Things such as you have brought.

A rare sort of bird you have become,

From the wilds of where, I know not;

Your shallow heart hasn't betrayed you yet,

But I know that you mean me harm.

It is the way of those put aside in youth,

To go about taking their revenge

On everyone they come close to,

And I don't see how you differ from them.

I lie hear going over all we've said,

And my puzzled brow turns away from you

Why did you compare me to that girl you knew

Long ago, before you left home?

Was she radiant, caring, kind, like me?

Oh, you say certainly to all three.

Was she kind to you, I ask you now,

And your turn to blush is upon us.

Why was she cruel to you, I ask,

And you're telling me that she brushed you off -

Not with a shrug, but with a disgusted manner,

As though you were a crumb on her knee.

So what am I, Sweetie – your first love put in her place?

Now you yawn and say they all remind you of her,

Because in the end, they all brush you off.

Let me be the first, then, to keep you for a little while -

I always think of one like you, that irritated me long ago,

And the thoughts I had of naked passion -

Oh, well, we seem to have been waiting for each other.

This dappled light we see ourselves in,

Is healing a rift that time left till now.

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Rori writes poetry, fairy tales, adult humour, essays and general fiction. Her most recent compilations were published in 2017, and include her material released up to the end of that year. Here are links to those compilations' Smashwords pages:

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About Rori O'Keeffe

Rori is a passionate proponent of liberty and participatory democracy in times when things seems to be turning against freedom and democracy. Not beholden to any particular ideology, she prefers a hodgepodge philosophy that takes into account the imperfection of human understanding. We exist as individuals and communities simultaneously, and compassion should be one of our guides when we decide which way to look at society in any given instance. She hopes that her World on Fire Poetry series will make a little difference in how readers see the world, if they don't already agree with Rori.

When not being serious about social and political issues, Rori likes to play the clown for her readers, drawing inspiration for her humorous pieces from her personal life and surroundings. She has six cats, a dog, and numerous goldfish as her steadfast companions, and she may write something about her lifelong love of house critters before too long.

Rori wishes all her readers the best in humour, health, and happy times.

As always, thanks for reading!

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