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Summer 2017

Edited by Tyree Campbell

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Cover art "Dragon’s Dust" by Patrick Kennedy

Cover design by Laura Givens

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Onyx Rose and the House of the Rising Moon

D.B. Heath

The moon is a silent spectator

Glowing as an omnipotent opal

In the night sky that harbors a hidden horror

With passionate insanity beyond the bayou,

Where the ripples of brackish water whisper

Vital warnings of enticing evil

Near the house of the rising moon;

A crippled house of haunted amusement

That stands as a memorial of lust and murder

Beyond the scarlet moss and dead trees.


Reptilian-throated irises yawn

With lizard lips that drip a sluggish toxin

And scarecrows breathe in bound torment

Among a futile and venomous garden

Surrounding the site of fear and curiosity.


Garden gnomes stand like furious guardians

Near the lattices covered with protruding ivy

While alligators lie chained to steel posts

Waiting for swinging lamps of lost hunters;

The victims of a gruesome night.

Fireflies dim their lights in dreadful honor

Of the obsidian moths that shed skin with

sharp wings

To help serve the gators of the rising moon.


A trembling knock revives the dead

Upon the termite wake at the crackling door

Where a lascivious woman with a scarred grin

always greets,

She is the one they call Onyx Rose;

The ebony Cinderella of midnight redemption

With eyes that gaze like the twin suns of Carcosa;

Tanning the soul with mesmerizing mischief.

She is the harlot of death

In her home of blood and satisfaction.


You can hear Dolly Parton on an ancient jukebox

As the song “Jolene” plays repeatedly;

Echoing through every hall of this wicked bordello.

Red roman candles illuminate on rugged tables

And rumpled blouses flourish the floor

Like a Freudian dream of a sexual sanitarium

With the galore of moans and screams

That make a lustful opera of infidelity

and explicit joy,

With falsettos unheard,

As phantom actors re-enact their deaths

like The Grand Guignol.


Within the mistress’ bedroom lies a puzzle box

On a blood stained nightstand

With excerpts from the Necronomicon,

A cubistic portrait dangles from a rusty nail

Above the cracked and beaten bedpost,

Entitled “Picasso’s Apocalyptic Supernova”

And painted skulls decorate the eccentric room.

This is where Onyx Rose sleeps

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