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Scattered Emotions

An Assortment of Poetry

By Sky Boivin

Horizon Before Me

I was standing in my own storm,

Before you came into my life,

By then,

I had decided to leave my old ways.


I had decided to get away from the prior situation.


I separated the huge storm

into smaller storms;

pushing the troublesome one away.

Standing in my own storm,

I notice the sun shining before me.

A stranger from past thoughts

Appeared in the horizon.

Was it just a dream?

Every time I talk with you,

I think more and more that maybe you

were that stranger trying to help me before.

The only difference is that now you are here.

And all I can say is

Thank you for finally coming into my life.

I am glad that Destiny finally sent you to me.



I wish that I could go back to yesterday.

Before everything happened.

I wish they would stop playing

That horrible event on the news;

Over and over again.

Isn’t it bad enough,

That I myself cannot seem to stop

Replaying it over in my head?

Every time I stop in my tracks

To think about something,

My mind always falls back to that day.

To that one moment in time.

Watching live as the Twin Towers

Got slammed by two planes.

Then, hearing that they have crumbled

Like a deck of playing cards that someone

Was trying to make into a house.

Again, I ask,

Will we ever be allowed

To return to yesterday?


Everyone is always looking for a hero.

“Look to the common man,” Wordsworth would say.

Is not that exactly what has been happening?

Since a freak day on September 11, 2001,

Hundreds of people lending a hand.

The terrorists wanted to stop us all,

To make us like the poet at his last.

But instead, we are like the leech-gatherer.

Standing in the pile of muck and rubble

of our beloved Twin Towers.

In the pile of our lost loved ones and friends.

The common fire fighters and police officers lost,

And passengers on the planes,

They are the true heroes.

Heroes are of all shapes and sizes.

Don’t be discouraged anymore.

Who else could be a hero?