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Random Thoughts

A Collection of Poetry

By Sky Boivin

Note From The Author

Special thank you to my friends and family for all the love and support over the past year. Another special thank you to my fandom, the SPN Family. Especially to those who helped inspire a few poems in this edition. Mitchell Kosterman for inspiring the poem ‘We Do Not Like To Sleep’ from a few lines of a tweet one day that I kept going with. Also to Andria MacDonald for inspiring the poem, ‘These Eyes’. The first poem, ‘You Matter” was inspired when the school district I live in lost a student to suicide the morning of prom. ‘To A Dear Friend’, is for Jared Padalecki and to his Always Keep Fighting campaign. Without this campaign, I probably would not have found the spn family I now have today. Thank you again, each and every one of you. Keep fighting the good fight for you are not alone.

You Matter

No matter what life may throw at you,

Always remember

You Matter.

No matter what others say, or how others treat you,

Always remember

You Matter.

Love Yourself First.

Because That is what makes you special.

That is what makes you unique.

That is what makes you who we Love.

You Matter To US.

To the friend you text at two a.m.

When they just fell asleep ten minutes before,

And still stay up talking with you.

You Matter To Them.

To the teacher that pushes you to do better,

You Matter To Them.

To that sibling that harasses you always,

You Matter to them.

To the parent that might gripe you about your room,

Who may not always know what to say to you,

Who feels like they are failing You,

You Matter To Them.

You have mattered since your first day here.

When you feel like you are not enough

When you feel like it is all too much

Remember these words:

Always keep Fighting;

You Are Not Alone.

You Matter.

Remember, that no matter what life may throw at your feet,

We Are All In This Together.

You Matter To Me.

May 21, 2016

These Eyes

these eyes are here and now.

these eyes say dare to see;

dare to enter;

dare to believe.

no matter what the fates throw at me,

I will always keep fighting.

these eyes say come hither,

follow me.

I shall lead the way.

take my hand and enter;

if you dare.

these eyes have been there and back

beyond you mere comprehension.

these eyes are here and now.

enter if you dare.


We Do Not Like to Sleep

We lie down at night and immediately begin to think as the darkness comes.

We do not like to sleep.

We dodge and weave day by day,

night by night.

For sleep is where you dream.

And dreams can be murderous sometimes to the soul.

They leave you hanging.



Murderous sometimes because they say if you die in your sleep;

You die for real.

Past lives clinging to you;

Yearning for you to remember them.

Remember what happened.

“Find me” they whisper within your ear as you fall further into the darkness.

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