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Sky Boivin

This book is dedicated to Kevin Jordan, 1973-2015. May we all hope to give 150 percent of our selves to anyone in need each and every time. I hope that if we ever feel the need to sit out and quit, we remember to remain strong enough to Always Keep Fighting, for there is a lighthouse beacon shining bright for each and every one of us. We just have to find out who or what it is and hold on to that tightly.

I Promise

I stopped by your grave yesterday.

I was just passing through.

As I got closer to the cemetery,

I pulled in and drove up the driveway.

I found the faucet with no problem.

And I found you with no problems.

I wiped off the grass clippings.

I put my fingers to my lips and

Then touched your name lightly.

It feels like a lifetime.

But, it has only been a little over four months.

Has it really only been that long?

And yet, it still feels like yesterday;

That my heart was ripped out to the news of you going away.

It hurts a little less each day.

But, there are other days that just feel worse.

I know it will take time.

I know I have to keep fighting.

Your profile pops up on my events each and every time;

These are the days that the knife twists just that much deeper.

I know I will survive this;

Somehow, in time.

I promise that I will Always Keep Fighting

Through this and through life.

But, seeing your name on the stone,

In the ground.


That is more real.

That says I am no more.

I don’t want to be that.

I don’t want that fate.

Not yet.

There is too much still to do.

I promise that I will

Always Keep Fighting.

Keep fighting through this;

And through anything else that comes my way.


My Silent Rejuvenation

As a small child, I was always terrified of the thunderstorms.

My grandmother would say it was just God bowling;

That the thunder was his ball rolling down the alley

and the lightning strike was when He got a strike.

Gram is always big on bowling; even to this day.

As I got older, I would turn my desk into a fort

And hide with my stuffed animals until the storm passed.

The feeling of the thunder rattling through the walls.

And the floor of the house would pulse through my every fiber.

Now, as an adult, I love the thunderstorms.

I wait excitedly for the energy to rumble through.

The energy change as it slowly travels in.

It is like a rejuvenation to energize my spirit and my soul.

I love the feeling of that energy which comes from them.

I welcome that energy into me.

I welcome it into my soul.

I now dance with those very thunderstorms

I was once so scared of.

I stand within those drops and smile.

I used to be terrified of the thunderstorms.

4/26/2015- 4/30/2015

Words To Describe

Words couldn’t describe this place, this pond.

Words on paper just wouldn’t be able

To capture the real beauty

That nature has provided.

Or the way I feel sitting here

In the spring and summer seasons.

To describe how splendid it was

To see the wood-duck

And it’s mate in that pond.

Along with their ducklings.

How magnificent that

duck looked with

his brilliant green head,

going into the water when

I had arrived.

And how the others

Followed him to

The farther part of the pond.

How cute those ducklings

Had looked! I had

Never seen such a

Sight right before

My eyes! They were

Not afraid of me; and

Nor I of them.

But, I sat there,

Watching them, and

Soon enough they

Came back toward me!

And finally, I had gotten up to leave

And I haven’t seen them since.

But nothing could

Describe how I had felt.


Nothing at all.

July 10,1996

My Inspirational Earth

The earth is my inspiration for my creations on paper.

The earth is my soul inspiration for my life. The mist and fog settled on the reservoir sets my spirit free. The roar of water rushing down the waterfall sets my mind to thinking.

The fog on the land, although is capable of rich thickness at times, is very pleasant and welcoming at other times. The mist at times captivates the real beauty in the least likely places.

Place of such splendor and peace sets my inner self at ease and sends my thoughts moving. I become more aware of the charm that one place holds, that one would not find just passing through once. For the most pleasant and charming things are the little things you find under your own nose.

January 3, 1997

My Inspirational Universe

My inspirational earth,

My inspirational universe.

Everything becomes so very

special to me.

From everything I see with

mine own two eyes, and hear

with mine ears, to smelling

with my nose.

Makes me able to feel with my spirit.

I love my outdoor

surroundings. The trees, water,

woods. Even the animals.

Especially the animals which

Have learned to live in harmony

with each other. And I sometimes

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