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An Assortment of Poetry

By Sky Boivin


Sky Boivin august 26, 2013

Me For Me

Grow old along with me,

and in time you will see,

just what this life

has done to me.

The wrinkles around my eyes

and mouth show all the smiles

in all my days.

The graying hair,

shows all the wisdom

I have acquired.

Look into my eyes,

and behold the sorrows

of my life.

The hardships in my hands

and feet.

But, that is only the outside.

Try opening the window

into my soul.

I just might let you

see me for me.

Oct. 19, 1998

Rose of a Princess

Sweet, kind princess.

What has happened?

Something horrible,

I’m afraid.

For a strong and caring lady;

Loved by many

and all;

has died a terrible death.

The shock

of the car crash,

stunned the world.

Now, the news

of her death.

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