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Stories in Rhyme

by Albert Cross

Published by Sixth Element Publishing

on behalf of Albert Cross

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© Albert Cross 2017

Albert Cross asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.



Pictures In The Sky

Oh Lord

The Flame Of Life

Sit In My Wheelchair

Flowers That Blossom

The Mist On The Hill

The Water’s Edge


Happy Birthday Alice

Happy Birthday Matthew

Young And Attractive

Light Up In The Skies

Down By The River

That’s Life

In The Darkness

Iraq Is In Turmoil

Nine Eleven

Ground Zero

Night Is So Dark

Is This My Life

Away From Home

The Mountains

As I Sit On My Bed

My Body

Why Do We Moan

Oh Flower Of The Angel

The Holocaust

The Summer Has Gone


Having Seen The Grass

A Day To Remember

The Car

Odd Sayings

The Beach

The Dream

The Eye Test

Sleep My Baby

People Know

I Got Up This Morning

I Have A Pain

As I Sit On The Sand

The Sky Is Full


The Morning Is Bright

Middle Of The Night

Write A Poem

As The Candles Glow

Today I Am Going To The Shops

Bowls In Dumfries

Man In The Street

No Sun

Wish You Were Here

This World

The Road To Eternity

My Place

In This World

Heaven Is All Around

True Story

The Walls

Hold Hands

Playing Bowls

One Day In My Life

This Friend

Going On Holiday


My Love

Over The RocksAnd Past The Caves

Christmas DayIn The Blind Centre

My Dear

The Leaves

Road In Life

Roseberry Topping

In The Wood

Cold And Cough

Christmas Morning

Frog And Toad

Holding Her Hand

Special Card

Sweets And Flowers


Child Was Born

Fly A Plane

Special Wish

Think Of You

The Most Wonderful Girl

The Way Things Were

My Past

No Matter

Pass This Way




Old Year

The Petals

Stillness Of The Night

Every Cloud

Time Of The Year

A Story

For Me

Stain Upon This Land

Catholic Born

Why Do I Think

Why Do We Accept


Sit And Pose

The Rippling

Transporter Bridge


My Soul

Life One Day

Face Is So Beautiful

Face It Is Sparkling

Book Store

New Star Is Born

Lying In Bed

Like To Do

Tiny Church

Nothing New


Does Not Matter

Nursery Rhyme

My Brain

One Hundred Years

People Are Born

New Life Is Born


Some Time Ago




Words From Me


Scottish Roots

Dedicated to my late wife Brenda,

without whom I would not have had three wonderful children, Stephen, Garry and Alycia, and three wonderful grandchildren, Christopher, Alice and Matthew.


You knelt down beside me that I do believe

I dare not move in case you did leave

I did not want you to go away

It was then I did realise it was your birthday

I opened my eyes but could see nothing at all

Only the portraits of my family and you on the wall

I knew you were still there in the room

I could feel the presence there

My body vibrated I shook everywhere

I was happy but scared did not know what to do

You had been gone seventeen months but I still love you

Fourteen March two thousand and five Monday five forty am

Pictures In The Sky

I see faces that are happy

I see faces that are sad

I see faces that look lonely

I see faces that are mad

I see faces that are tender

I see faces full of grief

I see faces full of wisdom

And others beyond belief

I see different kinds of animals

Sheep and dogs galore

There are different kinds of monkeys

Of which I have not seen before

There are lions and horses and large white bears

There are different kinds of penguins

And birds that fly in pairs

I see the child with the smiling face

Out there way on high

But I have yet to see your smiling face

Among those pictures in the sky

Oh Lord

Oh Lord above do not pity me

The time has come and I cannot see

I have a white cane but use a brown

I try to smile and not to frown

When I use my white cane

It sticks out like a sore thumb

And I am easily robbed by the guttersnipe scum

I get on with my life I have no choice

Oh Lord above please hear my voice

There are people who complain about looking at a bare wall

But would they change places and see nothing at all

I bump into the table and into the chair I crash

I am unable to bend down to pick up the trash

This is my life there is no other way

And this I will do day after day

Maybe one day I know not when

I will get some new eyes and see again

But that is wishful thinking and I do not give a mind

Because in my head I will always be blind

The Flame Of Life

The flame of life it burns for me

Through clouded skies so I can see

The tallest tree and meadows so golden

The running stream and rapids swollen

The bird and butterfly also the bee

The flame of life it burns for me

Cottages with their little thatched roofs

Horses in the field with galloping hoofs

Children in the park playing round that tree

The flame of life it burns for me

The plane that flies across the sky

With a glint of silver as it goes by

The aged and infirm and those who cannot see

Yes the flame of life really does burn for me

Sit In My Wheelchair

As I sit in my wheelchair while I am being pushed around

I look to the heavens and not to the ground

And I think to myself what does it matter

People often stop me just for a natter

I am very grateful for their response

When I think back, I was like them once

I was very independent and walked with great speed

Now is the time when I take most heed

Some people talk through me without giving a thought

But I do not worry and I think of what I have just bought

It is not their fault, they do not understand

But I just hope one day they are not in the same band

It can be sometimes stressful but we have to press on

All the learning we do takes us back to day one

Flowers That Blossom

The flowers that blossom in the early spring

Are there for the bees and the birds that sing

The flowers that blossom in August and September

Are there in the summer for you to remember

When the winter comes and the snow is deep

You look out of the window then go back to sleep

After a while you hear the birds on the wing

It is then that you know it is next spring

The Mist On The Hill

The mist has settled upon the hill

It is there next morning when you wake up still

You lie back down and close your eyes

Then you wait for the sun to rise

Then once more you look at the hill again

The mist has gone and there is no rain

Up in the sky no clouds to be seen

The sheep and cows are in a field of green

The rabbits and squirrels run all around the place

They seem so tame when they look you in the face

The Water’s Edge

As I walked along the water’s edge

My footprints in the sand

The sea it washed over my feet

The world was in my hand

When I looked all around

I could see the distant mountains

In this lovely town and harbour

There was in the square a tiny fountain

People sat about not giving a care

Music from the little café just floated through air


I woke up one morn

And a star was born

In the church was a shining chalice

In a cradle below sleeping soft and low

Was my beautiful granddaughter Alice

She opened her eyes and began to smile

At all the people walking down the aisle

They all smiled back and began to wave and peep

The next thing we knew she was fast asleep

Happy Birthday Alice

She’s all grown up now she is three

She thinks she’s too big to sit on mammy’s knee

She plays with Matthew her little brother

They fight over toys and throw cushions at each other

While they are fighting, she bears him no malice

So I’d just like to say, “Happy Birthday to Alice”

Happy Birthday Matthew

Now I am one and I can stand

I can knock things over with the swish of my hand

I crawl around the floor on all fours

If I can bend forward I can feel my toes

How I long to climb those stairs

But daddy’s put a gate up, but then who cares

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