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Midnight Dreamscape: A Poetry Collection

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My ruptured visual and auditory senses
render me in a state of confusion.
Hallucinatory happiness disrupts
an already unquiet mind,
a tortured mind full of syntactical error.
Others tilt their heads at me with a quizzical stare.

my mind races,
fast paced,
buzzing thoughts,
flashing words

followed by ellipses zipping through my head,
but only bits come out,
pieces fall in a fragmented past,
my lips like echoes of primitive sounds
that were once heard in caves or bedrooms
with the lights turned off.
A breeze catches me and traps
me within my own webbing.

It will all come together,
everything will find its place and fit,
no longer will I have to wear a mask,
conceal myself with an echo of me to
hide my disjointed and jumbled self,
the nonsensical will disentangle,
and all will be lucid in dreams.

Your Name Written In Graffiti

Your name written in graffiti,
face drawn into the stars,
body stretched in chalk
across wet pavement,
your thoughts compressed
into my capillaries,
bewildered by your stare,
I soften my gaze, hypnotized by yours.

The highway of my subconscious
mapped into your eyes,
circled within your halo,
cast into your dreams.

Transformed into night scares,
I see your face and my
chest flutters remembering
what I used to feel,
what I used to think, and
everything I knew—what
I was so certain about—
falls apart because
I’m not so sure anymore.

Everything that keeps me strong
falters when you’re near,
everything that keeps me moving
makes me feel exposed.


I’m searching, wondering
waiting, hoping to find that
something I will never have,
something that will never be,
what was, what is, what could be,
holds me together like strength
in the broken places,
like time in the open spaces,
and the words tumble like
stones rolling down the mountainside.

Bleached Memories

bleached memories


captured in

a still life painting

let the atoms

vibrate into a molecular being

collide into me

as we soar into

the space carved

within the celestial realm

ripples in the atmosphere

a magnetic pull

forces a change in the gravitation

between us

you move towards me

come closer, to the earth

As We Intersect

I shriek into the void,

it echoes, bouncing back,
reverberated screams,
thoughts unspool,

I depersonalize,
twisting and churning
apart from within unnoticed.

Pharmaceutical residue
stains taint my dermis.

These are birthmarks
of my decline and demise.

Buddha dives into the
vibrant ocean. I scramble
to reach a mirage of you.

My tongue laps up
water with thirst.

The sea promises
to turn into wine
as the tide pulls
me under.

I wave to you broken
up with laughter

one last time.

Imagination Fissures

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