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Treason Cantos

Poems 2014-2017

Catherine B. Krause

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baseball on the radio

The Bible as a Feminist-Friendly Boyfriend


Church of Nothing


damned if you don’t

Dare to Be Different: Rip Your Face Off

donald trump

Donald Trump Congratulates Himself on the Crucifixion of Jesus

Don’t Forget These 5 Lifehacks When Monsters Eat the Corners of the Earth



[first down]

From June 2015 in LGBTQ History

The Gay Neo-Fascist’s Rant


The Herd

Here’s Why This Stunning Visual of Goddess Kali Is Giving People Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Home Is Where They Say “Pop”

How I Spent My Immobilizing Year-Long Depression

How to Be the Exact Opposite of Ezra Pound

I Agree With Your Position But Condemn Your Attempts to Escape It

Identity Plush

If I Were a Dolphin I Would Spend All My Time on a Shower Curtain

The Insider’s Guide to Washington, DC

Kristallnacht 2019

List of Things That Weren’t Normal Before 2017

Literally Ironic

Lonely Room

My Ex-Partner

My Nightmare

To the Next-Door Neighbor

On a Cosmic Level, Everyone Is a Puppy

Or in Biblical Terms

President Baby Syndrome

The Problem With Holidays

9 Reasons Latin Wouldn’t Work as an International Language in the 21st Century


The Same Earth

Scriptations 2 and 5

The Season

Sensitive Persephone

she was in the way

Space Ex for Virgins

Starving Mutts Bring Down the Twin Towers


The Taming of Life

This Word Has No English Equivalent Whatsoever


Treason Cantos (Bits of Bits of Years)

26 Unexpected Places to Find Satan





watching him with her

What to Do When You’re Homeless

Why Pineapples Cause Vivid Dreams

Yahweh’s Butt

You Said

your fetishes

About the Author


Originally published at Red Booth Review

The next day is always hard,

remembering chocolate pie

and the poem's meaning,

trying not to lose your gifts:

a birthday suit extension,

a new morning gown,

a top-heavy woman's top,

lukewarm coffee,

cut your hand shaving.

The computer is a tool

bred out from the earth

for higher purposes than

using the desire to lose.

baseball on the radio

Originally published at Uut Poetry

yesterday baseball was on the radio

but i hate baseball games they annoy me so much

the announcers and the crowd and the static

so i went to turn it off but it was already off

and the game was still playing

why don't you make the most of it asked one of the elves

buy yourself a hot dog but i couldn't do it

hot dogs are people

The Bible as a Feminist-Friendly Boyfriend

Originally published at Uut Poetry

I consider myself a feminist he says,

holding the door and pulling my chair out.

We all know I'm the one who has to ask you

for what you have to give me. But don't give it up tonight,

respect yourself. You'll give me plenty when we're married.

I'd like to work all day for you and let you stay at home,

with only some chores to do and some children to raise,

so you'll never have to worry about important things,

because you're a treasure, because you're special.

I want to give you everything you desire, he says:

nice dresses, respectable ones, not too slutty

because I don't want anyone's eyes on you,

sewing needles, the most delicious food to cook,

a selection of lingerie that I think you would really love

to wear around me, and a son named after me.

You'll be a queen in my house, I'll be the king,

and we will be partners in the covenant of the Lord,

listening equally to what He wants each of us to do.


Originally published in Fusion: Ohio's Advocate for LGBT Issues

we were both starting hormones

then you were dead

you're better than the world that survived you

you shouldn't have let it get to you

you should've given it time

i'm a lot happier now

but you're not

we've all grown up and gotten better

but you haven't

and we need you as much as ever

Church of Nothing

Originally published as "The Church of Nothing" in The Opiate, Spring 2016, Vol. 5, p. 43.

Don't worry about it. Tell no one.

One foot in front of the other,

as fast as you can. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. It's fine. Don't

worry." Give your throat a wash,

get it nice and clean. You'll

need to relieve the pressure.

Join the pack! There's strength

in numbers, if you're one of them, but

you don't chase rabbits down tunnels

and rip them apart. You're the rabbit,

and you know it. Keep calm, now.

Find yourself a hole to crawl into.

Drown yourself, blow up your heart.

It's too late.


Originally published at

She covers her arms and legs

with lye every day,

burning and itching and thinking

"I'm gonna look so good."

damned if you don't

Originally published in Fusion: Ohio's Advocate for LGBT Issues

Conceptual translation of the below Esperanto poem

licking his lips

he stares at the box

the contents are hidden

it's hard to pull off but it keeps you safe

as long as he doesn't unwrap you

Tie ĉi malbone

Originally published in Penseo, issue 287

—laŭ ĉinesko Dekses-Silabo


rigardanta kun dezir'

ne scias,

ke mi estas kvir'.


kaŝo gardas min (defi'


de la transfobi'.


de la beno de vual':

post lerno

pri sana detal',


tia ĉi individu'


afablados plu,

ĉu mi, pro bola baldaŭ'


al la malantaŭ'?

Dare to Be Different: Rip Your Face Off

Originally published in Degenerates: Voices for Peace, Bullying Edition, p. 12.

Light your face on fire with the end of a cigarette.

Cut the edges, rip it off; are you a bad enough dude?

They say you’re harming yourself, but if that were true,

why would it be the hot new trend that everyone was doing?

Nietzsche says that anyone who won’t is a weak inferior born servant,

at least I think that’s what he says, but the only thing I ever read

was 4chan’s /pol/ ‘cause it’s the edgiest thing when a cat jumps off

a cliff to catch an invisible mouse he read about on Breitbart,

falling into a hole and blaming those feminists and immigrants

(I knew it was them, even when it was the queers,

and the smoke alarm went off because Jews were trying to cuck me

and give my toothbrush to trannies who didn’t even deserve it.)

donald trump

Originally published in Fusion: Ohio's Advocate for LGBT Issues

i see donald trump on tv

and i say i am glad

i am not donald trump

but really i wish i had

never been

that kind of monster

Donald Trump Congratulates Himself on the Crucifixion of Jesus

Originally published at

I got up from the bench

I was sleeping on in DuPont Circle,

cleaned up, bought new makeup and new clothes,

grew breasts, endured attacks

by conspiracies of friends and strangers,

and walked back to the circle

where there were half-naked people,

corporate sponsors, and a bigoted preacher screaming,

"You abominations should be ashamed of yourselves!"

so I lifted my shirt up and shook my new breasts

as close to his face as I could through the wall of police officers

defending his free speech instead of our right to be safe from harassment,

mocked him and heckled him, ridiculed him, laughed at his beliefs,

and then, the next day, a bigot in another city

made me want to lie back down,

but I couldn't, because I had things to do,

people to see, and only 24 hours.

Don't Forget These 5 Lifehacks When Monsters Eat the Corners of the Earth

Originally published at Uut Poetry

I lift my nose up from the pile to ask, “Are you still beating holes in the crackpot you swam up the stream to engender?” You tell me not to be so serious. Bacteria say hello to each other when they pass, exchanging small talk and genomes. I hope the space emperor will grant us asylum before our planet is devoured by his henchmen. Everything will work out just fine; I know because I read the writing in the sand and swallowed a great fish that fed me for a lifetime.


Originally published at Uut Poetry

In a time vortex
we are catapults,
eins zwei drei,
cannons over the white lead,
right left sails hoy[…]
garbage dormitories
sandle the back
of Twitter rants
at five in the morning
in the backroads of Nepal
where not even your red cups
will be enough
to save the universe
from forgetting us.


Originally published in The Opiate, Spring 2016, Vol. 5, p. 45.


everything is fine.

[first down]

Originally published in Rabbit Ears: TV Poems (NYQ Books, 2015), p. 222.

first down


second down


third down


fourth down

From June 2015 in LGBTQ History

Originally published in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Volume 17:2, Spring 2016

Being a fetish,

defining poetry:

just another weekend

with my Brilliant Odor.

I read his fuzzy body

what I wrote about his mind.

He tugs the leash I'm holding

with his neck to shut me up.

I'd compose a different suite

with this dog and his two cats,

giving him treats on demand

from my cage atop his pedestal.

Watching my parallel bench-bum,

not far away from the hospital,

I've found a reason to sell out:

now sleep is finally possible.

The Gay Neo-Fascist’s Rant

Originally published in Pøst-, Issue 1.3.

I'll pound all your asses and faces,

you cultural Marxist liberal cucks

who think just because I like sex with men,

I should care about anyone else but myself.

It’s PC for the virtuous queer to cry tears

for the little guy himself,

but that faggot’s not me;

in fact my contempt for those queens only grows

when I picture their empathy,

picture that weak little shivering runt who I’m not:

I don’t mean a boy but a hairy old man (he’s not me)

who needs poppers and Viagra to move his limp dick.

You think just because I climbed up off your backs

I should care about helping you up like I promised?

I'll pound all your asses and faces,

you cultural Marxist liberal cucks.


Originally published at

Translation of the Esperanto poem below

Mom's goal was to graduate college

but dad's goal was mom.


Originally published at

La celo de panjo estis diplomitiĝi

sed la celo de paĉjo estis panjo.

The Herd

Originally published in cc&d magazine volume 253, Jan/Feb 2015

The ruthless beaks of the chickens, the ravenous appetites of the mother rodents, the giant erect cocks of the elephants congregating around the watering hole to exchange gossip.

Here’s Why This Stunning Visual of Goddess Kali Is Giving People Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Originally published at Uut Poetry, later in Gargoyle 65 under the name Valeria Numinosa

Whatever happened to the invisible hunger in the sky?

One moment I’m scratching your initials under my desk;

the next I’m being stalked by a Turkish-speaking man named Tom.

Seven customs officers didn’t bother to read

when I passed them a slip declaring two kilos of cocaine

hidden in the vortex of my soul. This is not to brag,

just to prove that I exist.

Home Is Where They Say "Pop"

Originally published at Uut Poetry

I was born forty minutes from where Mike Pence was born;

a settler with a puffy white beard took me to school

until I was 8 years old. Less than two years later,

I began to experience symptoms of "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective"

and a pamphlet stating, "The humanitarian vision of

liberalism can only arise under the growing corps

of religious nationalist youth signing up for army

service after studying at Bob Jones University," or

something like that. What did I ever do to deserve

your lap-nest, oh towers of Canada who stand at

the border of this natural mecca in the ghetto,

taunting me with dreams of free health care

and the rebirth of all the martyrs of the Holocaust?

Seed text:

Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel by Max Blumenthal, pp. 310-311.

How I Spent My Immobilizing Year-Long Depression

Originally published at Uut Poetry

I am in the lobby of an upscale office building, and the fate of the world rests on me. I run on four legs past the cocks in suits who are swaying back and forth and talking about the presidential debates in that recognizably paternalist tone, and scuttle into the elevator, where I jump up and hide in between the ceiling and the material that is peeling off it. A couple of suits come into the elevator, then leave. I run out and there is a big round desk where a woman is typing. I jump up over the desk, so she can see me, and wave, so she gets up and walks out. I go over to her desk, and there is a full sandwich bar. I make myself a sandwich with onions, pickles, jalapeños, banana peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, olives, and mustard. I eat the sandwich. I am saved.

How to Be the Exact Opposite of Ezra Pound

Originally published at Uut Poetry

1. Admit you are fully irrational and accept responsibility for it.

2. Buy a Chinese-English dictionary, select a random word, and put its literal English translation into the poem you're writing.

3. Use the benefits of obscurity to satisfy marginalized stomachs.

4. Prefer hearing popular songs sung in overflowing unison to reading endless sheet music in the library.

5. Vote against Donald Trump, then blame your busy self for not doing enough when the world still ends up going to shit.

6. Stay in places where you don't feel you belong and reach contentment by helping whoever needs and asks for it.

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