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What black delirious daylight sets you forward in the boat

Robin Wyatt Dunn

Published by John Ott

San Diego, California


Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-940830-21-6

LOC 2017942275

I love you

like the drifts of wood

earning their ordure in the black sea.

imbue me

I am here

weathered in your lee

to hear your voice

now we are beginning

I have called you;

to learn the ages of your eyes

they are many;

too many for me;

how can anyone live with so many ages?

Like the wood would stop growing

to fold itself under the ground.

where are the pages of your step?

I've not seen them.

Infinite, but where is even one?

I could have moved it, maybe

when I was drunk

and the wind was in my eyes

magnet for my arm to your ankle

I love you for coarse

the embodiment of dumb

it's dumb, the earth

dumb, the poem

it will never speak

it has no light

nor any thought of any

it shudders in the thunder of the bomb

I bomb you

with love

from the sky

I rain bombs of love

great and terrible love

shining bombs

holy love

igniting your house

and your eyes

I am god, at least in this moment,

sent to terrify your city

with all of our love

white hot and shaking the ground

unbelievable and eternal love

shall root thee to your spot

so to mark your face with the wisdom of it

no one shall burn like me

I am only the poet

Strap me in

for twenty hours

the vibrating engines will numb me to sleep.

drifting east

to the renewal of our guns

undulous, napping

I turn away for the mirror of my dream

(somewhere in a dark apartment with a murderous man)

Civilian he no know the city

Civilian he no know the right

I got two cents and a shark says I'm the mark for the hour

Gut me with your guts

And strew me around the place

I'm a poet, I can take it

I stick readily to walls and bar stools

I am residue

I am a glommer

And I can reglom too;

When you're done;

and all thought of running is fled

I shall surround you with my lines

Don't fence me in;

I'll fence you in

for every fence knows how much he can get

for every sharpened word

Burn me when it's close to dark

and the spark of the arc of the day brims over

and sucks you up inside

I'm one inside the dark

I'm the cummerbund of love



Flat and caped and silk,

A rape of love,

A band of love,

A shield:

A sword:

a wedding without fame

or name

or place

or memory

wedding the flashing sight of forty-five

with the years of plenty in the dust

To you anonymous lover

Unknown lover

Drunken lover

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