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Dying Dahlia Review

Editor: Abbie Copeland

Cover Art:

“Desert Flower” by Ashley Parker Owens



One Year Dead Janée J. Baugher

Donkeyskin Kate Garrett

Rest in Shards Samantha Warford

Of a Tuesday, mid-morning Emily Reid Green

Brush Made from Baby Wolf Hair Yuan Changming

Salamander Diane D. Gillette

Puzzle Toti O’Brien

Adulterer Megan Mealor

Complete Combustion Ann Stewart McBee

Apprehension Lind Grant-Oyeye

Mercy Jocelyn Suarez

Facing the Elephant Priscilla Atkins

The Volcano Parliament Abigail George

Clouds Mohini Malhotra

Two Truths Susan L. Leary

Child Rebecca Larkin

Three Women on a Rack Catherine Arra

Snowline Yuan Changming

Banshee Woman Sarah Lilius

Snail’d Alex DiSclafani

Chicken Soup Nancy Iannucci

Lemon Meringue Priscilla Atkins

The Girl on the Roof Cathy Ulrich

a ravaged statue Megan Mealor

Two Lines Eileen Velthuis, Anuja Ghimire, Bryanna Licciardi

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