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Words of My Heart

Blaque Diamond

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About This Book

Pure Love And Heartbreak

Everyday Love

Second Chance

I’ll Wait



Love On The Beach

If Loving You Is Wrong

Piece Of My Heart

Prisoner Of Love


Personal Testimonies

Tears I Cry

I Am

Someone Like Me

Last Fight

If Only

Dear Grandmother,

Blind Rage

A Blaque Diamond

Bad Romance

Thank You Daddy

Angel Wings

Final Farewell

Gone But Not Forgotten

Forever Angel

Goodbye For Now

Color Life Black

Chocolate Drops

To You In Blue

Who Is She?

Black On Black

Single Mothers

Heavy Burdens

Faith, Love And Hope

Don’t Give Up


Have A Little Faith

Know Your Worth

Stand Strong

Sexual Healing


Dr. Morehead

Office Romance

Naughty By Nature

Mr. Licalotapus

Mr. Wood

Uncategorized But Still Poetry

Clear Bruises

Blessings Are The Children

Heart Song

Nice To Meet You

Trophy Girl

Words Of Fire

Just A Smile

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About This Book

Blaque Diamond explores the world through words. She touches different aspects of life including love, erotica, death, heartbreak, and inspiration. She even delves into her own personal testimonies for which she tells her stories straight from the heart. There is a little of everything you can think of included in this collection of carefully hand-picked poetry. Let her words flow from her heart to yours.

Pure love and Heartbreak

Everyday love

Our love is not celebrated just once a year.

There is no guess work, our feelings are clear.

We celebrate our love each and every day.

By the things we do and by the things we say.

Gifts and flowers are special treats;

But our communication is the sweetest of sweets.

Let’s go out, let’s enjoy the night;

Then when we get back we can get each other right.

Our love creates its very own music.

Shot in the heart with the arrows of cupid.

Sometimes things are done and sometimes things are said;

But we cannot be angry with each other before going to bed.

Quality time is a relationship must.

We can’t be complete without loyalty and trust.

You’ve locked down my heart, you have the key.

Even though sometimes we may not agree.

Compromise and sacrifice is the name of the game.

As your wife, I am proud to carry your last name.

My heart is full of love, my eyes desire.

One kiss from you lights my body on fire.

We are building a foundation for everlasting love.

We are made for each other, we fit like a glove.

You are considerate of my feelings, and I am of yours.

You are a gentleman, you still open doors.

Sometimes it’s the little things in love that really count.

I will accept all of your love in no certain amount.

Just a simple hug to let me know you care.

If I need someone to talk to you are always there.

We tell each other about how we really feel.

This love is no fantasy, this love is real.

Going out together is never an issue.

I’m proud to be by your side, I’m proud to be with you.

Our captivating love radiates through our smiles.

The twists and turns of this love journey go for miles and miles.

We are best friends as well as lovers.

I can’t see us ever loving any others.

Our love is not celebrated just once a year.

There is no guess work, our feelings are clear.

We celebrate our love each and every day.

By the things we do and by the things we say.

Second Chance

If only I could have the chance

Another opportunity

To do things over again

I would take it with no hesitation

A chance to make things right with you

Take back the angry words

That we rained upon each other’s heart

What was said wasn’t really meant

It was just the anger talking

If I could have a chance

To redo the hands of time

Get back our spine-tingling love

Rekindle the flames

To get things back

To the way it is supposed to be

Recreate the magic we used to share

All I need is another chance

To be with you again

We can right the wrongs

Wipe away all the tears

We can get the old thing back

It is going to take some time

But all we need

Is that second chance

I’ll Wait

I’ll wait until you come my way.

My true love that was meant for me.

When we find each other, our love will stay.

With each other together for eternity.

I’m in no rush to find out what’s out there.

Because the one meant for me he will know.

That all he needs is right here.

Just waiting to tell him so.

We will know that it is true love.

Because the way we feel will make it clear.

It will be blessed from the heavens above.

Because god will always be near.

Our hearts intertwined together,

Will be the center of our life.

Love, loyalty, and trust forever,

You will find in me your wife.

We will always make it through.

All the stormy nights and rocky roads.

Because you love me and I love you,

And we know how this love thing goes.

Things won’t always be perfect,

But we will stand together strong.

Because in the end we know our love is worth it,

Even when things are going wrong.

We will always cherish the love we have,

And never let anyone come in between.

Because we are blessed with what we have.

You’re my king and I’m your queen.

Our unity, our partnership,

Will reign like an empire.

This beautiful, wonderful courtship,

Will hopefully inspire.

I will adore you, and you will adore me.

Our love radiating through,

Loving each other faithfully,

As true lovers should do.

So, I’ll wait patiently for you.

Until it’s our turn for love, in due time.

For things to fall into place the way they do,

Then I will be yours and you will be mine.



Her heart in two

Excruciating pain

For a love lost

Lies and betrayal

Caused these irregular heart beats

The space so hollow

Caving in her chest


Has her crying out from within

Tears of pain

Trails rivers down her face

Why does love hurt so much?

Why to her?

When all she wanted is to love

And be loved

A dismal world

She sees through clouded vision

Blurred by her many tears cried

For a broken love


Her heart needs time

To mend and heal

To bring back the laughter

Anger and disappointment

Have her thinking the worst

That she isn’t meant to be loved

By anyone

Or everything she should love

Is pain and incompleteness

This hurt shall pass

And she will love again

The pieces of her broken heart

Will be fixed

The sorrow filled

Tears of happiness will replace

The trails of pain

Will be no more

She will no longer be

A broken-hearted woman

Love on the Beach

Walking together on the sun-bleached sand.

The gentle waves crashing against the shore.

Wrapped in our own little world hand in hand,

As the fish’s dance on the ocean floor.

Seagulls flying high against the blue sky.

Let’s enjoy a beach picnic just for two.

Lost in each other’s space just you and I.

Feeding each other the way lovers do.

Playing some music to set the mood right.

Talking and laughing as the day goes by.

We can stay all day until the moonlight.

On our blankets of divine love we lie.

A beautiful day of pure love this is,

As we end our day with a few kisses.

If Loving You is Wrong

If loving you is wrong,

Then I am willing to pay the price,

Because what we have feels oh so right.

If loving you is wrong,

Why do I feel so alive?

And I get excited every time that you arrive.

If loving you is wrong,

If this kind of love is hard to find,

Then why are you constantly on my mind?

If loving you is wrong,

Then why am I glowing so bright?

My aura radiating through the dark night.

If loving you is wrong,

Why is it you I want to stand beside?

With love in my eyes and a since of pride.

If loving you is wrong,

And I want to be your wife,

Grant me this one wish for the rest of my life.

If loving you is wrong,

Then I don’t wanna be right.

Because I need a love like yours in my life.

So, loving you isn’t wrong.

That we can’t deny.

No matter how we try.

Loving you isn’t wrong,

And we know exactly why.

It’s that sparkle you have for me in your eye.

Piece of my heart

Should I give it to him?

My heart?

My friendship?

Just a piece of my heart.

I have feelings for him,

But I am not sure.

Is he worthy,

Of a piece of my heart?

Will he love me truly?

Care like he says he does?

Will he appreciate,

A piece of my heart?

Are we meant to be?

Together forever?

Will he value,

A piece of my heart?

Love has hurt me before.

Will he do the same?

I’m just not sure,

If I should give him a piece of my heart.

So conflicted inside, I am,

Struggling with my fears.

Will I regret,

Giving him a piece of my heart?

Once I give him all the pieces.

It will make a whole.

A whole heart, to cherish.

Made from all the pieces of my heart.

Prisoner of love

My heart wants exactly what it wants.

Beating rapidly is my hearts response.

I never want to lose this beautiful feeling.

It’s my hopelessly imprisoned love you are stealing.

Being shackled to you is something I don’t mind.

Another love like this I won’t ever find.

Cuffed together as eternal prisoners.

This kind of love needs no weekly visitors.

Locked behind our invisible bars.

Our words of love carved like permanent scars.

The bail to escape this love is denied.

You wouldn’t be able to break out even if you tried.

We’re caged together like two love birds.

Our only conversation is the sound of our sweet words.

We don’t need food; we can survive off love alone.

The next time we will see the daylight to us is unknown.

The guards know they can’t break this love up.

To get through to our hearts can’t be done with back up.

The judge can throw the entire book at us,

And I promise you that we won’t make a single fuss.

We don’t mind that our love is locked down.

Because when we are together our love is always around.

There’s no need for fancy expensive lawyers.

We’re guilty as charged so command your orders.

There is no probation or early release date.

I don’t want anyone else as my love mate.

I’d rather we stay in our love cell together.

With a love like this we can make it through whatever.

My heart is jailed, and yours is too.

There is no other I’d do my time with than you.


This thing I’m feeling comes as a surprise.

I feel like I have a new smile and sparkle in my eyes.

I think of only you each morning when I rise.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t disguise.

The way I feel about you I can’t explain.

Thoughts and memories of you are always on my brain.

These feelings are good I can’t complain.

I just hope my feelings won’t be in vain.

No one could’ve told me I would fall for you.

Because this is not something I normally do.

They say age is just a number, well, I guess that’s true.

Because before meeting you I didn’t have a clue.

That a man like you could even exist,

So far you have all A’s on my checklist.

I am so curious I can’t resist.

Wanting to know what it will be like when we first kiss.

I definitely did not go looking for love.

I guess fate had its own plans, sort of.

Someone was working their own magic above.

I want to know what it is like to be truly loved.

I have been hurt and disappointed in love in my past.

My heart broken into pieces and even smashed.

I don’t know what is in our future forecast.

But I hope it is the love I have been searching for at long last.

These feelings are different; these feelings are new.

So, I hope your feelings are solid; I hope they are true.

This may be a lot to swallow, or even to chew,

But I think I am falling in love with you.

Personal testimonies

Tears I cry

They keep falling

These tears from my eyes

No matter how hard I try

They seem to never end

I don’t want to feel this way

But I just can’t help the pain

It hurts me to my core

My heart shattered into pieces

The never-ending well

Continues to overflow with my sorrows

Each tear representing a separate hurt

So many tears it’s too many to count

A lonely heart

The feeling of being unloved

Past tears combine with present tears

Creating this non-stop river

Unhappiness fills my being

My tears reflecting my pain

Holding so much inside

That the only release is through tears

Hot, salty and pain-filled tears

Stain my saddened face

My heart filled with anguish

From the torture of my sorrows

Gut-wrenching sobs

Escapes from the depths of my soul

Every tear that falls

Causes my heart to break even more

All the weight of my life

Weighing down my shoulders

Causing these tears to fall

These tears that I cry

I am

I am,

More than meets the eye.

What you see isn’t all there is to me.

Delve into my soul and discover.

All the things that make up me.

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