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Sounds Of The Soul

Brenda Gooding

Sounds Of The Soul

Copyright 2013 Brenda Gooding

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Table of Contents



Thanks to the Solider

Memorial Day



A Mothers Love

The Things I Hold

To My Daughters

Landen Wins The Race

Ninja Dalton

Jace the Cop

Big Orange

Robin the Pirate


No Happily Everafter


My Knight

My Tree

The Wedding Promise

Going Back


Voices of the Mind

The Ocean


Who is That

Somewhere in My Dreams

A QuestionAnswered

I’ll Never Walk Alone Again

Time To Go


The Thorn

The Shroud

The Seeds of Yesterday

The Chosen Road

Home of My Own

Tell Me Why


The Finger

Standing Here

When We Met and You Left

The Final Stand

Analysis Done

The Judge

Nothing Left to Give


Only Time Will Tell


Smoking Gun

I’m Sorry


It’s All You

A Word to the Wise

Hearts at War


Finding a Way Through

The Seeds Of Yesterday

Have A Drink On Me



Reaper Wonderings

Losing Someone

To The Tormentor


The Chosen Road

Someone I’d Be Proud to Know

Someone to See Me

The Ropes Never Come Untied on a Sunny Day

Pattern of Pain



Here and Now




Inside Suicide

No White Light



The eagle flies proud and true over the land of the free.

Different nationalities working together, it’s what he likes to see.

There was a time when this wasn’t so.

So he speaks to us of history long ago.

He flies serenely through the skies and speaks of times of sorrow.

Of battles lost and won and prayers for peace tomorrow.

He speaks of men and women, who gave their lives and more.

But it was always true that these were times of war.

He knows these things are necessary, for our land we must protect.

The time is here once more for the grief he does detect.

No war about no sign nor warning.

Terror rained from the sky this morning.

They struck quick and hard scarring our nations face.

Devastation all around, seemingly from no place.

Oh, they have a victory, although it is ill-gotten.

Thousands lost and dead, but not forgotten.

The price for this will be high; of this you have been told.

It’s time for retribution, and this we value more than gold.

You have been warned you will pay.

Unlike you, we will not fight the cowards’ way.

This is America proud and true, and you shall see.

We are home of the brave, land of the free.

A nation built on strength and pride.

And you will regret the day our eagle cried.


We were the victim of a brutal attack.

Yet our lady still stands our freedom intact.

As she stood and watched the towers fall down.

Her message was clear to those all around.

The gate is open, the giant has awaken.

And she is not happy with what they have taken.

She does not like to hurt and maim.

But will do as she has to just the same.

She has been through too much, her people worked hard.

Think of the majestic towers, now burnt and charred.

Hope against hope and dealing with strife.

Searching the rubble for signs of life.

Working together, one nation one voice.

The sad thing is you’ve left us no choice.

Yes we’ve stumbled but we’ve not fell.

You think you’re not sorry but time will tell.

Your reign of terror is over, this warning you should heed.

We won’t show you mercy, so do not concede

Thanks to the solider

Many young soldiers have died fighting for our rights and what we believe.

And many parents stand at their grave sides and grieve.

This must surely be the ultimate price to pay.

And I’m sorry for your loss, doesn’t seem enough to say.

And though we are grateful, this has proven true.

How many of us have really thought about what they go through.

I try to put myself in the soldiers place.

And I find it hard to imagine the fear they face.

They leave their homes and families and the comforts of their bed.

To go to a land unknown and fight a war we dread.

To sleep on a cot, and sometimes on the ground.

Keeping one eye open, waking at every sound.

To look in the face of a stranger, and take his life away.

How hard this must be, watch over them lord I pray.

War is never easy but sometimes we have no choice.

I’ve heard people say it’s wrong with lots of criticisms to voice.

But should they wake tomorrow with enemy soldiers on their lawn.

To find they’ve taken over and all our rights are gone.

To no longer voice opinions without penalty of jail.

Would their convictions still stand or would they fail.

I look at my children happy and laughing as they play.

And know I owe these soldiers, a debt of gratitude I can never repay.

Memorial Day

He went to war a young boy, but would return a grown man

He would fight for freedom, return a hero, dying wasn't in the plan

But one lonely night his platoon was taken by surprise

And the last thing he saw was cloudy foreign skies

They returned his body in a plain wooden box

The whispers of sorrow, lord how everybody talks

We took him to the cemetery behind the big white church

And here is where his body rest underneath the shady birch

Sometimes I go sit with him and we speak of all the changes through the years

And every year on Memorial Day I still shed some tears

He was such a wonderful boy, and a hero as a man

And I have missed him every single day as only a mother can

I still dream he walls among us and sometimes I see him late at night

I tell him how much I miss him and see him smile in the pale moon light

Each year I gather with thousands of others, to celebrate the life he gave

And thank all the young men and women gone for being so very brave

With each life a dozen hearts were lost as well

And they each have a story they cannot tell

But we have given them a holiday we all can share

To tell their stories so they are not forgotten and show how much we care


Your hundreds of miles away, in a strange and foreign land.

Fighting for your country and the freedom it demands.

When darkness falls and the day’s work is done.

You need some rest but can’t seem to get none.

When you’re lonely, cold, and scared.

Remember then the memories we’ve shared.

Remember the laughter, smiles, the songs, the sounds.

So whenever you need us you can bring us all around.

Remember we love you and we miss you to.

And please remember to keep you safe whatever you do.


I became someone I didn’t know, when faced with death and fear

That was another lifetime, a world away from here

I was in the army, proud to serve and do my part

I still remain so, but things I’ve done have permanently scarred my heart

Bodies shot, burnt and charred, unsure of how to feel

Sent in to clean up, made these deeds so very real

All were enemies, men, women, and children cut down in the name of war

And the baby in his mama’s arms, yes, enemy that’s what he died for

I’ve shoveled human remains so burnt they just crumbled

Bodies shot and bloody, one after the other, in a hole were tumbled

Faces twisted in agony and fear ,that hurt my heart and left me badly shaken

For these were people I didn’t know, yet their lives I’d taken

I watched my best friend kill himself, with no need to ask why

And I felt so numb inside, I couldn’t even cry

We all know that in war these things are done

But you never know the true horror of it until you’ve been in one

I don’t want anyone to know the things that I’ve done

So I live daily with the shame of it, and I tell no one

The battle may have been won, but there was no victory for me

The images and memories will never set me free

And although I’m not a captive in a foreign land somewhere

I remain a prisoner of a war that once took me there

A Mothers Love

Nights spent by his bedside with worry and wonder

Instead of in her bed in peaceful slumber

All this suffering her baby must endure

And she, a helpless mother when there is no cure

And suffer he has since the day of his birth

The doctors said he had but a few years on this earth

Anger flared within at the advice she was given

For they had no idea how furiously with love she was driven

She had carried this child for nine months in her womb

And in her heart love was already abloom

They said put him in a home let someone else give his care

And now and then go visit him there

The problems are many the pleasures are few

So don’t get attached whatever you do

Through the problems, the illness, and the surgeries to

She’s stayed by his side loyal and true

He’s lived beyond the years she was told

His smile to her brings more pleasure then gold

She’s been through enough and knows the predictions are true

But strong she is and faces each day anew

Dreading the day when they will come to past

And she will lose her precious boy at last

She does her best and gives what she can

And he has become a charming little man

Those that know him love him and are saddened by his plight

He has been an amazing little trooper and continues to fight

He’s happy and cheerful and fun to be around

He struggles and suffers yet you seldom see a frown

He’s strong and tough yet he’s soft and sweet

We know we’re blessed this child to meet

His mother, this woman, and her child so small

Should bring reflection and courage to us one and all

The Things I Hold

I have no need for silver and gold.

I have more important things to hold.

I hold in my memory the things I see.

The things that I hear, I touch, and I smell are all important to me.

But the three most important things that I hold.

Have eyes that are blue and green that sparkles with gold.

Hair of gold, copper and brown.

I cherish their innocent laughter as they clown around.

Their eyes alight with discoveries all new.

And the questions of how and why that drive me crazy to.

To see their eyes twinkle and smiles aglow.

Fills my heart with happiness just how much I love them they will never know.

To My Daughters

When a child is born emotions run high.

The love you feel is indescribable, still I’d like to try

This child so fragile, so tiny and new.

This life entrusted entirely to you.

Lay in your arms, the first time to hold.

Loving so intensely though, she’s mere minutes old.

You vow to protect her, for this cause you would die.

To love and cherish her and to hold her should she cry.

And you can’t imagine ever loving any deeper then you do.

But love is a living thing and it grows with you.

It becomes stronger each day and your hearts intertwine.

Till one day you realize no deeper love you’ll find.

You think it’s a love you cannot share.

But you’ll find it anew with each child you bear.

Never doubt this love when you feel things have gone wrong.

For even in times of woe this bond is strong.

There are circumstances in life that will keep us apart, remember how much I care.

Just place your hand on your heart, you’ll find me there.

We may be miles apart at times but you will find.

We are together forever our hearts intertwined.

Landen wins the Race

There’s this race car driver called Landen, seems he’s made himself quite a name

He wins all the races he enters and calls the other drivers lame

But the other drivers think he cheats and says he’s not so hot

You see he picks his nose and flicks it at them and it’s quite healthy snot

He sticks his butt out the window and craps in the air

And it plops on the windshield and splats everywhere

Just when you think there is nothing else he could do

He throws balloons full of syrup out the window at you

When ask about these antics he says it’s not cheating it’s a means to an end

He selectively enhances his chances to win

Ninja Dalton

There is this ninja, Dalton is his name

Stealth and wealth is his game

My skills are for hire but it’ll cost you a mint

And before he’ll deliver you’ll pay every cent

He’ll do the job as well as he said

He will stay at your house but he pees the bed

Naw I’m just kidding he doesn’t pee anymore

But he does drool and slobber and track mud on the floor

He’ll sneak up behind you but you won’t know he’s there

And he’ll fart silently but so hard it’ll vibrate your underwear

When the smell hits, your eyes cross, and you’ll look around

But he’s gone like a flash nowhere to be found

You sit down to eat and there are bugs in your meal

But he’s across the room smiling, just keeping it real

Your pants hit the floor, and you grab for them as you fall

To late, you’ve just mooned everyone in the mall

There’s this trick with a mop, a bucket, a mirror and more

Just trust me you don’t want to find out what those things are for

He’ll play these practical jokes and some are just silly

So come on you don’t want to go through this, not really

So give him his money as quick as you can

Get him out of your house, get rid of this man

Jace the Cop

Jace is a policeman and he enforces the law

If you have a problem he’s the man to call

He’s strong and true with lots of smarts

But don’t get to close, because he farts

And he’ll say woops there it goes

And laugh till snot bubbles from his nose

Ok, ok, he’ll say whiz poppin’s fun

But let’s get serious and get this job done

When all is settled and he’s on his way out

You’ll shake your head and wonder with doubt

Because on his way he fires off a few more

And you’ll hear him laughing till he shuts the car door

But if ever you have another issue he’s the one you’ll call

And you’ll do it without even a stall

Because he does his job and he does it right

And people listen to him without ever a fight

So even though he farts and the snot bubbles flow

He’s a good cop, as far as cops go

Big Orange

Peter is an engineer and he owns big orange the train

He drives it through the snow, wind and rain

He had to fight off sharks when he built tracks under the sea

He had to knock them out and cage them up, but since has set them free

He brought peace between human and alien, when he built tracks to the moon

And there are plans to branch out to the other planets soon

He brought tracks to all the lands and many creatures tamed

There are pictures in the dining car all neat and nicely framed

You can ride big orange to literally any place

But plan ahead they are quite busy, you must reserve your space

When the journey’s over and it’s time to shut it down

You can hear the people cheering as big orange comes to town

He says big orange and I have had such great big fun

But man it’s been a long day and I sure am glad it’s done

Peter hops into bed and pulls the covers to his chin

And with big orange tucked beside him he gives a great big grin

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