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Penciled Thoughts

Wesley Hesketh

Copyrighted 2017

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The Poems that are within can be so very black.

A Spiro into the pits of hell was a long dark fight with my mind. I was lost in it’s smoke filled hallways

So many different things were happening all at once I was frozen in life so these are my Penciled Thoughts.


Penciled Thoughts

All my Penciled Thoughts

are penned across the page.

Some are calm and placid

some are full of rage.

Each one tells a story

of what might have been.

All do show the people

just the mess I’m in.

If only for this moment

I might find a way.

I’ll try to paint a picture

with all the words I say.

But I seem to stumble

I trip n then fall down.

If I only have this life

I’ll turn it all around.

I think an understanding

is what I try to reach.

To lay the words in a row

But I will not preach.

But they will not listen

to anything I say.

And so this life of emptiness

will surely fade away.

But I’ll keep on trying

to make this plain to you.

So once again I’ll write it down

that’s what I’m going to do.

All the words I’ve written

Tell of this life I’ve bought.

They all tell the story

in this my Penciled Thoughts.


Table of Contents

Forward Penciled Thoughts

Me Life’s Way Only a Scream

Empty Words Finding Words My Yesterdays

Plastic People A Stranger in Me One Nation

Wonders A Rap Day Begins

Lost Within My Hero Frozen

Drifting Pages\ Lost in time Afterlife

Broken colors Thought Food Stormy Night

Understand Me Critique Depression

Where is My Dream All The Words What Now

Two In The Morning Lying Mind So Far Away

Pockets Lies Fixing It

Flight Carbon Copies One More Night

Taking Care My Mind Finding My Way

Up All Night Changes A Search for Joy

Mystic One Never Ending Sleep What Now?

Plain Words Realities of Life Sleepless Night

A Nightmare Borderline Test of Time

Drifting So Far Away

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It is that time again

time to look at me.

Not much to notice

not much to see.

Why must I be so mean?

without a try I hurt.

Tear me all apart

turn me into dirt.

It’s because of long ago

the pain was oh so real.

It happened every day

it hurt that’s what I feel.

Now I’ll take my time

ease into feeling good.

At least I’ll do my best

just like I knew I could.

I’ll try to forget the past

look only to the best.

I’ll laugh at long ago

that put me to the test.

Now in my quiet mind

I’ll see what there is to see.

Opening my eyes

and be what I can be.


Life’s Way

Why are we a people

that are so evil mean?

The way we treat each other

causes me to scream.

When we should be loving

we are so evil hate?

We think we are so right

as we write upon life’s slate.

Everyone else is wrong

our way is the best.

We don’t give out our love

we keep it to our chest.

We need to love each other

lift each other high.

If we can’t do just this

it will cause us all to die.

If I have two I’ll give you one

should be a golden rule.

And it would come back in kind

it would be oh so cool.

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