Excerpt for Love and Other Things (Poetry, Prose & Lyrics) by , available in its entirety at Smashwords


About Her (Acrostic)

Short & Sweet

Care Free Black Girl

Come as You Are

When Love is Like Water

Before She Said Hi

Jhene as Superwoman (lyrics)

Love Is….

About a Girl

Call When You Need Me

HeartBroken Gentleman

Love is a Verb


Angel (Lyrics)

Thinking of You

High off love

Life and its Irony

Something the Heart Can’t Brace For

Poem from a Poor Black Man


Heaven On Earth

Motel Room Blues

(The Hookers POV)

Motel Room Blues

(From the Daughter’s Eyes]

Motel Room Blues

(The Customer)

The Beauty behind the Pain


Piece of Peace



Chivalry is Dead

If I Die 2nite

Dear Death

Life is Precious

Love and Other Things a Collection of poetry, prose, and lyrics by Michael Tavon.

All pieces are original and were writer by the author.

The illustrations created by Woe89s may not be reused without the artist’s consent.

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