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Lines from the Scroll

A collection of poems

By Agbor Enya

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2017 Agbor Enya

All Rights Reserved

Cover design by Ebenezer Akom Andong

Calligraphy by Agbor Enya

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Table of Contents


Introduction to Lines from the Scroll


Line #1 The poet’s life

Line #2 Fancy girl

Line #3 Billie Jean

Line #4 Awakening

Line #5 Demon dance

Line #6 Divine disaster

Line #7 Embraced

Line #8 Drunken confessions

Line #9 Faded

Line #10 Gone

Line #11 Fountains of tears

Line #12 Mountain of flames

Line #13 Nature called

Line #14 Night terrors

Line #15 Bouquets and bullets

Line #16 Fernweh

Line #17 Hope on a string

Line #18 Kept secrets

Line #19 Lonely Cottage

Line #20 Midnight black

Line #21 Murder ballads

Line #22 Nocturnal

Line #23 Poisoned pen

Line #24 Reckless abandon

Line #25 Red right hand

Line #26 Wild horses

Line #27 The loner

Line #28 Goose bumps

Line #29 Shackles

Line #30 Arms of liquor

Line #31 Shades of gray

Line #32 Across the bridge

Line #33 Days of yore

Line #34 City of marbles

Line #35 Ships in the night

Line #36 Sea of whispers

Line #37 Ocean within

Line #38 Orphic

Line #39 Dangerous shores

Line #40 Sailing soul

Line #41 Trade wind

Line #42 Songs of sirens

Line #43 Rainsong

Line #44 Music and memories

Line #45 Becoming clear

Line #46 Aquarius

Line #47 A forest inside her

Line #48 Dreams and mares

Line #49 Hard knocks

Line #50 Latitude of times

Line #51 No skin tone

Line #52 To life

Line #53 Ruby red promises

Line #54 Redemption

Line #55 Brumous

Line #56 Field of poppies

Line #57 Lilacs and lace

Line #58 Sweet fantasy

Line #59 Tequila sunrise

Line #60 Violet dreams

Line #61 Behind the midst

Line #62 Esperanza

Line #63 Black velvet lies

Line #64 From time

Line #65 Game of love

Line #66 Colorblind

Line #67 Absolution

Line #68 Connect

Line #69 A rare delight

Line #70 Intoxicating

Line #71 Addiction

Line #72 Anger and apathy

Line #73 Bleeding heart

Line #74 Gritty raw

Line #75 Heart teaser

Line #76 Ignite my spark

Line #77 Knives and daggers

Line #78 Latitude of freedom

Line #79 Nostalgia

Line #80 Oasis of love

Line #81 Sweet goodbyes

Line #82 hallowed ground

Line #83 Unity

Line #84 forever

Line #85 Write about me

About The Poet

Message from the Poet

Connect With The Poet


I would like to use this medium to extend heartfelt gratitude to God almighty, my family and friends, including my friends on social media. There is no bound to how much I appreciate the wonderful people who stood by and supported me to embark on this amazing journey that brought about the birth of this baby. Special thanks to my friends who took out time to read my very first lines and other lines after.

I would also like to specially appreciate Kalu Chidinma (my invaluable friend whose words inspired my very first lines), Mr. Daniel Ekoro (Lecturer, University of Calabar, Calabar) Ajah Chukwudi, Victory Esedeke and Ozumba Victor Richards (I call them my super analysts), Okparaolu Chris (author of “You”), Matt and Ashley of Fallspoetry (your daily challenge contributed immensely to this collection).

Likewise, my awesome readers, the lines are never complete until it gets to you all, I appreciate and love you all.

Introduction to Line from the Scroll

Lines from the Scroll is a collection of a series of thoughts expressed in ways of realities. A congregation of events of life that has occurred, and those yet to occur to us.

This collection seeks to turn frustration to motivation, typhoons to tail wind, restore hope to the hopeless, console broken hearts, and unveil realities in diverse ways.

Never be frightened by the down sides of life expressed in this collection, rather be inspired and see it as a walkthrough in this journey called life.


To my three adorable siblings and our lovely parents, having you as family is the best gift of life, your love is like an anchor that keeps me from sinking in life’s ocean. I love you all.

welcome to Lines from the Scroll

Line #1 The Poet's Life

A sick mind

The kind they say I possess

Living my life in margins

Inked lines from mind

Defines not the life

Mostly imagined

The poet’s life.

Line #2 Fancy girl

Story of her life, she was the fancy girl.

In her nonbeing, beauty has lost its savor.

None could act numb to her

So captivating, beauty so mesmerizing

When she smiles, she did like her last

When she laughed, you’d wish it forever last

Inside of her, happiness was a fountain

Overflowing like spring of fresh oil from a mountain

For the beauty of tomorrow, she was the prototype.

Story of her life, she became the lonely one

With none to keep her warm

Sorrow at night she slept through it

And in the morning she wakes to it

Sitting on her bed when the sun pays a visit

Through her broken window its rays slowly craws

Caressing her body and soul, emotions she had of old

She masticates her thoughts, emotions left to devour

Like carcass by vultures, the one she was in love

And when she loved, she gave her all

Just so for another she will never fall

But in the main, she lost it all

To the voyage, she wished they were never involved

Her father and her lover, they said they will be back

With the same tune her mum told her goodbye.

Story of her life, she was the fancy girl

She now sits by the lonely beach

And watch the waves come and go

But who could tell just when her sorrows will go.

Line #3 Billie Jean

Billie Jean has a sick little girl

How long she will hang on

That she couldn’t tell.

The pastor told her she will again rise

Giving her the virtuous desire for future good

The doctor thinks she might not see the next sunrise

A world of mixed thoughts

Some filled with sweet garnished feels of good

Others of negative energy like a cliff hovering over sunrise.

Billie Jean has just been arrested

By nothing else but her fears

A plate full, she yet takes no bite

Day and night showering her chins with her tears.

The doctor called

Grief, uncertainties, high hopes truncated

Her little girl is gone in her sleep

In hospital cloths and drip

Never again will she feel the warmth of her little girl.

Line #4 Awakening

Several times she awakens before dawn

Constantly wishing for sunrise

But time seems to crawl.

You might think she's afraid of the night

Maybe shadows or night whispers.

But deep down her inner self

She knows clearly

Life battles she fights

Life battles she had lost

Life battles that take sleep away from her ever flooding eyes.

Harsh realities she wished were fairy tales

Good dreams, failed to come true

Tries to shadow tears, heart constantly fails

Might fake a smile, laughter might come too.

But in the end

Life battles were lost, dead and gone never to be won.

Line #5 Demon dance

Swayed in mid night shadows

One second and another second

Shadow people around and around

Singing and dancing in great abound

One second and another second

They keep on waving, with seductive beckons

So irresistible, music from gongs and talking drums

Shadow people, dangling about from left to right and back.

Harken not O! Ye Weak heart

Lest thou be consumed in thy innocent ignorance

But for melodies and gentle tones

Thou are easily persuaded

And thy steps become steps of shadows

For the real you know not what entails in midnight dance

of the people of shadows.

Surely, gradually your soul be wrapped in swirling darkness of the night

Pray thee not to be consumed before rise of sun light

Lest thou mayest not be saved from the dance of demons

Ye and your pure soul of innocence.

Line #6 Devine disaster

Aground in Jumbled thoughts

Everyone struggling for breath like it’s the last

When the flood hits

We answered the unpleasant call of earthquakes

The ground let open its lid

And in turns gulped us happily.

We struggled to survive in the path of tornados

Should we travel by land or air?

Yet we crash to the bottom of the ocean

Fire steadily defiling the powers of the water

Consuming to the last all that stand in its path

Riding earth of its inhabitants.

All of our teenage dreams are shattered to the ground

Love has become separation and aggression

Nature against humanity in the world that we live in.

We moan and cry to the one above us

By whose hands all of nature comes through

Good or bad, under his control

Even disasters divine

Against all odd when we finally survive

For this is the end, the breath of fresh air

Our heads held high in new hopes

After disaster, the birth of new beginnings.

Line #7 Embraced

In warmth breath he whispered goodbye

As he let free from her warm embrace.

With a pool of tears down her youthful chin

She watched on as he gradually departed to embark on an endless journey

To a land unknown

To witness tales untold

Tales never to be told

To dance steps unpracticed and never to be practiced.

He forever sailed to the land of the non-living

As he was embraced by the cold hands of that which made them non-living

Her emotions were never enough to separate him from the inevitable call of nature

Till this day, her chin, a pool of tear

Though not anymore youthful.

Line #8 Drunken confessions

Burnt cigarettes and spilled liquor on the floor

Liquor filled glass in hand and talking out loud

Heart piercing words never to be reclaimed

Anger, rage, hate, regrets

Smashed glasses

Innocent glasses against walls

If only the walls could speak

Perhaps they'd tell you to quit

Remind you also if they could about tomorrow

You will have a hangover

But the pains inflicted by your drunken confessions will never rollover.

Line #9 Faded

Where have all the young ones gone?

Long time ago, in the woods

What happened to our rendezvous?

I recall it like it’s just yesterday

We usually enjoyed sweet natural breeze

While listening to soft melodies from the birds

All I see now, crosses on the ground

Where have all the young ones gone?

Like leaves, withered away from trees.

Been gone for a while, O! My dear friend

It seems a million mile

What took your beauty friend?

Your shiny skin, just like gold

Sparkling beauty like the rose flower

Now look ugly and old

Could it be the things you allow?

Gone are your friends

The ones that followed your trends

Those who admired your beauty

Looking out for them like it’s your duty

How come you don’t have anyone left?

No one cares to show you some kindness?

Acting like they are afflicted by blindness

O! Brother, can you hear their cry?

Listen, deep down the wood

Can’t ignore it though I try

Open your mind and close your eyes

See beyond the trees of calm shadow

Hear beyond melodies of birds’ cry

Perhaps you can feel their sorrow

I can feel their pains

Like my heart been pierced with an arrow

Listen deep; open your mind,

O! Sister, do you feel the same?

Wishes, mere wishes, to be salvaged but seems too late.

May we close our eyes or watch them sorrow?

Or be the ones whose strength they borrow

When they are stricken by that wicked fellow?

The time is now as yet we breathe

A generation free of discrimination

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