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A Road of Prayer

Poems and Photos


Kimberly Bernardo

Second Edition

Copyright 2017 Kimberly Bernardo

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Table of Contents


By the Window Pane

The Search for Fire

The Anchor


Take Up the Yoke

Into the Wilderness

Earnest Servitude

The Weight of the Anvil

A Dance of Demons

Finding Purpose


The Trumpets Psalm

About the Author


A Road of Prayer tells the story of a journey of a Christian and spiritual faith through poetry. In the beginning, a seed of light is planted. A deep hunger begins to grow leading to salvation with obstacles comprising of fear, doubt, and human fallibility that may trip a believer, but on the path of righteousness there is comfort in the arms of the Savior; and a steadfast conviction that Light will always conquer Darkness.

By the Window Pane

I chose this spot

The colored glass throws a warm light.

I cannot see out.

No one can see in,

Winding its way through the impenetrable glass

Bending with the curvature of each indentation.

I hear the people walking by.

I feel their intruding presence

Shaping, influencing, manipulating.

I am safe behind the silent light.

Forever constant, comforting, There.

Never harsh. Never angry.

I live in the light

They want to shroud me in darkness

Consumed by obligation, time, values.

To Extinguish my friend, my Light.

I look, and it is there.

I know, and it is there.

I believe, and it is there.

I walk, and it illuminates my path.

I breathe, and it gives me life.

I hope, and it encourages that hope.

Forever constant.

Forever There.

The Search for Fire

My love, though once bountiful,

Grows dark and dreary with each passing day.

White as bleached wheat

Its fields have gone to fallow

Each gust of desert wind attempts to extinguish the flame.

Famine lays waste to a land of unrequited love

Despair its only rain

Loneliness its soil.

Does revenge make war against it?

Does lust deceive it?

When the grains of Hope turn gray

Death does follow.

With heartbreak, comes Fire, to consume what remains

To destroy, all that is tattered and frayed.

What was once rich and full of life has now turned to ash

Making way for rebirth

Never to look back

The Anchor

Let the Beacon be lit

Let eternal Flame burn-

Ever more brightly than before

Strength-will power the light.

Should we falter and make way for darkness?

Take hold, and ride the wave of the hypocrisy that feeds our doubt?

Stand among the shifting rock

Bound together by more-

Than a Dream.


I’ve walked blinded in a storm of grief-

Shrouded by doubt.

I’ve been consumed by Fear and Sadness

And then-

In my travels, I came upon a cross

By His example I take Sight.

By His word I take Wisdom.

By His Mercy I take Salvation.

By His Grace I take Peace

By His Love I take nothing-

And I am given all.

Take Up the Yoke

I will live under the yoke of God-

I will surely live.

His servant in this world

I will live, forever more.

I will not turn left or right

But keep Him in my line of sight.

When the heat of day melts my resolve away,

I will come to Him by morning light-

And I will surely live.

I will serve the Just King

Bow down before the Almighty

Consumed by His Fire-

I will Live.

Into the Wilderness

Let me sit by the water’s edge

In the warmth of Your Presence.

Wrap Your Love around me

In soft whispers of fog.

Send the nature of You to permeate my Soul

I welcome you.

In this stillness; in your Peace

May the Sun reflect upon the water-

As You reflect in me.

Trickle forth the spring rain

And bring new life.

I am the beginnings of a waterfall.

Let me sit by the water’s edge, Oh Lord.

This place where you have led me

And here, in Your arms, I will blossom in You.

Earnest Servitude

Standing on the brink

Ready to take a leap

Carried away on wings of Faith.

Drowning in a sea of uncertainty

Gasping for air, I search earnestly

For your face among the waves.

Clinging to the edge of a ravine

My strength slowly waning

I reach above to your waiting hand.

In a dark cavern, I wait.

Patiently, I silently pray

All that I do is for Love’s sake.

The Weight of the Anvil

They will not let me rest

And the inability to find peace

It wears on me

Though I seek sanctuary

In the arms of the Lord-

These worldly trials beat me.

They seek out any crack-

A chink in my armor

And by my own fallibility

They come and tear me down

As I scale the mountain to new heights

It feels for not

There they wait-unjustly

How far must I travel-

Under the weight of this anvil-

That shapes me?

What amount of time must pass?

As I seek new ways to relieve my burdens

To give and take back

Or was it ever given at all?

A Dance of Demons

How can feelings not felt,

But by crux of time joyous melt.

How can fears- fed, frenzy, fiends

Yet, by courage does dissipate and banish, they

How can darkness envelope and swell?

Whereby light does send heavenly tell.

A dance for the demon.

A sword for the word.

A battle to and fro.

Down to the depths

The light does linger

Here in the cavern

The light does pierce

Forgotten language, lyrics and line.

A saving word, swallowed by time

A new age dawns electric and futile

For none other than heavens light-

Not man’s- darkness, swallow.

A dance for the demon.

A sword for the word.

A battle to and fro.

Down to the depths

The light does linger

Here in the cavern

The light does pierce

What future plans does he make

That He will not anticipate?

What new dawn approaches?

What storms the horizons?

Here comes the dance of demons.

Here comes the end.

Finding Purpose

What puts the Flame in your heart?

Are you led by selfish desires?

Do you hunger for success or power?

Strive to achieve greatness for vanity’s sake?

Does your flame flicker day by day?

Put within my heart a Flame of sacrifice

Let my life be led by Love.

Governed by Peace.

To strive for Patience.

Place within the chambers of my heart

Mirrors to reflect Your Flame.

Strengthen and hold steady the glow of this Fire-

Always in Your name.


The Deceiver seeks to destroy

Feeding me lies that echo truth.

By the Grace of God, I am saved.

The battle is won.

He makes all things good for those who love Him.

So, I climb out on the limb and seek Him out.

To bring Him Glory-

With my testimony of suffering.

The Veil was torn, and I lift my eyes

To a day where man will suffer no more.

The Trumpets Psalm

You are my God. You are my King.

You are my way to heaven’s grace.

Praise to you King of Kings.

Praise to you Prince of Peace.

You shelter me from the storm.

You light my way

Your Word a lamp at my feet.

Praise to the King of Kings.

Lord, your mercy saves

Your Love, it abounds

Your Peace, Jesus, it surrounds

Praise to the King.

I seek, and I find.

A hard road before me.

And you give me Strength

Your light envelops me.

I stumble, Lord, but I do not fall

I trip, God, but I do not perish.

I fail, Jesus, and you forgive.

I seek Oh King, and you rejoice.

This joy fills my heart

This peace fills my soul

This wisdom fills my mind

This compassion, all comes from your Grace.

Praise to the King of Kings!

Praise to the Prince of Peace!!

About the Author

Kimberly Bernardo is a new indie author. She enjoys hiking and photography. Her first publication is A Road of Prayer.

“Bernardo uses words like a master artist, painting up beautiful scenes of faith, trial, and God’s love in a way that only she can. Truly a joy to read, highly recommend!”

-Destyni Shirley author of web novel “Sjoria: The Silence Before the Song”

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