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A Road of Prayer

Poems and Photos


Kimberly Bernardo

Second Edition

Copyright 2017 Kimberly Bernardo

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Table of Contents


By the Window Pane

The Search for Fire

The Anchor


Take Up the Yoke

Into the Wilderness

Earnest Servitude

The Weight of the Anvil

A Dance of Demons

Finding Purpose


The Trumpets Psalm

About the Author


A Road of Prayer tells the story of a journey of a Christian and spiritual faith through poetry. In the beginning, a seed of light is planted. A deep hunger begins to grow leading to salvation with obstacles comprising of fear, doubt, and human fallibility that may trip a believer, but on the path of righteousness there is comfort in the arms of the Savior; and a steadfast conviction that Light will always conquer Darkness.

By the Window Pane

I chose this spot

The colored glass throws a warm light.

I cannot see out.

No one can see in,

Winding its way through the impenetrable glass

Bending with the curvature of each indentation.

I hear the people walking by.

I feel their intruding presence

Shaping, influencing, manipulating.

I am safe behind the silent light.

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