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Dedicated To:

Stephan Andries Oelofse

Kelvin, Chante and Nick Oelofse

And all my family.

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For My Soul mate


I cherish the thought of you,

You alone are the meaning

Of life to me.

The day you came into my life,

Is the day God smiled on us.

How wondrous your love is,

Your legacy, my love,

Will last forever,

For you are my everything.

Our Paths In Life Are Never-ending.

Love Is…

A raindrop?

Small it might be,

Spreading, healing

All that needs be…

Love is…

A dry harsh wind,

Bare, broken,

Felled like a

Mighty oak tree.

What is love?

To you and me?

A Special Poem for My Dads.

Dad (Phillip Matthew Clements)

Pa/Oupa (Joel Johannes Stephanus Oelofse)

Stephan/ (Stephanus Andries Oelofse)


Uncle Derrick (Our ‘self-adopted Dad’)

Oh how many ways can I tell you all?

How much you all mean to me?

What a wondrous gift from God

Our Almighty Father,

To entrust my faith, love and pleasure

Of having such a treasure trove

Of amazing Dads in my life.

In many ways, I respect, love and

Honour you all.

Thank You For

Being My Special Dads.


Mom (Rhoda Pearl Clements)

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