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The Ripe Years

Jen Selinsky

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ISBN: 9781370973279

*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order. This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


Next time that I can

Come around to make

The world a better place

To live,

People in my path will

No longer be crushed,

But they will be helped up

By my own hands

And sent along on their way.

God will bless those who

Cross my path instead of

Telling them to go in the

Other direction because their

Lives will change me for

The better—o’ those lives

Are not the same as mine,

But I will vow to make

Myself a better person just

So long as people will

Notice the difference!


My head is full of disease,

And I feel as if I can throw

Up the entire world—

Spewing out all the continents,

Countries, states, and cities.

Did my domination really

Take place, or was this just

Another thwarted attempt?

I cannot decide for myself

Because the odds are piled

Up in so many different stacks.

Be careful not to fall into the

Trails of my liquid earth

Remnants because I may

Have some use for them

Later on.


Oh, my darling,

You know that I love you,

But we’ve got to have

Some time apart.

Let me have a little room

To breathe, and I will allow

The same for you.

Please do not think my

Intentions are ill, rather,

Think of it as a way to

Save our love by restoring

What we already have.

Something as serious as this

Cannot get away;

It needs to be worked out

One way or another.


Stuck in some kind

Of cruel unconscious

With no one to assist

Me or carry on my name.

Don’t tell me that your

Feelings are the same

When no one is agreeing

With what you say.

Under the worst circumstances

And under the best,

Nothing else is a constant state

Of suspended animation.

I don’t know whose claim

Is whose anymore, but I

Merely exist so I can fill

In the voids of others.

What they need is

Something I can give.


Get me through this alive

So that I can tell of seas

And men that once clung to my skirts.

Dry land is starting to wear me out,

I need some water—some salt

In my veins.

You don’t need to teach me how to drink

Because I already know.

Just get me back out to the water before

I start to dry up!


I didn’t think that you would have time

For me because your life is supposed

To lead to such important things.

Someone so tiny and frail,

And now I can see why the gods

Chose you for their passion play;

It’s because you have a certain kind

Of morality that tends to escape the

Youth of today.

I wish I had a chance to see the pattern;

I wish I could see my sums calling at

The end of the day.

But wishes cannot be fulfilled so

Many times in one stay.


I want to make syringes

Out of all my pens

And inject the ink

Into my veins

So that I can sweat

And bleed my poetry

Until the day I die…


My thoughts are free,

And so are my dreams.

How can I talk you out of it;

When will you

See the light?

All those days

Are fastened

Into the brightest cosmos,

And I feel lucky to be in

This world.

Please stay with me;

Don’t leave me

To the devices

Of this cruel labor.

Such a disgusting sport

With such a foul display,

But I can escape with some

Time to recuperate.

Floating in the

Air and trying to

Put this rotten

Past behind me.

I know now what I must do,

Or at least it must remain in my


…The light will show me the way

Through the darkness.


Lord, I am so very sorry for

Doubting any of Your word

And the people who know

That they are Yours.

But, please, have some mercy

On all the souls that are lost

And get them into heaven

All the same.

My God is loving and merciful,

And He would not let His

Children go astray, to suffer

In the fiery pits for eternity.

Perhaps they need to be taught

A lesson, those who have done

So many bad things.

Oh, let them know what they did

Was wrong, but please let them live

After they have paid for their mistakes.

One of these fine days, please

Let me see the light!


We see in colors and

Find the truth in so

Many dreams.

Ah, but back then

The colors were matching,

And the hue was not that

Of an earthly tone.

And, now, it’s all so strange,

But I’m going to see this

Happiness again—just as I

Observed it so many times

In the past.

My goal was to remain

Professional, but I have

Blown it so many times

That not even the slightest

Inkling could save my

Face now.


Never shall I despair,

For the good Lord is always

There, filling my heart with

Joy and filling my soul with


My heart shall always be in tune

With thoughts of God,

And my mind shall correspond

With the messages of the Word.

Oh, I pray for all of those who

Don’t believe so that they will see

The light, and

I pray for those

Who don’t perceive

The difference

Between wrong and right.

It takes so many people to make

Up a world,

And I hope that they

Don’t ruin it with their ways.

Father, You share Your love

With everyone;

Please let the

People keep that in mind so

We all may have

Chance to enter

Your kingdom!


You know that I don’t envy you,

But why do you have me begging

At your feet for more?

More of something that I do not

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