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Alphabet Explosions

Jen Selinsky

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*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order. This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


At the edge of the water

And in the face of danger,

What do you plan to do?

This is your last day on earth,

So take in any signs that you see—

Senses enhanced to the finest intensity.

Have you lived a complete life,

And are you satisfied with what you’ve done?

Now that you know tomorrow might not come,

Are you going to spend

The remainder of your time with me?

Let’s say we give it a try!


Hidden within the brochure

Is the plan by which we live.

Years ago someone put it there,

And we follow its activities every day.

This plan is called life,

And we go by its curriculum,

Which is supposed to define our purpose.

Anyone who wishes to back out may do so,

But they should know that every contribution matters—

Even though one, little voice could change a thing!


A few more examples

On the pettiness of jealousy

Include the envy of one’s possession(s).

You should not have to care

If your neighbor has the shiniest ring;

Instead you should delight yourself

In having a confidant.

Don’t let these superficial details matter

Because they’re not the least bit

Important in life.

Please just enjoy the blessings

That you already have!


Let me have your attention while I still can

So that the outcome will be presented

In a fashionable manner.

Stand up for your beliefs,

Suffice to say you have any at all.

You can’t always hide from the reality

That presents itself everyday.

Find your place amongst the thorns and roses

Before time runs out for us all!


You got to figure me out

Just in the nick of time,

Before I went and

Buried my head in the sand.

I thought that no one would understand me

Because I am so different—

Just like some kind of rare animal,

Whose been kept in captivity,

Only to be studied by those

Who have a keen eye for intellect,

Only to be seen by you.


You’re buried in the darkest chest,

In the darkest room of the tower.

This is no joke or mystic fairy tale;

We’ve got to find a way to come to your aide.

Some sinister power of your mind

Has trapped you in a most inconvenient place.

Your lack of self-confidence

Has led you into despair,

And we’ve got to find a way

To get everybody outside,

Thus avoiding being taken into slavery

In the process.


Like the cruel hissing sound of a cat,

I can hear my enemy’s victory cry.

Why do these fiends insist

On getting their pleasure from the

Pain and misery of others?

Somehow, we have to educate our people

And steer them out of the direction

Of hate.

Their cries of victory

Cannot go on forever,

For we have to be the ones

To put it to an end.

Come with me and start the

Downfall of this hatred!


I always knew that I wanted

Something different,

But the outside world

Could not give it to me.

They do not easily accept

My “harsh brutality.”

Oh, why can’t they live an easier life

And behave like some of the girls?

Why, sometimes, I even dress up in pink

And wear my hair in curls.

Men such as we have a such a difficult time

Being accepted into society

By the conservative rhyme.

Just because they don’t express

A ludicrous amount of masculinity

Does not mean that they are not men.

We’re not asking for a world of adoration,

And we certainly don’t have to be in

The public mainstream.

All we ask is that you accept the fact

That we’re not in the norm.


Not enough of my energy

Goes into the silent thought

And transition of life.

What is it that we’re

Supposed to do

In the grand scheme of things?

Are we to ignore the affairs

Of outsiders

And go on pretending

That the world exists

For no one else?

Prima donnas in training,

We wait for the delight

Of their next, pompous move.


Wild horses

Couldn’t tear me away from you,

Oh, love of my life

And dream of my dreams.

Stars are in my eyes,

And your name rings

In my ears.

My senses are completely taken over

By such an elegant force,

But I don’t mind the situation.

Most anything involving you

Is a pleasantry,

And I’m not going to give up.

The deep quality of our love;

We’re in this thing for life!


No more compromise,

We’re going to have to go all the way.

I tried to reason with you before,

But things just never worked out.

Now we have to go the different route

See all the pretty colors in the forest;

I’ve set them up so that you

Have to run with the wind

As it calls your name.

There’s no escaping any other way

Because the price cannot be left unpaid.


You let me understand how to

Rearrange the pain inside.

From my head to my gut,

What’s in the past can no

Longer be recalled, so we

Have to make way for the future.

We’ll see to it that it’s bright

And full of love for each other.

A part of my heart will always be yours,

No matter if you want it or not.

God bless you, my dear,

And keep you in my life.


Never fear that there is no end

To the rain;

It comes with the destruction

Of the earth and the clashing of tides.

You’ll know that there’s no tomorrow

When everything starts to dry up,

Sucking the life out of our cells

And replacing it with dry death.

Do you really wish for the bane

Of your existence to keep running?


I feel as if I’ve lost my head,

And it rolled right out of existence.

Oh, whatever can I do to have

My thought processor back?

Living in this wicked world

Through some wicked times

Can be confusing, and it

Has done some heavy

Damage to my soul.

Please take me back to the

Ancient times for only a little while—

Just enough to reflect on the

Primeval lifestyle; let’s go!


Just a little time until we can

Get things on our own.

If we make it through the next few days,

Everything will go our way.

We have to stick together

If we want our dreams to come true.

Love will see us through

To the next dimension.

No one will know where we hide,

Unless we leave some twigs behind.

The hiker does not want to be found,

Even if she’s in trouble.


Do you want me to

Be such a size

So that I can easily

Be snapped in two?

Very much unlike

The overgrown

Fortress that I am today,

Maybe I should hide

In the shadows.

The poet doesn’t have to be

Beautiful in order to capture it

And transform it into words.

And these words can substitute

For our beauty—

Something that

We wish to have.

Not long ago,

She was handed

The world on a silver platter,

But she chose not to set it on fire!

Now she wonders if she left

Everything far later than

It ever should have been.

Still, it’s been days since

She changed her mind.

Such an interesting twist of fate;

It’s going to happen soon.


What lies after hideous circumstance

Can only be determined by one,

Great being.

He is the morning and he is the night.

Everything should succumb to his power.

And the kind of entity who refuses

Only gets itself into more trouble.

It would be unwise to further provoke

His anger because you don’t know

What he will do.


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