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This reading is dedicated to those, whose secret remain forever unknown.

Author’s Notes

The names of people and most places are made-up.


The publication of this book, Bitter, would not have been made possible without God. He restores my soul and keeps me going.

I thank those who continue to encourage me along my journey: My loving mother – J. Anderson, for her constant support. My friend – R. Newman, is always willing to read my stories and my sister – S. Green, will listen to my ideas for a story and be very frank in her analysis.

Warm Regards,

S.J Goolgar

Mrs Marlene Dumbbell felt cold. She could not move; only twitch or flutter her eyes a bit. The retired, plump, woman laid on her back – hands by her side. She could feel the pinch of the needles in her skin, her vein – it was almost as though a bee had stung her. Perhaps she was hungry, but that was the least of her problem. People spoke around her, above her – the woman heard them crying and whispering; their voices trembling with grief. Mrs Dumbbell felt an odd sensation in her knee; she twitched and would have rubbed at it, but she could not lift her hand. This task was elementary really; something she had done many times in her life. But for some reason she seemed incapable of lifting her hand. To think of it, she could not even turn her head or open her eyes to see those who were engaged in conversation around her, above her. It was just awful that they did not include her; to be fair though, she would not be able to participate in their conversation. The truth was that she could not understand or perhaps she just could not quite hear what they were saying – their voices incoherent; a lazy drawl if you will.

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