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Feign II

The Downfall


T. L. Curtis


Feign II: The Downfall by T. L. Curtis

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Feign II: The Downfall

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ISBN: 978-1976068546
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1. Poetry - American 2. Poetry - Women 3. Poetry – African American

First Edition
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I would like to dedicate this volume of Feign to my ever-growing support network of readers, writers, and loved ones. I have a massive amount of people surrounding me who are encouraging, honest, and supportive and without them, I never would have gathered the courage to begin my formal writing career.

Thank you!

--T. L. Curtis

“…he had become joined to the metabolism of other lives and until they rose he could not rise either.”

Philip K. Dick

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I Hate Myself

Saying it aloud neither

exorcises nor energizes

the sentiments that nurture

the phrase


shouted in the shower


groaned at graduation

It makes my life

a warped game

my aura is too tired to play

There is no sense

in striving for immaculate

While I don’t intend to

cease myself

I just need to touch ‘pause’

on this second-after-second battle

Put some of these friendly worries

up on a high, safe shelf

Being a burdensome partner

troubled child

distant kin

or forgettable colleague

covers me in shadow

I don’t create adequately

I don’t awe correctly

Unhealthier than I must be

I’m never enough

for Fate to straddle

I want to sleep

in peace

At least for tonight

Wake up to finally find

that someone’s decided

to retouch my life

How About

You did not propose

Merely floated a notion

I clung to dearly

Till Death


I beg his hand


As we move forward

My embrace becomes

A full-on cling

Yet he smiles through

The desperation

Yet he comforts on

The devastating nights

The patience he shows

Is horrifically limitless

In light of the fact that

He deserves so much more

A partner who

Can trust like it’s free

Who doesn’t contribute

To the dimness in his eyes

His shoulders slump

With the weight of my need

Though I try


To right our ship

He just grabs an oar

And floats on

The shards of our life

Impale me

As I lie buoyed

Beneath him

Don’t Love Me

You don’t love me at all

like they did

Too furtive

Too subtle

Too genuine

Where you touch

grow chills

Where you kiss

heat spreads

Where you look

…naughty naughty

You don’t love me

like they do

There’s no “steer clear” in you

You can’t do just ‘good’ mornings

Can’t stand unfair fights

I caught this wave

I’ll ride you until I drown

The ATL Waltz

The sun is rising

Four wheels slow-stroke asphalt

The sun is setting

Dancing is Forbidden

I saw you in my memory

Shiver in the sun

I know that you’ll forget me

Like you never won

If it’s freedom you desire

Carefully light this dusty pyre

And stand a quiet day, Dear

‘Til your savior comes

My heart can’t do this tango…today

My mind is on the moon

And soon

I pray

Your love will become tender

As much as gods can render

And I’ll never ever cry a bitter tear again

My soul can’t stand this sunshine…every day

Yet the darkness that soothes

Is the nerve that I lose

My angel is a sin

My devil always forgives

And this is how it ends

Your lips destroy my body

Fingers burn my soul

It’s clear that you don’t need me

Pining from below

Where on Earth now do I go,

When I need favor, fervor, hope?

If it’s not right beside you

I don’t want to know

My spirit doesn’t waltz well…you see

The hands you maimed can’t hold

The fear

The cold

Of jumping into ‘lovely’

Of grasping onto ‘maybe’

So I never have to never sleep at night again

My mind is full of empty…when you go

There’s a future, I know

You’ll leave and so I go

Bring to me something less

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