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ISBN: 9781370250301

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PART 1 4

The Narcissist 5

Hypocrite 6

Liar Liar 7

Fruitless 8

PART 2 9

Guilty By Association 10

The Fallen King 11

Opulence 13

Hunger 15

PART 3 17

Youth 18

Revenge 20

Mask 21

Where Have I Gone? 23

PART 4 24

Ugly 25

Plastic 26

Picture Perfect 28

When I Die 29



Born from many personal realizations, this book of poems focuses on human nature. The poems start off sounding a bit didactic, almost seeming to convict the reader. Howbeit, all the poems in this book share one strange purpose – to bring a sense of awareness, allowing both the reader and author to explore themselves and the world around them.

For the first two parts of this book, we can see that the focus lies of the corrupted man, whilst the latter parts focus on the afflicted man. The poems at first glance may not seem entirely connected, but all seem tie together by the end of the book.

The odd thing about this book is that in as much as it is impersonal, it is confessional. Take it for what it is – an expression of the author’s own ideas, conflicts and afflictions written in the form of poems that tell stories.



he mind keeps our darkest secrets locked away from the world. No one knows our thoughts but us. Knowing this, we become deceivers, both willingly and reluctantly. Some may use this ability to hide within themselves; to portray an image of someone they are not. Others use this to their advantage, hiding their evil intents to get just what they want.

The Narcissist

We live in a world of narcissists

Self-proclaimed optimists

Our pain they fail to see

Their hearts devoid of sympathy

Divided we become

Hearts growing numb

Subtle acts of cruelty

Breeding hate and enmity

Stuck in a game called humanity

Where concern is a mere formality

My guilt tears me apart

For I know in my own heart

That I too am a self-indulgent mess

For these narcissistic tendencies I too possess


Their watchful eyes scrutinize

Studying each and every flaw

Their lips spread only lies

At my every weakness they claw

Darkness comes to play

Only tears follow

With each and every day

My heart becomes hollow

For their sake I have ached

Their words cut like a blade

For every smiled I have faked

For their crimes I have paid

But I claim not to be a saint

For in all my aching and my hate

Beyond my warm disguise

I too have become what I despise

Liar Liar

Liar liar, where lies your truth?

Liar liar, where is your proof?

You slander our names

To protect your own

Your silly old games

They cut to the bone

Sooner or later

You’ll meet your end

A liar, a traitor

Yours ways to amend

As you are truly

So shall you be seen

For all you pretend to be

Shall reveal all you’ve been


You speak but never listen

You preach but never learn

Trust only what is written

Success, your only concern

In a condescending tone

You speak of all you’ve been through

Of how much you have grown

Of how much I could have too

Like a tree which bears no fruit

You have nothing new to offer

For though you hide in suit

A thief can never prosper

For without acceptance

We can never grow

& without repentance

We reap what we sow



any of us seek to find happiness in material things. Temporarily we feel content, only to find that the feeling quickly fades. The things we chase only last so long, as everything on earth has an expiration date, even ourselves. For this reason, we can never truly find satisfaction in material things.

Guilty By Association

Join the wrong crowd

Guilty by association

Join the right crowd

Be an inspiration

So every word you say

Becomes meaningless

& every game you play

Fills you with loneliness

Your guilt consumes you

Worry sucks you dry

Replacing what is true

For your pretty little lie

A slave to the entitled

All is done in vain

All your lines recycled

You live to entertain

In the eyes of mankind

You are more than a star

But soon they'll find

You're as lost as they are

The Fallen King

He is a mastermind

A god to common men

The blind leading the blind

Straight into the lion's den

He walks without fear

His heart made of stone

He talks without care

Barking orders from his throne

Fought hard for his fame and power

Plotted day and night

Now he lives in his noble tower

Oblivious to his own plight

While enemies surround him

Wearing smiles on their faces

When the lights go dim

They will take their places

Soon a new king shall reign

And another meet his end

Left in blood and shame

From great heights he'll descend

Like fishes to the hooks

Another name for the books

Kings descend from their thrones

All to become dust and bones

Men once feared

Left bloodied and rotten

Men once revered

Now gone and forgotten


You had a taste for expensive things

Dreamt of gold chains and diamond rings

Always wanted a glamourous life

Instead you ended up a poor man's wife

Thought a simple life was such a bore

Thought you could've had much more

So you set out with a will and a plan

Made it clear you'd find a better man

But greed came at a great price

Paid it once, paid it twice

Spent your days playing dumb

Spent your nights feeling numb

Smiling from ear to ear

Wishing to appear sincere

But the pain you held inside

No pretty smile could hide

Dreamt of a life you'd once known

Of all the things you didn't own

Of a man who hadn’t much

But held grace in his touch

Of the scent of pine in the air

A place that had no room for fear

Not of fancy cars or superstars

Not of cigarette ashes or battle scars

Not of flashy clothes or blinding lights

Not of never-ending lonesome nights

Not of days you spent in a kingdom

But of days you spent in freedom

Standing before the mirror

Your eyes filled with terror

For beyond the things you wore

You saw nothing more


You dress to impress

Always more, never less

Made of money, diamonds and dust

All you once were has turned to rust

Though you lack nought

Still, nothing satisfies

Nothing given, nothing bought

Could appease your lustful eyes

Using hard work as your pretence

Yet at another man’s expense

You live a grand, luxurious life

Ignorant to the little man's strife

The poor continues to suffer

The cycle carries on

For the sake of another

Yet another life is gone

Eyes lust for gold

Guts hunger for bread

Secrets left untold

Words left unsaid

As the rich grow richer

So the poor men pay

As the sick grow sicker

So the wealthy play

As his friends become foes

A man’s greed only grows

Boasting of battles won

Still, hunger lives on



he world doesn’t always have our best interests at heart. As such, it can be easy to lose ourselves in it as we are all trying to find our place here, searching for ways to connect with each other. Knowing the world we live in is far from perfect, so many of us begin to feel confused, directionless, and even hopeless.


Provocative images on a tv screen

Seeing what shouldn’t be seen

Spent your life locked in a cage

Lost your innocence at a tender age

Tried since then to suppress your desires

Undo the damage, cut the wires

But to the illness you were predisposed

& to the trigger you have been exposed

The very moment you gave into curiosity

The child in you become a distant memory

Now you flash a seductive gaze

Convinced your folks it was a phase

Surely they knew it wasn't true

So you knew it all well too

To see, it broke your heart

So slowly you fell apart

Now all you do is cry

Watching love pass you by

Oh It's become such a bore

You've seen it all before

Tried to savour the taste

Let every drop go to waste

Left to face the ugly truth

Longing for the taste of youth


It only takes a spark to start a fire

And another to start a war

It only takes one mind to conspire

And another to raise the bar

Like dominoes we fall

The cycle repeats

We refuse to take the call

We accept our defeats

So we pass on the pain

Never knowing the source

Seeking vengeance in vain

Killing without remorse

Our bloodshot eyes scan the room

Like wild animals hunting prey

Using hate to replace our gloom

Like those who made us this way

As we expel our woes

Another man does the time

On and on the story goes

One man pays for another man's crime


I am not myself today

But the man they want to see

One who knows just what to say

One who smiles effortlessly

Beaming at my reflection

I try to perfect the art

Yet unable to achieve perfection

Still I fail to play the part

I wear a face that isn't mine

I always play it safe

But in a matter of time

I know I’ll meet my fate

I’ll shout at the top of my lungs

All the words I'd kept pent-up inside

So the critics will use their tongues

To remind of me of my pride

To safety I'll run

Along the way I'll tumble

So when they hand me the gun

Behind these walls I’ll crumble

This mask I've made heedfully

To keep me out of harm's way

I know will inevitably betray me

When the truth comes out to play

Where Have I Gone?

In a crowd of strange faces

I lose my train of thought

Incessantly my heart races

I try not to get caught

Lost in the city lights

Struggling to find my way

Bitter tears, lonely nights

Praying for the light of day

Nothing but a shadow

Of a girl I once knew

Left broken and hollow

Paying what's due

Falling into a black hole

Longing to be free

Just a wandering soul

Trying to find my way back to me



he world constantly contradicts itself. It tells us that we are beautiful just the way we are, but also that we must change in order to be loved. The decision is left up to us, then, to define beauty for ourselves, either by challenging the world’s view, or accepting it. Much of the time, we fall victim to its lies.


Took a look at your reflection

All you could see was hate

A victim of society's deception

Another one who took the bait

Started off with good intention

Soon it became much more

Missed a shot at prevention

Left searching for a cure

How ironic it must have been

That those who’ve hurt you most

Who made you curse your own skin

They too would boast

Of how much you’d grown

Of how much you’d heal

Little had they known

Of the pain you’d conceal

Of the tears you’d cry

Of the guilt and shame

Of the times you’d lie

Just to spare them pain


You have a plastic heart

And a smile to match

Always playing your part

Always looking for a catch

They say your world is full of light

When dark it's always been

You’ve no strength left to fight

Drowning in a world of sin

Daddy wrote you a letter

Mommy never even tried

Thought this life would be better

Only to find they lied

Now the sound of cheers

Have become faded echoes

Each night you drown in tears

Still nobody really knows

That mommy never loved you

That daddy never cried 

That the things you pursue

Leave you dead inside

But the show must go on

So as they shout your name

You sing a happy song

To bury all the pain

Picture Perfect

From an online teen dream

To a hit on the big screen

From small town beauty queen

To a picture in the magazine

In a world of vanity

The camera deceives

In a false reality

The world believes

Obsessed with perfection

Worshipping our own kind

Lost with no sense of direction

To our minds we’re confined

Trapped in a box of picture perfect lies

We like to think we’re free

If only we’d open our eyes

We might see things a little differently

When I Die

When I die, how will you remember me?

For the man I was or the one I pretended to be?

Will you see beyond the clothes I wore

Or whether my status was rich or poor?

Will you see me as the man who saved a life

Or the man who died by his own knife?

Will you see me as the perfect one

Or the one who came undone?

As my time runs out, I begin to wonder

If when I’m buried six feet under

Would anything I’ve done really matter

Or will I simply become idle chatter?

Will I be remembered for the bad things I’ve done

Or for the days I’ve spent simply having fun?

And if nothing matters, why do I try?

Should I live or just let life pass me by?

But now that my time is near

It has never been so clear

That I needn’t a reward to live

So my love to you I give

For when the time comes for my soul to depart

You’ll remember me for the goodness of my heart


First and foremost, I’d like to thank my family for supporting me through the completion of the first poetry book ever written and published under my name. They encouraged me even when I felt discouraged and I am positive they will continue to be there for me as I grow and work towards the completion and publication of other works. For their guidance and assistance I am forever grateful.

I’d also like to thank Rajiv Irving, an extremely flexible and talented graphic designer for the creation of this marvellous book cover. He listened carefully to my instructions and I am more than pleased with his work.


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