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Angels Overhead

Jen Selinsky

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Cover Art Copyright © 1996 by Jen Selinsky

ISBN: 9781370126392

*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order. This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


“I dedicate to thee the optimistic life.”


Why’ve you shot me down,

Did you think I wouldn’t feel it?

I can’t stand the circumstance

Under which I fall, and neither can you;

It takes another to tell.

How stupid did you think I would become?

Obviously, you don’t march to the

Beat of a different drum.

I’ll hide my face behind the tinted mask.

Would I have to do more than

Satisfy your needs?

Every time my mind hears the name

Of the monster, it bleeds;

I cannot clot these wounds.


The moonlight sky filled with stars

And clouds hover over the Egyptian city—

Pyramids and adobe homes.

People peacefully dream and sleep of life;

Serve the gods during the day.

Filled with activity, minds and bodies work

All day.

Night’s the only time for rest.

The foolish ones worship gods who don’t exist—

Dreams’ll turn to nightmares if they keep this up.


In the woods during the day,

Watching the water flow past.

It looks like the jungle while

Sitting under a tree.

Smoke a cigarette without a care

As animals pass you by…

Mellowed out, you dream thoughts

Of peace as you listen to your

Favorite CD.

You shut out the world and the

Vision of your life.

As your eyes are closed, your

Hands rest lightly on your knees.

The sun shines onto you while

Bringing light into your life—

Soul immortality in your vision.

Chants of priests wrap around your ears,

As your heart slowly beats to the music.


Stars in the nighttime sky beyond galaxies;

The outer space is filled with meteors and planets.

The first to reach the moon is connected to our

Galaxy, planet, and universe.

Imagine a spaceship traveling through time and space,

Destined to go anywhere.

Suddenly, meteors fly at your ship, and there’s

No way you can get by.

Waiting to get hit because there’s no other alternative…

You find yourself awake and better able to do what

Was done in your previous life.


Walking down the road of success,

You choose which path to take when you come

To a fork in the road.

Choose right the one that leads to your destination,

Whether it be up



Left or Right.

Just be satisfied

As to

Where the

Road leads;

It’s your

Very own



Can you see the color of my love?

True love beats blue as hearts do red.

Cupid came down to fill lonely hearts

With love.

Ancient Greek legends formed the

Message of love.

God and his creations are made to

Live eternally.

Bow and arrow through the heart

And love through the mind.

Frantic passion and kisses; he’s going

All the way.

You see the light in his eyes when he says

He loves you;

One last kiss before making love.

The decision of life is finding no preference

Until your decisions are made.


Poetry comes from the heart and the mind—

Creative ideas forming together in bonds and clusters.

Many decisions, characters, and ideas are put into one.

The lost generation of the ‘60s returns to the present.

Peace, hope, love, freedom, passion, lust, hurt, lies,

And music returns; this is the year of creative ideas

For many minds.

Immortality and many beliefs:




Immortality STOP!



Past War

Troubles Fame

Drugs worries

Prejudice Money


Quiet, silence, stillness.

Increase the mellow feeling;

Peace be with you.

Don’t move, slight tension scares away

The animals; they are standing in the quiet.

Silence is golden, forgetfulness is not.

Violence is irrational and irresponsible.

Drain the evil from your mind, and

You will soon find happiness.


Don’t blink, don’t move, don’t think,

Don’t even breathe.

It’s coming, can’t you see?

Can’t run, can’t hide, just deal with it.

Your heart stops, your bones shatter,

Your teeth grit, and your hands grip.

Suddenly, it all goes black;

You can’t see.

Struggling through the woods to find shelter.

Search no longer, for there’s nowhere to hide.

The wolves follow in hope of rescue;

Your heart feels as if it’s pumping blood.

There’s no way in, but there are many

Ways out.


Deserted on an island with no friends or civilization,

You have to use your skills and imagination to survive.

No oasis or palm trees; all you can do is hope.

The fiery sun is raining down on you;

Your lungs cry out for water because you can’t

Take it anymore.

Horrible thoughts are running through your mind.

You think this is it because you can’t take much more.

But all’s well that ends well, as long as things

Are done by serendipity.


Do you know what happened the first time

You saw God?

All chaos and disorder seemed to vanish respectfully.

No one knows the true, immaculate beauty

Of one international universe.

Any mortal on the face of this earth has yet to

Discover the true value of honest renderings,

Sung by innocent children, naked in the rain.


What is the meaning of love?

Is it in the place we see the most?

No, for love can be found only within.

The heart that’s free, and red pumps

Love throughout the entire system.

The meaning of love is what one creates;

Find it from within.

Love is golden, honest, and true.

It’s as pure and perfect as the diamond

That shines down from above.


How madly does the composer wave his arms

When conducting?

The rushing music goes through one’s head,

As madness turns into night.

When passion flows and love is made by

Sickly women and their vampires.

Music is the universal sound and language;

It gives a gift of freedom and individuality.

Composers understand and feel the long,

Undying symphonies that fade so magically

With life.

Fine renditions of a capella singers and their

Golden voices.

God has given us gifts that will not die, as

Earthly life does.


Walk the winter wonderland as snow freezes

The trees and grounds of the world.

Cold winds blow and make human skin a merry color,

As couples alone dance naked in the snow.

White is more beautiful as you get up into heaven.

A woman’s cheeks turn even redder as a man

Finishes kissing them.

Wine, which is made in the autumn, is not served

While people strive to keep warm.

Snow is natural and intriguing, just like the

Human body itself.


The morning sun shines down over

The South American rainforest.

Tribes awaken in bliss, as they dance and

Rejoice near the warmth.

Lie in the grass and watch the sun

Rising in the East.

Get intoxicated with the finest wine;

Spirits are meandering like a ghost line…


I cannot fall under the circumstance

Of being ridiculed for the rest of my life.

I cannot fall under the circumstance of

Having no identity.

Are the people in this world merely stereotypes?

Death does not come after life.

Eternity of God’s love shall continue and

Never cease!


What’s this world coming to?

Time is standing still, get out while

You can.

Strange days are coming closer and

Closer to the sun.

I don’t know what I’m talking about,

So no need to pay attention.

Here I go, and I don’t know why—

Dancing nude on the tabletops with

A crowd of friends following close behind.

Your touch seems eons away, it has been…


Until the end of time when people perish,

Beautiful ones are left here to die

Precious blood spilt represents the times

We shared, when we were young.

I cannot rely on the younger generations

To carry on the torch because I’ve not yet

Burned out.

Why go through the trouble to save a

Heartless name, when you know you’ll

Receive no satisfaction in return?

I need the new ones to keep me alive;

I need the night to savor my morsels.

When do you think you’ll hold dominion

Over me?


The wolves of night cry out loud,

And the moon shines upon me.

The horizons are lowering down

The lands as the sun sets.

There’s nothing like the woods at night,

So pure, so neat, so dark.

I want to be free to roam, to romp,

And to do things even undreamed of.


Death is the man who crawls in your bed,

And grabs hold of your hand during

The night.

I am invincible, and I have the power

To transform you into my love.

I know what you already think of me,

And I hope to change your opinion.


I feel idle today because I am lost

In the realm of unconsciousness.

Languid and largo, we file into the

Dark room.

There is a man waiting inside,

And we are to present our open minds

To the prisons of others.

My eyes are completely shut, but I can

Perfectly see that my soul is not the

Same as it used to be.

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