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Divine Love

Jen Selinsky

Copyright © 2006 by Jen Selinsky

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ISBN: 9781370597321

*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order. This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


I dedicate thee to all my muses

And poetry lovers all around

The world.


The balcony is standing, as I take my final rest.

An eternal paradise of which I claim the best is titillation.

The stars take up the sky in which the city sleeps.

My light is the only one in the room;

My eyes are shut, my soul stands.

Sanctuary leads to beauty, for France is asleep

At night.

In spite of what I’m trying to do, I give you a

Second sight.

A compilation of my love binds us during the day.

With thine rings, I promise to cherish, love, and

Adore the ground on which you walk.

Never mundane is the love we share;

I had you in my mind as long as I can remember.

In my arms, you fall, when you cry.

I can do much when I have feeling.

We’re no longer angry when we have sensitivity.

Look at the stars, look at the sky; they encapsulate

Us all…only in my dreams…


With all your intelligence, is that the only

Aspiration you have—

To stay at home and be a faithful wife?

I don’t like how the world is run today,

And the day before wasn’t as good.

Do you not have eyes with which you can see?

Your own perception does not quite count.

*Its eyes are sealed shut, and we do not know

What to do.

Slay the Gorgon who’s held your life captive,

And face him to eat his own words.

Hence forth, set free, and live your own life!

Why bother to stay at home and be a good wife?

As long as you lead in a certain direction,

Make sure that you follow your heart.

For life is something to live, even if not given

A proper start.

*Its eyes, referring to the Earth’s


If there can be a right to heaven’s birth, then you,

My love, are entitled.

In an attempt to hide my head in shame,

You came to lift it back up.

You spoke to me in your assuasive, sweet,

Voice; since then, I’ve never been quite the same.

Lead me to the skies, as I’ve led you to my heart.

Your love is all I need to live; who could

Ask for more?

Beyond the day’s night exists a light that shines

Down on us.

Give me your hand, and trust me not to fall—

Only reveal thyself because that is all I need.

All other discussion is taboo when you, my love,

Are present.


When the men came marching home,

Drums and bells did sound.

The victory had spilt more than the blood

To give the soldiers our crown.

In the valley below, we hear the echoed cries.

We thought the other side had won,

And then, we realized!


Bring Him gold, incense, and myrrh—

Jesus, our Lord, the Savior at birth!

Mary’s child, God of heaven, lead

Us to Thy perfect light.

Born to rule the people again;

God has given us another chance to live.

Hail Christ, the King;

Praise always our heavenly Father!


Why waste thou time in a sunken land,

Where barren trees no longer mourn.

You’ve decided to bring it this far,

And I wish you would take it back.

Be hesitant to hold my hand in the sunken land

That separates our love.

Deep beyond the bridges of earth, has Time

Not set aside itself for merriment and mirth?

I do not appreciate your useless frame of mind;

Why does it torture me so?

Of love, and beings, and time that used to exist,

I miss you the most, for I am the one still here.


Take me into your arms, oh rogue of night!

Let me forget the world, and embrace in your delight.

Hence forth, o’ silent lamb, you belong to the light.

Why pursue me, I’ll only bring you fright.

To say the least, you disgust me, and I shall

Run away.

Wrap your cloak around me so I can fade

My glowing light; no other creature may see me in

The dawning of night.


An intrusion in your mind is an insinuation,

Unless you can invite the proper facts.

Invite the night of your choice; invite

Optimism to the place where I reside.


Running down the field in order to score a goal

Involves no thought of me or my benevolent soul.

What happened to me or all the times we shared;

Did you merely throw them away when you gave

That girl a stare?

I know you remember me and all the things we’ve done;

I know you cannot forget, no matter how many games

You’ve won.

Every time the ball falls between the goalposts or

A touchdown is awarded, you and your comrades

May celebrate for a love that’s unrewarded.

Pray, think of me just once more in your life

As I think of you far too often.

Another point is obtained as you stride on the field.

What good is the game of football when your

Intentions are only too shallow?

Give me the pleasure of watching this last game,

And I promise I’ll never bother you again.


Ahh! The solid taste of fruit rains fresh in my mouth

As I can recall my days of youth.

Echoing the days of when I was a child, running

Across the field.

How I savor every morsel until the time runs out—

The time it expires.

The garden grows ripe when all God’s life comes

Together so slowly that I may partake of the beauty.

Organic life forms make me grow, grow so large

That I can extend the boundaries of the earth.

The test of time has certainly reduced the humans,

But the organic fruit shall always remain.


Mi casa es su casa

Levantase, mi papasito,

¡O mi casa is su casa!

¡Yo deseo tu!

Tengo gusto de tu cuerpo;

Venido adentro paro mucho más.

No lamentarás.

No vamos a la casa, for mi casa es su casa.

Cuantos anos tiene; viente tres es perfecto.

¿Yo quiero tu, tu quiere mi?

Muchos gracias, mi hombre, mi amo tu

¿Tu ameis mi?

Permanezcamos el juntos; tu es muy caliente,

Y mi casa is su casa.


Late one evening, I will tuck you into bed.

Your wish is my command, my dear.

I will take care of you when you are old and frail;

I might be the same.

One of these nights, the dark will be much darker,

And the cold will be much colder.

We won’t be able to see the stairs as well

As we used to.

Good night, my fair love, and I’ll see you

Next morning.

Give me a kiss on your behalf; your withered cheeks

Go good with mine.

Late another evening, I will read you a

Bedtime story, just as you heard when you were young.

And we’ll cuddle together like newlyweds.

Late another night, we’ll have dreams that take us away

To far-off lands from which we’ll never wake.

Live and let live—

Die from contented, old age.


When I scream at the world outside in the rain,

My nakedness has no point.

The world does me wrong, and I turn my back on it.

Why hold all this pent up anger; I see no need

To keep it inside!

Strangers stare as they don’t understand my situation;

The awkward glances just feed my ego.

I finally get the attention I deserve.

Walking down the rainy streets gets boring,

So I sometimes hide myself inside.

Buildings do not welcome me, as I’m cast back

Out into the streets.

When I get mad at the world, everyone knows.


I’ve sweat an ocean of beads for you,

But, now, I’m unable to sail right back.

Your love has concealed me in a cage,

And if I try to swim ashore, I’m sure to drown.

You sent me into waters with no return,

And the current is dragging me even more

To the center.

I know not to land at the island of love,

Because I’ve seen you there far too many times.

With another companion, with someone else to hold,

I saw you two laughing directly at me; I just

Chose to ignore all your taunting moves.

Hold me back from ending all this, for I can

Make my own sieve.

One pool to end it all, but I won’t!

I’ll just sail to eternity and ignore the

Water’s command.


Am I your dreamer to whisk you away?

What kind of image would you like me to portray?

Dream me into a land in which I can fly.

Dream me into a land where freedom shall not die.

Can you create for me the perfect aspiration?

My mind is filled with modern thoughts of you,

Filled with admiration.

Am I your dreamer or a dreamer for myself?

What is destined to happen shall take time to be

When one dreams in a far-off land.

Your thoughts, I determine, to call at my demand.

Dream for me as I sleep for you.


I decide as I fall down the mountain

That you should bring me the fresh air

That I once breathed.

Give me the light which is soothing;

Let me witness a butterfly’s flight.

Let me see a colored rainbow

Smile at the earth as it strives to give,

For no one knows how long it will last.

Swim in the water’s delightful beauty.


When I often despair and feel as if I have no hope,

I look to a source that reassures me.

My mind is not a toy with which to be

Manipulated by the likes of outside destroyers;

Get out before I get angry!


O’, abandoned, terrible delight,

Come back into my life.

Spin your malicious web that makes me

So involved.

I love the way you hold me in your

Wretched truth.

Make me happy and stretch my imagination

With all the things you do!


Midnight Ride

Come with me, children, to a place

That has never been found.

In the glimpse of the moonlit sky,

I see your face.

I summon the newt, creature of the bogs.

The bats, owls, and minotaur come

To hear me scream.

Come to me all right;

Come to me this night

That is cold and rainy.

I grow weary to

Behold and wonder

At these spiritual figures.

Tires burn through the night.

Goblins walk across

The wretched sight

With all wonders

That behold.

It’s nothing for me to ever grow old.

Take me through the black, dark night

Show me the sights

Of the beguiled world.

Is it that of which makes my stomach crawl?

Interesting specimens seem to glow in the dark.

Go forth and find me a way through the mist.


Sad Winter

A frosty spirit lives in the woodland;

She’s never seen a friend in the world.

The sun or grass; how lonely she is

She’s no one with which to converse.

Hibernation’s the deadly time with

No feeling.

The bitter faces of trees frown at the cold gray.

She knows not the glee and happiness of summer;

Regret and sorrow are not newly felt.

Now’s the time to hear the mighty cries of the dead,

“Keep your wan spirits, but set the forest free.”

She sees a piece of ice break, and it tugs at her heart;

Some more ice falls like bewildered souls from life.

The spirit’s ice tears freeze her up tight,

And she knew there was no escape.

The only way out was for her to be happy,

And that is something the poor woman’d

Never have.


Run, Run, Run

The trees are leaning, and the sky is falling

Run, run, run away.

To acknowledge the youth, freedom, and beauty, run!

Run far past here.

Everyone is remaining still; to leave is out

Of the question.

One and only one has the willpower and motivation,

Greatness and significance to wander free.

Others who don’t listen only stay behind and

Watch the destruction and damage done by objects

That no longer remain still in the afterlife.

The time has come not to make a decision to

Run, run, run, or stay behind with those who

Refuse to move their bodies from the place that they

Have originated.


To the Dancing Leaves on the Autumn Day

One autumn day, in mid October,

I see a misguided leaf falling from a tree.

A thought has occurred to me

Why do I not have a burden or care?

Aimlessly falling in thin air,

The leaves signify a mundane life;

O’, if they only knew how to do it right.

One cannot live and simply just fall,

At least it musn’t happen to all!

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