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Night and Day

Jen Selinsky

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*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order. This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.



You must have come to me on this night

That I remember; I’ll hold you so close

And keep you in my sights.

You must learn, my child, that the world

Will change for no one,

And I’m no exception to the deadly rule.

A common ruse has got a hold of me,

But it’s no joke to have to see you cry.

I hope that my magic can do something

To help you dry your eyes.

Please confide in me, darling, for I am

One person whom you can trust.


We collaborate to swear in our secret vows.

I want to explore the dark side a little to

Find out who’s who and how.

The night, to me, is so clear,

To roam around in the wilderness would

Be so dear.

I’ll play in the forest and run amongst the trees.

I can almost see you descending to the cold,

Flowing breeze.

Reassuring, is it not that I called you here—

For goodwill?

But who knows what others will do to you when

They’re not so nice?

Please take my advice and go.


The monotony of the silent night has annoyed me, so

I must find out why nothing else has gotten to me;

All this time has caused me to worry that my soul

Will never truly be set free.

How ludicrous the notion that I must pay a visit

To those who have wandered past my grave.

Must I tempt them with my charm; do I have to be a slave?

Though I’m still alive, I have a feeling which haunts me;

It’s taunting me through the screen.

My clothing torn, but my body’s free; I will escape from thee!


Come here, young stranger, there’s no getting away from me,

For I have control over your body.

Every move you make is mine, and every thought you have

Is connected to my mind.

Dance with me if you will, for I know that your motions are mine.

How divine the moon lights the wooded area in which I like to frolic.

I give serenity and peace of mind as I travel further into the foggy abyss.

Knowing that you are connected to me, do you have any feelings of hate?

I hope that’s not true for the cause of fate.


I can tell you what I’m not feeling, and that’s love

For a certain man.

He has stolen my home and raped my comrades—

Given me hell and taken what is mine.

I can only take so much because I have seen it

Through and through; my community wants no

Rancid piece of you.

Please remove your carcass from my bloody floor

I want to hear of this no more.

Run swiftly away, and the night may forgive you

But if you stay, I may just stir up some trouble!


Do I still tempt you, even though I continue

To grow old?

My dress is still the same as it was during

The time when we first met, and the woods

In which I walk haven’t changed a bit.

Time may be standing still, for I do not see

Such a large change.

Let us engage in our nightly activities, as

We have done so many years ago.

I hope I’m not moving too fast for you

To comprehend.

We all need to find our duties, behold,

We all grow to be another night old.


The headless man with the horse is coming

After me again.

Is there anywhere to where I can escape

Before my head is severed?

I’d like to keep myself intact if, at all,

That is possible.

The tree of the dead is where the

Fiend passes by.

His sword had caught my eye, and I’d

Like to destroy it.

Just how many lives can I save by being the hero?

These poor people need not suffer anymore.

‘Tis time justice came into my own hands

Because nothing else will do.


None of this has done me any good,

As I fail to realize my fate.

Spilt blood will do me no good,

Whether it be on on my body or in the ground.

Two digits have done me no harm,

But I cannot see what help they’re

Being, provided that I’m still here

In the exact same place.

I want to be in nighttime’s embrace

So that I can live harmoniously with

The rest of the human race.

I just love how the cool, nocturnal

Air comes out of nowhere and changes

The lives of us all.


Turn up the night as you turn out

The light; I want to feel the intensity

At its fullest.

The mysticism comes in many shades

And disguises—

To partake of it all would be the

Grandest event of the decade.

I want adventure to come knocking

On my door just when I thought I’ve

Had enough and cannot take anymore.

So many opportunities lie out in the

Street and way beyond.

I would be a fool to miss any of them,

As each shall all promise a different thing.


Your fangs will not harm me;

I have another place to hide.

In the belfry, I shall find my

Identity, as diggers search for

Another person’s grave.

I feel not threatened by your

Persistent ways because the law

Of the truth will catch up to you


I’m not talking about God,

And I speak not of His Son

Humanity, itself, will live to

Chastise you someday for all

The heinous acts that you have done.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so,

For I have made up no lie.

Regrets and thoughts are concluded

For the human ear and eye.


The sarcophagi are hard to read

With only a small, dwindling light.

I want the bodies to be revealed

To my face without hesitation;

I don’t want to put up a fight.

The darkness has informed me

That there would be no better time

Than now, but I don’t know how to explain

Exactly where I’ve been.

Someone should be taking me in to see

The results of the human mind.

However, there is no contract I shall bind

Until I find out which emotion is for me.


The philosophical features of Monsieur

René Descartes may be hard to comprehend

When dealing with the amateur mind, for it

Has nothing to defend.

He thought we all existed, but there were

Questions in his mind.

Analytical intelligence has made us all

See how the human machine works.

All the years and joints are held together

By our beliefs, so nothing can hurt us.

During the night was when the man thought,

And by the fire, he toiled;

His talent went surely unspoiled.


It’s been so long, and I’ve neglected you,

My foul mind works well this night.

I’m thinking thoughts that would corrupt

An innocent man; not even childhood can

Save his soul.

I’ve been told what I’m doing is wrong,

But I merely toss back my head and laugh

Nothing can stop me in my prime, nothing

On any behalf.

Light the same old wick and watch the flame

Die out—right by goes your doubt.

See me as I travel through time to reach

An ultimatum, anything so sublime.


He comes to haunt you in the middle of the night;

He comes to take your dreams by storm.

I know why I decided to take a separate path

So that he will not haunt me and take away my soul.

I aspire to find safety and keep myself whole.

A tunnel is seen leading in different directions,

But I’m still not sure which way I should go.

All the torture leads up to anxiety, as I’m trying

To find a place to hide.

There is only one rule by which I must abide.


Do you see me as a sweet, nocturnal dream?

Am I the jewel inside your eye that gleams?

O’, to be so tantalizing would be my ultimate dream.

I’d like to lure you into my heart and make you scream.

The moon is shining down its finest silver light.

Don’t be afraid, my darling, I’ll try to make the timing right.

The wisdom of the crystal ball has shown you in my arms.

I want to take away all harms so that our mystery can reign;

Let us see it all again.


Once you reached me in a telepathic way

To join in my nightly fray.

I have no problem with that, as long as

You know my will.

I’ll have to see your skill before you join my club.

You won’t see it so painful because nothing is

Holding you back.

No patience do you lack or find it hard to abolish—

A contradiction in terms can bind no fact in truth.

If you think you’re such a sleuth, you can show me

To the door, where you’ll find lots of fame to endure.


My words are flames that burn up inside your mind

And consume the cells of your thought.

Nothing can stop the flow of language, oh nothing

Can thwart the lashings of the tongue.

How beautiful are the products with the words so

Articulately sung?

The future rests on top of a severed wing.

Freedom will ne’er again ring, unless you find

The Holy Grail which sits on top of the hill.

Glory be thy still as you journey through the night.


Tell me your darkest secrets and fears,

My dear, and I’ll see what I can do.

Destiny only awaits in the sun that is shattered.

No, there’s no escape from the moonlight

And the haunting soul; the time has made me

Lose control of all that was said and done.

My soul is won, but nothing else proceeds.

I have only one person here to fulfill all my

Tragic needs.

Forget the sorrow and pain because it will all

Be back again.

Only time can tell when…


What does it cost to see a single flake

Of wintry snow?

The fang of the wolf as white as it

Shall be?

Cold grabs hold of me, but my eyes are

Still blood red.

I can see the future in the moon of what’s ahead.

Straight and narrow may not always be the

Correct way.

I find my sanctuary when the skies turn

Away from the day.

Dancing wind brings upon another chill;

My blood does not curdle but spill,

Just as a drink on the cold winter ground.


Do not stop me now when I seem to be

On a roll because it’ll be your throat

That I’ll tear in anger.

Just a fair warning I have given, now be

Gone with your moronic pleas.

I’ll never tolerate such insolence from

Another human soul.

So help me, I’ll take action when you

Least expect it; my ways are quite malicious

When things don’t go as I plan.

Our misery shall go hand in hand because

I want to remember this night forever.


The tree, it leaks blood

What kind of food does it need?

Severed heads are taken from bodies

To feed the insatiable hunger;

The soul’s eternal slumber.

Who controls this mad being,

Or are his actions done all by himself?

Ask the woman who you thought was

Your friend.

Ask the girl who so eagerly gave you

Her heart.

We all need something new to

Accomplish, so that we can rid

Ourselves of the demons within.


What am I going to do with the people

Who desire to eat my flesh?

I want my soul to be found, and the

Crow of nighttime can finish the rest.

So young and so innocent, a virgin wanders

The woods.

I wonder what I can do to warn him of the

Upcoming dangers in store.

Nothing will be torturing the poor soul as

Long as we can both have the winning score.

Yet, my travels have brought me to a new

Conclusion; I can use my right mind to

Conquer the illusion.


It’s silver, my dear, the snow falls

Down from the high skies above.

Who am I to devise an evil plan

And deliver it to those who wait?

The unwinding fate gets me every time

When the message is not always so sublime.

Oh, let me harm you in a loving way.

You shall make my day whenever I look

Into your eyes.

Evil is personified and right by my side;

Let me have you as mine to define the time.


How can you say that everything is my fault

When you know that is far from the truth?

It’s time that I stand up for myself and all

That’s right in the world.

Damn you and your pathetic innovations;

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