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Colin Griffiths

Copyright © 2016 Colin Griffiths

Published by: Dangerous Heartthrob Publications.

All rights reserved.


This is just a short collection of scribblings. Some are from the seventies and some more recent.

I was inspired to publish them by a certain Rainbow Lady.

Thank you for that R.


I spend my time in heaven looking down on you,

It’s all I can do,

‘Cos up here every cloud has a silver lining,

And while the sun is always shining,

I’m looking out for you.

I see you amid those dark clouds hovering above your head,

I wish it was me instead,

‘Cos up here no one seems to be crying,

We are all living, no one dying,

I’m always thinking of you.

Sometimes the Angels dance and sing a song,

It all seems so wrong,

‘Cos up here if we want it to snow, it snows,

And if it’s cold up here, it never shows,

I’m watching over you.

I watch you at night with tears in your eyes,

Up here no one dies,

It’s like living a life full of dreams,

No one had an enemy it seems,

I’m missing you.

In the days ahead my darling, you must be strong,

It is where you belong,

I’ll be watching each day that goes by,

I’m in heaven, I did not die,

Always loving you.


Your words make me weep when I read them,

Your pictures make me sigh when I see them,

Those memories will last, they never fade,

I just wish somehow, they could have stayed.

Now that you left me, now that you’re gone.

I keep on hearing our favourite song,

I sing along but no longer in time,

Oh why did you break this heart of mine?

It’s my cell that holds the secrets,

The secrets we told, the ones we kept,

And when I read your texts I can only cry,

Oh why did you leave me, why did you die?


She sits in the dark with her hair hanging down,

As the candle light flickers in her eyes,

Not impressed by the band on the stage,

They look too old and too wise.

The smoke lingers in the air as she puffs her cigarette,

The men around try to crack her style,

She sends them away and they’ll never forget,

That she’s a queen who’s forgotten how to smile.

She smells the beer that sits on the breath,

Of the old man who walks glaringly by,

Her eyes are staring at that smoke stained wall,

Where all the stains seem to have run dry.

A young man comes up and sits by her side,

And says he’s been watching her a while,

She fumbles in her chair and he walks away,

Realising she’s the queen who’s forgotten how to smile.

The candle starts to flicker and slowly dies,

Just managing to catch a light for a smoke,

The door slams shut as two people walk in,

Who were laughing at somebody’s joke?

The bar tender smiles and offers his hand,

Asking her to dance in the aisle,

She opens the door and quickly walks out,

‘Cos she’s the queen who’s forgotten how to smile.


Now I knew my books would never get far,

But they are worth more than a one star,

It was Doll’s House this lady didn’t like,

Well she can go and take a hike.

She said it wasn’t even worth a rate,

But she really just had to slate,

It was the worse book she ever read,

My God! Is this lady really dead?

She told me it was really trash,

Made her come out in a rash,

I made that bit up of course,

To allow me to add another verse.

Avid Reader is her name,

Hiding behind her little game,

I don’t care, I got this far,

Every best seller has a one star.


It’s been a while now since you left me,

I can’t believe you’re no longer there,

I look at those ghostly shadows,

But I can’t see you anywhere.

You can’t be walking alone?

In that world of black and white,

You said you would never forget me,

Then let me share your plight.

As each night drifts away,

And dawn is with us once more,

It’s another chance, forgotten,

As I fail to hear your call.

You told me you’re an angel now,

Dancing in the sky,

I can’t see you, I can’t feel you,

I can only hear you cry.

Take a step back little Angel,

Think of those you left alone,

Cut those wings don’t fly away,

I just want you to come home.


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