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Jennifer Calvert

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Ink & Quill Poetry

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Pull the strings that wind my heart up. Undo the threads gently. Caress the soft side of me and tumble with the shadows, where my devil lurks. I’m a pretty little mess, an assortment of Horns and Halos.

1. your love is like an ocean


My heart is like a collage

made by the hands of an artist

a little newspaper clipping

an old photograph

the lines of a silhouette shape across the page

tissue paper and two tickets to Shakespeare’s play

some glitter glue to mend the broken pieces

smooth and without creases

My heart a master piece of love


When I accepted

that I was different

that’s when I learnt

how to really love myself.


I lost myself pulling weeds from your hair

but your garden was overgrown

and I only had a comb

oh, how tangled in knots

and not a thing I could do to help

not a single rose left.


They say everything ends

I don’t believe that’s true

our love will last this lifetime

and into the next.

The edge

Our love dances on the edge of the fire

like a firefly in autumn

sometimes we smoulder

sometimes we wane with the western winds

just a little and then you’re back again

forever breathing warmth into my skin

my lips touched by the light of your flame


Her beauty is deep

like a wildflower taking

root in the earth

and blooming in places

most could not.

The moon

I drew the moon on your skin

so I’d always find my way home.


The day I met an angel

my wings were not my own

I gave them freely, along with my heart

for I knew she’d hold them both ever so delicately

in the fold of her wings.


I’ll paint your lips with my tongue

and when the colours run out

I’ll let the light shine through

the shadows

to fall asleep in your eyes.


The shadow of our hearts

fall beneath the trees and the sun sits above

giving warmth to our bare skin

we’re lost in this place – in the fields

where the wildflowers grow

in summer hues

and winter throws

petals and soft sighs

our limbs entangled in the stems

oh, how sweet it is to be in love.

Wandering dream

Her heart is a wandering dream

rebellious and beautiful

a creature of the wild

she can be found below the heavy

eyelids of the deep purple horizon

her lines outstretched

beyond the landscape

of the river mouth

and the edge

where sand meets sea

her love fierce and urgent

like the arrival of the sun

yet, calm like the shadows of the moon

she is the cool breath of winters morn

and the sweet scent of springs caress

I’m mesmerized by her ways—

she wanders in my dreams

and I am left dazed.

The sea

Oh the sea

she spoke to me

as she stepped with the tides

she was violent


she dragged me under and drown my tears.

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