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Close to Dusk

Jen Selinsky

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*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order. This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


Love, Dreams, and Fascination

The Poems of Peace and Freedom


My arms floating in the mellow breeze

How long have you been in this land?

Just recently I decided to leave,

As I just found a reason for my existence.

I feel freedom in the air,

As my arms are flailing loose in the breeze.

I have a love, but I dare not speak of it out loud.

Oh, my love is the free sky in which I lie

And my dreams of peace are the colorful hue.

I must not forget to include you

Because you are a part of this as well.

The impossible dream has caught us,

But we do not have to go in its direction.

Freedom is the main factor in our case,

And freedom is the cause of the rise of humanity.

Let it not take advantage of us

As we do not take advantage of it.

Please enjoy the time that we spend

In each other’s presence.


A rainbow overhead shines its splendid colors

Over in our direction.

I see them beyond the mountains,

And I see them beyond the light.

The sun shines over in the east,

And the birds fly over in the west.

I am lying under the shade of a tree,

Just watching the world go by.

How peaceful this atmosphere seems to be—

How great and vast is the daytime sky.

Again, I watch the birds fly overhead.

This lazy day seems as if it could go on forever,

And I don’t mind if it does.

I’ve nothing better to do than

Watch this continuing world go on by.


I see the well by the side of the road,

And I wonder how many wishes I could make

Just by gazing at my reflection in the water.

Would I wish for world peace

Or how to better my land?

I just wish the whole world would understand…


I take a stroll by the lake to see if anybody’s here.

I cannot claim any loneliness

Because my sprit is in good cheer.

All the surrounding animals see me off,

And I wish that I could greet just one;

I wish they all could talk.

But I must continue on down to the other side;

It is there that I must decide whether or not to go on.

The sun hangs low in the sky, as the day is getting shorter

And, soon, I must return home

To sleep with the setting of the sun.


I know you can recall the time I stole your heart,

And I don’t want to give it back,

Because I want it for my own.

You’ve got to capture me

If you ever want to reclaim your name.

But no one else will know it,

As you have entered into my game.


God has given you a positive frame of mind,

So be sure to use it as often as you can.

I know you can accomplish anything

If only you try your hardest,

For He has let you know that as well.

You cannot have too many positive thoughts,

Nor can you be too determined.

O’, know that He loves us all,

As He has given each of us a certain fate.
Yes, trust in the Lord,

And He shall provide all that you need—

Whether it be now or in the life hereafter.

Such a wonderful symbol of love concealed up above,

And He shall let it flow down from heaven.

Yes, trust in Him in all that you do!


Of all the dreams I’ve dreamt before,

None of them had begun

With the sweet embrace of your arms

Or the sincere look in your eyes.

Oh, I could never hate a thing about you.

Just give me your love, and I’ll return the favor.

A starry night awaits us as I grab a hold of your hand.

Do not worry, my dear,

For we both know where we stand.

Over thousands of years,

The night has found its place.

It’s time that we return to that secret embrace,

For dusk is coming to an end.


Take me to a place

In which the sun always shines;

I want to be free so that I can always be seen.

You gave me so much love that I hate to see you leave,

But I never know just what I am to do

When I’m in the company of a great being,

Such as yourself.


Freedom, like an eagle, flies overhead.

I hear the music in my mind,

And I know that I should move on.

No force shall make me stay here;

I have a destiny awaiting near.

I’ve walked all the miles that

Lie deep in my heart.

Do we really have to part,

For I like it here so much.

I carry no burden, and I hold no fear.

Allow me the freedom that I can actually hear,

Playing like a violin in my ear.


As for my existence, I can already see you there

Love is so apparent in the sky in which I fly,

And no one else can take my place.

Such long-lasting fun, am I finally free?

What is to become of me?

I have your hand, and I shall never lose it again.

I shall lose nothing now that I am with you

For the rest of time.


I see you alone on top of the hill,

And I wonder if I might join you.

Everyone needs a friend

To hold their hand and guide them through life.

Let me take yours so we can see our way out;

Both of us will make it out together.

Don’t you see how this is the best alternative

Which life has to offer?


How sweet you are to me,

And I see that you treat others

Just the same.

Why don’t we leave together for a day or two

Because I really want to get to know you.

Forget anything that is burdening your mind

Because you will cross my path again.

Just hold me tight against the wind,

So that the moon and stars

Will shine down on us all.


I see a butterfly that’s

Coming my way.

What beautiful, peaceful

Wings it has;

Those are the kind that

I wouldn’t mind to have

Attached to me.

I want to catch it and

Frame it upon my wall.

But, I can’t do that, being the

Creature that it is.

A butterfly needs

Its freedom,

Just as much as much as

You and I; no man in his

Right mind could

Ever let it die.

Give me a reason why a soul

Can’t have a chance to breathe,

And I will tell you

That the answer

Is not worth my while.

God has not created us as slaves,

For He gave us all a chance

To be equal and free.

Trust in the Lord, and eternal life

Shall be your reward.

Let it go, and let it be free!


Look at the trees that form

A perfect background; see how the leaves

Shine in the noonday sun.

The sun hangs low in the sky,

And I often wonder why the days

Never last too long here.


O’, you came to me in my dreams

And saved a part of my past life.

How sweet the gesture,

Though brief it was; I want to

Remember my dream.

You delved into my soul,

And I gave you my love.

After all these years, I remembered

Your name, but nothing else

Felt quite the same.

You waited for when

I would return.

You had a strong want and a strong yearn

To wait for me, darling, your desire

(For me) still burns.


Love Continued

I am still infatuated with you, my dear,

Your presence is in my mind.

I still wonder what it would be like

If this dream of ours had come true.

Your wondrous

Magic has beckoned

Me even closer;

I think about you

Night and day.

Frolicking in our destination,

I see we have

Come to the point

Of no return.

Years and years ahead of us; we

Will find a certain kindred.

I’ll hold you in my arms and

Never dare to let you go!

The clouds and heavens float

High above us, and the earth

Yields to our power.

Nothing within

Us shall ever be dour,

For we’ve found the magic hour,

Of which there is endless time

And memory.


Friends and family surrounding

In a place I never knew existed

I see how wonderful it is to have

Them all here.

No more time for a blank stare

Because I know you’re all in there.

You’ve guided me in the right direction,

And you gave me a point by which to turn.

My work here is completely done,

And I have nothing much better to earn.

All the hours I must burn in order

To find my way home have jumped

Over the fence.

Some souls still have to repent

Because they have not gained all

Their recognition.

My time in this land is far more than spent.

And, on that note, I bid you adieu.


I thank you all for your kindness,

For you’ve seen me grow so far.

Nothing here to deny, nothing here

By which to comply.

You gave me truth and freedom,

Ant that’s all of which I need.

Guide me by the hand and tell me

All will be all right.

Conclude the day of which my reign

Has to be terminated, and give me

The liberty to continue it all.


A hue in the sky contains a wonderful color,

So don’t spoil the effect by holding it too far.

The sun that sets is such a good thing;

Please give me my peace to that I can let it ring.

Liberty and freedom have fallen from the sky.

Sun and earth collide to make it bluish

And more green; now I can barely be seen.


Instead of kissing the ground on which you walk,

I’d like to kiss the lips from which you speak.

The beautiful flow of language goes inside my mind.

It rests in my ear, from which I hear your breath

And the comfort of your embrace shall never

Meet its match.

I hold inside the breath of faith, so you can always see

Memories and distant lives you always gave to me.

Now, I hold a fallen star so we can all be free.

Don’t forget to deliver, and don’t raise your hand.

I am such a simple girl because I don’t make demands.

Excuse me if I’ve said too much, I see your eyes are green.

Fancy meeting you here because you’re so pristine.


Fallin’ right out by my side,

I see you’ve grown (to be) a man.

Watching you mature, and age has

Made me understand.

No longer something to live for,

And no longer something new.

I’ve got you in my sights, and

There’s nothing you can do.

Take away this strife of mine, my power

Set me free.

O’, how much I long—

To live and long

To let it be.

The diamonds are filling up the bag,

We have no time to lose.

One of these days,

I’ll come up to you,

And we will sing the blues.

How strange it shows that money goes,

So we’ll erect a new.

Once you’ve settled by my side, I’ll

Show you what to do.

Only you can make up my mind.

Concentrate more closely ‘cause

This trick is hard to find.

Take my money, and run really fast;

That’s all you have now, my past.


A bundle for a dollar,

That’s all you bring to me;

Just slip out silently.

The birds of freedom call your name,

They want you to fly away (with them).

And chambermaids are waiting to

Fulfill your every need.

Try to escape, but it’s useless;

I see your fear.

Hands are waiting to tie you down,

So what are you going to do?

I’d run away and start a new day—

No relay because you’re fastened tight to me.


Let us go to a place in which we

Can find a claim.

I know that you’re watching, and I

Want to see you here.

Slow down the collection, and I’ll

Bring the supplies.

Have you found a new one, I’ve

Gotta see.

The fascination captures, and it’s

Got a hold on me.


Silencing the fearless rogues,

I’ve got a suitcase in my hand.

No more time to sing, no more

Time for flings—

You got the dice in your hand,

And you don’t want to let go.

I know the pain you feel;

Time is wasting fast away.

Let us join the fray.

What a dance we have,

Good fellows,

I have to take you there.

The Spaniards

Are coming closer,

And I’ve got nothing to give.

Something’s hidden in me, and I

Have got to get it out.

Circle the assembly,

The clowns are

Falling in.

Nothing holds up

To my name,

A girl who cannot see.

Blind beyond reality, I notice that

I don’t move as fast.

Stranded on an island, I hear you

Call my name.


Stuck here with nothing much to do;

A man has tried to take away my freedom,

But he got far from that!

You long to be with me, and I can make

That wish come true.

Delighted to be right by my side,

I know you’ll sing to me.

I want to complete this course to

Meet all my requirements, then you’ll

Have no choice but to let me go.

It’s time for the freedom to show,

And it’s time for the love to flow.

Disguise yourself in lust, and love is

Bound to come.

If you don’t want it, take it back,

I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

And, my dear, it’s time to go;

Let my feel your heart again.


Now I’ve got some time on my hands,

You’ll have to come and see.

Let all the time be so you can

Have yourself a ball.

Kick up the diamonds from your feet;

It’s time to meet with me.

Someone’s coming closer, I can hear

Their footsteps near.

Voices call from the other side;

The whispers go on strong.

Now don’t try to go on hiding

Because I feel your

Breath in my ear.

Day is dawning on the night;

The sky is turning blue.

Hold me close right in your arms,

As my mind is loving you.

Staring at the sun

Has made me cry,

And think of you.

All the days and

Nights have gathered

Thoughts in my head—

Swimming in a lake to where

No one has ever fled.

Islands and rocks are bound right

To my feet, and I’ve got to swim away.


Cool and languid

Your language

Flows as you blow

Smoke from a cigarette.

No one knows

You’re here, no need

To get upset.

Hold me in your long arms,

And let the breezes flow.

I can come right to this land

And let the muses go

Fluttering right by me.

I see my consciousness

Flown away

Stuttering and

Sighing, you came

To me today.

Nothing comes from nothing,

And you know that I cannot see.

Let me live my life alone

Because I’m tired of you.

I hate to be in your company,

For I need some

Space on which

To be (alone),

You drone, hast thou figured me out?

In my mind, I have no doubt.


I can’t see your face,

Why have you led me askew?

Dancing for the night, I have

Been here all alone, ancient Rome—

The movies advertise that I should

Come here free.

Why’d you make me nervous and

Interfere with me?

So cold, so void is this night

My fingers froze around you,

And my heartbeat hasn’t stopped.

Were you the one I kissed last night,

Or was it the other man?

Sending home in parallel,

This package is for you.

Finding out what you’re about

Has made me want to leave.

I don’t know what else to say;

You’ve imprisoned me.


All these endless tunes

Got me singin’ the blues.

Come by the tide to see

The other side.

Come, give me your hand,

Got me burnin’ up the land.

Remote memories got me

Handin’ in the sheets.

I hope you know,

That as I sing,

A song comes up for you.

Got me runnin’ and

Holdin’ on fast,

Burnin’ up the speed.

Gonna give it to you directly,

Gonna have it in the slot.

You know I love you, baby, and

No others have a chance,

As I shut my eyes deep.

Inside your heart;

My memory sticks

(To me) like glue.

I know this time

You’ll fool me—

Got me eating out of your hand.

No one’s in demand; my fate is

Close at hand.


Translucent fate and eyes of distinct hue;

I still chose you,

All the days I had my consciousness,

I wasted it all when the dawn

Settled on my shoulders.

Times and days have passed,

And my ancestry is far behind.

Locate the door of which leads you

The right way.

I still have to say that you’ve been

In my soul.

Creatures come to get me, and my

Heart skips some extra beats.

I know you’re here to see me laugh,

And for that, I cannot blame a soul.

It’s the same thing I’ve tried to do for years,

But nothing new has come of it all.

You’ve conquered me, and I must admit defeat.

My new love, days and nights will decide your new name.


Happy Birthday!

On this day, I wish you all the best.

Celebration on your part of life

Has me thinking

How great it is

To have friends,

Such as yourselves, who always

Stand by to listen.

May God bless you and bring you

Wonderful gifts

Of which to possess.

Blow out the candles

And make a wish—

Always have one to grow on.

If you ever need a

Shoulder on which to lean,

Don’t hesitate to give me call.

I’ll only be a small distance away,

So please retain your worries.

But on this day, I wish

You nothing but joy,

Which is used to celebrate.

May God take away all your burdens,

And deal with them all in your prayers…

Now the time has come to cut the cake—


*dedicated to Jen Bauer, Carolyn Macomber, Derek Mullins, Ricky Stiefel, and Fred Strong


Angels and lovers came tumbling down the hill.

On this warm and cheerful day; I can see

The beginning of May.

Lovers dance, and lovers breathe,

But I don’t find it hard to believe.

You gave to me like I gave to you;

The festival has its feats.

Lutes and lyres, bells and drums—

Music can be heard all around.

The inebriation and the celebration

Have wound up in one day.

I can still see them, coming to me,

Forward, but the music has left my brain.

All the months and the sun is over.

Shall we ever find it again?


For a certain time, I stood next to you,

And my mind has since never changed.

I want to be right in your arms,

Where I shall stay forever.

Time and time again, I’ll hold you,

My friend, and all will be well again.


Amid the diamond avenue, my heart

Has found some gold.

Now the time has come for me to run;

The weather’s getting cold.

Flowers pink and flowers blue,

I want to pick you.

Listen here and listen near, I’ve got to

Hear your sound.

Even though the sand’s still cold,

My feet have touched the ground.

You led me to a place of sights,

And I hold it to your name because

Everything else is the same.

How dastardly you seem to me,

As sure as the falling stars.

The skies let up, in the far distance to

Bring praise—Mercury and Mars.

I’ve done to you as you’ve done to me;

Why not conjure up a greater mystery?


A broken arm can solve no pain,

As I try to pull it out of my brain.

Just let me hold on close to you

So things can be all right.

Love me ‘til the end of day,

And move on to the night.

‘Cause it hurts so much, baby,

When I lose your sight.

No end is put into the time

Of which I worked.

A curly smile came closer

And, then, you smirked.

Why must I sit here and make

Myself listen to your speech?

When I have the right to make you

Be impeached, you’ll never

Come back my way because you

Still have no direct say.

In my mind, the memory of you

Will play and replay for eternity.


All this disgusts me to no end,

Where I have to start again

Because of the mistakes that I made

Only a few years ago—

Sure to stand out most

When I was supposed to quit.

How can I deal with it,

All this baggage that I’m supposed

To carry?


I once walked near here

With my arms around the earth,

And you came right by my side

To show me what it’s worth.

Flowers bloom and trees will

See that you have held my hand.

It’s hard to know just how far to go

When you’re in demand.

The monster here just smelled my fear,

But he has no control.

I can’t wait to see what you have for me

When I am on parole.

The duties fine and the village secure

With faithful thoughts to hand.

You’ll never know how I’ll be when

It’s time to remain.

Sing with me…


Fair maiden, why art thou

Dwelling all alone?

I know a place where you can go

To find plenty of love around.

Princes and gatherings, rest your feet

And drink right from the well;

You must be under a spell.


Nothing is as great as hearing your

Voice from the start.

Let us make sure that we will

Never part.

All my glory has saved a part for you.

So, gladly accept it; that’s what I

Would do.


Goin’ down the highway,

With no traffic on either side.

By whose rules do you

Wish for me to abide?

Time is sullen, and I’ve got to go,

What an awkward job that I have to do.

Just keep on amusing your

Formations have come, but I don’t

Know when.

Add on to the collection and spend

A thousand yen.

I’ll let you know when your time

Has come. Until then, we must make amends.


Loneliness and anger are two things

Of which I shall never have.

Let God reign strong in this hard world,

And let our sins be forgiven.

I know He has the power to

Give us all we need.

I know He has the power to stop us

From our greed.

By His only Son, Jesus, we shall form

Our prayers so that we all may be led

Up the heavenly stairs.

God’s great salvation should come and

Save us all, and every man should know

How to accept the Holy Son, for He is

The only one who can lead us into heaven.

Love one another, and always be

Willing to give; that’s the best thing

Man can do, just compare it to the rest.


I can give you a signal to join me

In my faith.

Nothing else has the matter, nothing

Else is quite safe.

I see you’ve grown tall in my garden,

For you’re higher than any other plant.

I want to give you all the best care

In the world so that no one else would

Have to wait.

Why do you seem so innate?

Decide the time that encapsulates us all.

Decide which is not agreeable, and

Decide which is great;

My soul has time to relate.


You woke me up in the middle of the night.

What did you need that was so important?

I cannot see; I cannot perceive that time

Is passing me by.

How sly of a character to meet me

In the park—much after dark.


The birds are nestled in their homes, my,

How much their time has shown.

Day is waning, and the night will come until

The burning of the sun.

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