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Love Is Salvation

Jen Selinsky

Copyright © 2006 by Jen Selinsky

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Cover Art Copyright © 2009 by Jen Selinsky

ISBN: 9781370157693

*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order. This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


I made it thru all thanks to you

And the good that

You have done.

Now that may heart is won,

We have nothing to do

But celebrate all the good things

That have blessed our lives

And made them rich to

Combine us into one.

I want to run to you so that

I can hold you in my arms

And never let (you) go!

Tell me you can see all

The wonders that I am

Trying to portray; you are

The light of the day that

Breaks forth at a moment’s notice,

My sweet love nested here.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


Whirlwind romance,

We will never have this problem

Because we do not prescribe

To this kind of song and dance.

What others find important,

We think it’s obsolete.

I don’t need them telling me

That a certain thing will

Make me complete.

We know what we have, and

All that is fine and good to

Provide for us as it should.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


Down for the count,

Beaten by my very own shame.

I raise my fingers from where

It was split.

Washed back by my saliva,

I try not to taste what may

Be washed down my throat—

Returned to be with what else

Might be digested.

I’ve never known shame like

This before—my enemy looming

Over me and laughing as he

Watches me die inside.



You walked right by

Before I even had a

Chance to notice that

You came my way.

Why do you insist on

Avoiding me, when you

Know that you cannot hide forever?

Hide from what you could

For such a solid opinion—

Something you could have

Given time to before you

Slipped away.

This time, I won’t take

The blame; I have nothing else

To say.


Who would have thought that

You could make it into an

American night, so full of vice

That it would not

Take much time

To make a normal person’s

Head spin?

You must be trying to get to

The same place where everyone

Else went some odd years

Before you were born.

You have no

Time to rumble

Before you mourn the loss of

What is going to be.

I cannot say that I agree,

Although I might not blame you

As I should.

If all for the good

Of the decency

Of your heart, with which

You did not find it hard to part.

Nothing could be this prearranged—

Deranged and stuck to some

Oral agreement like glue;

I do not envy you because all this

Is only a dream.


Slow, like you are trying to

Prolong the agony—like

The peeling away of new skin.

I knew that I should never

Have let you in for such

A formal display.

People should find that they

May get nervous around this

Time of day.

You do not fall in with the crowd,

Nor do you know how to turn off

The inner workings—so few and far between.

Come clean to reveal your source.


House full of flowers—

Like the coming of the spring day

You thought wrong if you

Questioned that I had to get away.

I only want to get closer

To this source of happiness

And warmth because it’s one

Of the things that brings me joy

In this shapeshifting world.


You want me to be all over it

With you so that we show

The world how we walk

When we get as down and dirty

As can be.

I had to find something exciting

And new so that you would

Not grow tired of my flower—

Our haven hot and sticky

With love that can be made

Thousands of times over again.

Tell me when you want to

Come on over back for more;

Knock on my door.


Random thoughts scattered

Across dimensions that are

Changed at any given time

To go with the majority of


Lesser thought will bring down

Any man that wishes to be

With any rational thought

Or description to change into

A piece of nothing, once all

The rambling is through

Give me something new.


The edge of reason driven

From the brink of human insanity.

Who knows exactly why people

Do things like they do?

They think that life is an epic

That takes some getting used to,

As they want to be fulfilled

And given great opportunity,

As we open our mouths to

Talk and sing.

You needn’t illustrate any

Points on this thing because

They can only make sense.

When you twist them a certain way

Be all this as it may, I think I am

Safer right here…


I love the way you do these things

To stop me from feeling blue,

Like when you hold me and tell me

That our love can stop any pain that I

Have in this world.

You always know how to make

A smile appear on my face,

Despite the deepest frown

That took root there only hours before—

An amazing talent that only

One like yourself can have for the

Rest of our days, as we help each other

Survive in the eye of the storm.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


Call me when you need me,

Whether it’s in the middle

Of the night or the prime of day.

You know that I will always

Be glad to see you though

To any place that you want to go,

Any place that you want to be,

Especially if it is with me.

I can take you there on my gilded wings

Whenever you call; remain with

A certain peace of mind because

I’ll always have you as mine.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


Most of the time, I wish

You were the one person

Who I could see on a daily basis.

You’re the one—the only one

Who can make time stand still

In its tracks—

The only one who can make

Everything else disappear

Within itself to make it remain

Outside of our lives.

To get lost in ourselves, only

To extract the finest meaning.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


Say what I want to do

Every moment of each day—

To hold you so dear

When everything else

Has already disappeared.

Your hand is the very key to

My warmth and happiness.

When I am most in need

Of consolation and escape

From this world, I feel

Secure knowing that I can

Take it anytime that I need,

While I tune out everything else

That tries to get my attention.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


Of all the things that I say I want,

You take your place at the

Top of the list.

You are the very essence that

Makes my soul radiate with warmth;

That’s one thing that money

Cannot buy.

And that’s one thing that time

Cannot replace, though some

Speak as if it could.

Number one priority that no

Monetary value could surpass

Or pay for with its earthly substance.

The human soul of one man is

Far worth more than its weight in gold.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


Typical exhaustion

Takes place almost all the

Live long day until I can

Hear your voice or feel your

Fond embrace.

Too much haste when I cannot

Partake of the sanctuary of

Your company, but when I

Return from the daily drudgery,

I can do nothing but run into your arms

And deflect all the harms that try

To make their way inside our

Sacred realm.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


When I feel the best

Is when I recall all the

Fine memories that we have

Together to feel glad in

Knowing all the things we can do.

When the two of us are together,

The world is ours, and there

Is no stopping anything that we

Can do or anything that we

Have planned because no one

Can meet our demands.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


Things like this never go

Out of style, especially since

We wish we could make another day

Just to share as lovers—just as the

World originally intended—to escape

The pressure and monotony of the

Everyday world.

A day in which we could hide

From all the others in the world

And pretend that we have one

Of our own.

If I could create an extra day

For the likes of you and I, then

It would be done with the snap

Of the fingers on a wishful whim.

*dedicated to Travis Potts


You know how to play on

The sympathies of those who

Think they are unsuspecting,

Though they know just what

They have done to you in less

Than a moment’s notice.

Everyone knew, but they chose

To ignore the claims you made

Right in front of your face.

People like that just don’t

Realize the emptiness that

Is most prominent when they

Are not looking—

Emptiness in their minds and souls,

As they find it hard to accept

Anything outside their shallow beliefs.

They think it’s not their fault—

That the world finds itself so perplexed

With each new movement.


Last night befell a tragedy,

More than anyone would

Wish to know

Alas! Our angel

Was taken away,

Struck down in his

Young prime—

After we all

Had time to know

Him best and

Partake of the joy

That he brought,

Weeping through the hours

And trying to reach all the

Comfort we sought.

(Who would have thought) that

Such a tiny being could make

Our hearts tremble and enlarge

To less than

Three times their

Normal size.

Our baby,

Almost like a human

Child, like a little man who

Ensnared the world with all the

Great qualities he possessed.

Lest, he will never be forgotten…

*dedicated to Ashley—you will surely be missed



May you rest well, blessed in the heavens—

Having all you desired here on earth.

May we eventually come to feel glad

That we got to have you in our lives

Though we may find that we recover,

We know that we cannot fully get over

Your loss because you have given us so much

With your presence and great love as we know

That you are looking down from the heavens

Above and witnessing as we carry with our lives.

And we know that we should not bring ourselves to shame

Because we miss you all the same.

*dedicated to Ashley


Easy to figure out at such an age,

That I would lose the sense

Of security that I had when I was younger.

How can growing into my prime

Make me more vulnerable when it’s

Supposed to make me feel more secure?

Your youth was different than mine—

A definition that does not always apply

(The same that one would think).

All I need is to get through these

Hard times that I thought I would never

Have to face.

Dependent, like I thought I would never be.


Visions of a sour future

Because I had such a great past

Childhood so happy, how could

I have grown into such a sorry state,

And the bitter taste of venom won’t

Leave me for anything, as I can taste

My own bile coming up through

My throat with the bitter imagery.

And all the words that I wrote

What could have gone wrong;

Why have I failed?

I cannot answer these questions

In any great detail because I have

Nothing to say right now.


What did you think;

What did you want me to do

When you knew that I was

Going to lead you into some

Kind of trap?

Like the teasing moment that

Sees me at my most invincible state,

So easy to do, yet you have not

Caught on.

No one ever does, and that is

What allows me to continue

Doing the things (I do) to perplex

And confound you with my

Every move.

It’s what gets me off the most

In a world where you* all come out

On top.



Whatever is said or done

Can determine the things that

Cross our mortal minds

So scary, but reassuring

At the same time.

We placed our bets on a dime,

And the world saw it as a crime,

And only you knew the difference.

You, who knew the most of all

The world and their mysterious ways—

Hoping that we could put a stop

To it all before we must put a stop to



What I am or what I

Want to be—

So odd how they seem to

Have read my mind before

I was born.

How I lust and long for

The words to course through

My veins and mix through

My blood, until I can taste

It with my tongue!

A perfect representation of one

Mixed up human being, who

Wants to make it big in the world.


You do not remember me,

But I have been hiding in

The back of your mind for years

And hoping to resurface someday,

Bringing some kind of recollection

To what would have been if you

Had taken a different turn.

In this life, when everything

Seems so crystal clear, but nothing

Is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

I would say you’ve got a hold of me,

But (it is I who’s) I got a hold of you!


This is the tale of a sad woman,

Who had no life of which to speak.

Oh, if only one person would

Have made a difference, she would

Not have died in vain; she would

Have lived a life that could have

Rivaled the best (and beat others

By a long shot).

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