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Love poems

By Ziggy Torok

Copyright 2017 Ziggy Torok

Smashword Edition


Hope is an interesting thing

Make people do many thing

Many times that is what keeps us alive

The hope for the good things in our life

People can hope for many things

From smaller to much bigger things

People can hope for what they don't have

Or can hope to keep what they already have.

Sometimes life brings you what you have asked for

Sometimes faith brings you what you have hoped for

In some cases it comes when you are not ready for it

In some cases it stays till you will be ready for it.

When life brings it sometimes you don't see it

When you see it, sometimes you don't believe it

The hope is worthless without belief

In this one I strongly believe

I'm hoping to find the happiness in my life

I'm hoping to find a special One into my life

Special One with whom we can share the joy

With whom we can live a life what we enjoy

I believe that I have found the special One

For whom I was hoping for: The One

I'm hoping that we find the happiness together

I believe we will live our lives happily together

Love Poem

I wish I could tell you

What I feel about you

I wish I could tell you

How much I love you

I wish I could tell you

How much I miss you

I wish I could tell you

How much I would like to hug you

I would like to hold your hand

Just keep it all the time in my hand

I would like to caress your arms

Just keep you all the time in my arms

I would like to listen your breaths

Just say thanks to the God for your breaths

I would like to guard your dream

Just look at you as you dream

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