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Jen Selinsky

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*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


I never really had a problem

With the way things were,

The way things used to be.

But, all of a sudden, everything

Seems so far away; everything

Was such a long time ago.

How can I keep this

Serious smile on my face?

A whirlwind of emotions,

Terrible emotions have swept in and out

Of our path in the last few days.

But ever since, it has retired back

To the origin from which it came,

Leaving us to enjoy a calm moment.

I am not sad to see it go,

And I’m sure you feel the same.


Such beautiful memories we hold on to

When together under each undying atmosphere.

No matter how many times the settings

Around us change, our hearts will be

Loving each other the same.

How many different places have we been to

While holding hands and staring into the sky?

How many times have we held each other outdoors?

Sun or moon, rain or shine, you will always be mine

And I am yours to hold onto forever.

Together we are unstoppable, and the whole world

Will know our names.


Behold with me the power that’s

In my heart.

I’ve used it to heal before, and

I’ll use it to heal again.

Sour spirits may dampen my ambitions,

But they will never force me to give up

My practice.

My life lies within these actions,

And so does it for many others as well.

Give me time to complete what I do,

So that we can turn over another leaf

To begin anew.

Fresh faces with souls that need to be rescued

I have lots of time, but I should

Not spare a second in giving these people assistance.

Later, they will repay me in letting themselves know

That they are satisfied.


I don’t even want to see you cry,

But I can’t force you to hold in

Your emotions; it will only

Make things worse.

All I want to do, darling, is make sure

That you are happy, and I will sacrifice

Some of my comfort—to conform

To your needs.

Oh, let me nourish and nurture you

So you will want (and need) for nothing else!


Your hungry tongue runs

Over my naked flesh, then your

Mouth stops at my breast.

It’s times like these that

Make me feel glad that I am a woman—

Getting love from my man in a

Most sensual manner.

Fingertips running across my body,

Giving me the most erotic pleasure.

I don’t want this moment to stop!

It has brought me something to feel


Our loins colliding and swaying

In great rhythm with the beat

During the times of our lives.


I thought that I have seen you

Somewhere (near) here before.

Mark my words, I do not see

In the eyes of a deity, and I cannot

Predict future situations.

All I know is that I have desire,

And I want to fulfill it in the

Worst possible way.

You, or someone like yourself,

Will give me something that I need,

Something that my heart beats for

My body screams for passion!

Something new and exciting

And romantic; this experience

Will make me complete.

I don’t know when it will happen,

But I hope it happens soon…


I’m just trying to accomplish

The things that I know I’ll

Never get done.

The road is so long, and

It keeps adding on miles every time

That I try to achieve the simplest task.

But I should not complain

Because of all that keeps me occupied;

This is something that my troubled

Mind can do when it’s time to

Control my fear or let out my peace.

Each day (I’m) striving toward

A larger goal, always reaching for

The stars that grow further and further away,

Maybe I’ll get there, someday.


Your eyes tug at my heart strings,

Just like your fingers tug at

The strings of my frock.

Let’s make love now, my darling,

Before it’s much too late to get caught.

I want to know what it feels like

To fulfill my desire in this very room.

All the windows are open in hopes

Of catching a slight breeze,

I think the sensation on our naked flesh

Will be too sensational—something that

We both need to experience.


I don’t understand what has to

Be so private if everyone else

Shares similar experiences.

Essentially, we all undergo

The same things during one

Point of our lives, so we may

As well confess all the events

To one another.

If we share the truth in the beauty,

Then no tyrant can hold dominion

Over our society.

So let it be said that these words

Should flow freely—no longer is this

Desire concealed.

Oh, plug your ears only if you

Have a closed mind.


You once kept the flames of my heart

Burning, and your music kept my

Passion alive.

But, now, times have changed;

I no longer feel the same.

I suppose your welcome has

Just worn out sometime when

I was not looking—too many

Days and nights to keep track of—

Too many softly spoken lies.

I knew that this was going to

Come to an end without so much

As a kind word from a friend.

But, perhaps, (one day) this flame

Can be rekindled, and we shall

Go back to our days of laughing

And loving.

Longing each time for the next kiss…


Your wandering fingers are enough

To give me sheer sensation—

And your kisses are like Champaign

Powerless! I don’t know what to do

In such situations.

I only take what I can and hope

That my longing will not give me

Much more than I can handle.

Oh, your flesh marks the beauty

Of the universe, and I am the one

Who gets to partake of this wonder!

Pinch me now because I must be in

Some kind of dream.

I cannot remember the last time

That I felt this way for anyone.


Travel by fire, can you feel the

Dancing flames of my heart?

‘Tis such a tricky element because

You never know what it’s going to do.

Maybe it will burn you, but the

Taste will be so sweet—spreading

All across your body.

Liquid kisses, licking just like a


Oh, I want to lap up every bit of you

So that nothing else remains!

The greedy side of me comes out;

No other shall partake of

Your splendid body.

The goose bumps on your flesh

Are of some consolation because

They are a product of our love—

Something that is most beautiful

And sacred between

The best of our souls.


I have waited some long months

Just to be with you again.

Just a single letter or phone call

Is not enough to keep me satisfied.

I have to have you in my arms;

I have to hear you say you love me.

Such a distance is not good for us,

Especially when we need each other

To survive.

But, now, my body is hungering for you,

Hungering like it never has before.

Come on over to me so that we

Can make up for lost time, for so much

Has gone on without us.

I’m going to lie you down and

Give you everything that you’ve been

Needing for the time that I have been gone

This will make it up to you, I swear.


Venice Breathing

Do you hear me breathing, hot steam

Lingering right outside your ear.

(I know you want it.)

Oh, let me be your Venice,

And you can be my man.

I can give you everything that

You need—fulfill your heart’s desires.

Let me be your city filled with

The water of love—one heart’s message

To another, repeating for

The span of eternity.

You will row into my life and

Crawl into my love.


Summertime is the only time

That’s supposed to bring out

The best of my emotions.

I’m happiest when the sky is clear,

And I’m happiest when

I am with you.

Our anxious bodies will

Soon come together

And portray the thoughts that

We’ve been bottling up inside.

Nothing will take this away from us,

As we have been meaning to let

Ourselves explore our innermost “feelings”—

Something that those void of love

Cannot let themselves do.

One by one, we can teach them

How to love each other without

Having to break their spirits.

It may take time, but it will

Help them out in the end.


You’re just like an animal—

Once you have control of me.

You never want to let me go

Stalking me as you would your

Prey—hungry lips wanting to

Partake of my own.

Let’s both do ourselves a favor

And vacate from the room.

I want to cross the threshold

Of another so we can begin

Our little liaison.

You will never have to be lonely

Again, for I can give you

Complete satisfaction.

But you will never let me go,

No matter how much I struggle,

And that’s just the way I like it!


Full figure no more, I have

Greatly reduced in size and, now,

I hope you can admire my

Somewhat slender form.

Even as I give myself in writing,

I can feel your eyes devouring me

Greedily and hungrily,

Even so much more than before.

I like this thing that transfixes you

Because it makes me feel better

About myself.

Sneaking oh so quietly into your life;

My loins have desire as well.

Now, let’s see if you can catch me,

Even lighter on my feet!


Whatever happened to the

Poetic language and the

Great romance; these things

Seemed to have been fazed out

In the twentieth century.

And some decades later,

Most Romanticism is dead

People no longer think it

As essential component,

But I know that it’s part of

What is troubling the world today.

If only people would take time

To help restore this movement.

If only lovers would kiss

And embrace with their hearts

As well as their bodies, we may

Not see so much of this awful

Desolation, which seems to be

Eating us alive.


Perhaps, it has been too long

Since I have felt a man’s

Lingering hand run across

My silky red texture—

His fingertips grazing the

Peaks of my mountains

And his tree timbering

To my forest. I let him

Gently place his lips on mine

For a feeling so spectacular.

No longer do I have to

Anticipate something that

I used to dread because

Everything would feel so right

If I were to find the Cupid to my Psyche.

Only he would travel worlds to

Chase me.

I would be well worth the wait,

As we are crashing through

Love’s cave.


I have changed, yes, I have changed.

As I see all my lust for carnal knowledge

Drains out of my head as my sights

Have been set higher,

To bigger and better things I aspire.

Money, fame, reputation are a start,

And I could share my riches to ease

Another heart.

In my modesty, unchanged—

Having these things would not

Be a crime, even though some people

Would like to disagree.

Let them since they have nothing else

To do because you and I both know

What is true!


Oh, he found me, then I made

Myself scarce.

He got me then he made

Himself scarce.

What a trick, I hardly

Had to move.

Now then, since you

Have returned, it is

Because of my loss of interest.

You held me good and

Pinned me down, after a struggle

Or two, I found out that

I could not resist

Your kisses on my face

And your fingers running up

And down my flesh.

As I dig my hands into yours,

You make me feel desirable

With every touch, with every

Word from your mouth.

How I used to be afraid

When such things tried to

Come into my life, but my

Body has never felt anything

So grand; you have opened up

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